My Werewolf System

Chapter 20: He Did What?

Chapter 20: He Did What?

Gary could tell that slowly he was losing his mind, and all his thoughts resolved on his desire to get rid of the person in front of him. He started running forward, ignoring the pain. Gary just hoped that if he could win the fight fast enough and get out of the arena, he could try and calm down.

Or at least get far enough away from anyone he could end up hurting.

Billy, who had been too frightened to move up until now, finally snapped out of his earlier daze, having convinced himself that Gary obviously must be far worse off than he was after smashing his fist into the brass knuckle. At that moment he saw his opponent leap through the air with his hands behind his back.

For the first time, Gary was the aggressor. He latched onto the surprised Billy with his legs between his armpits and his hands behind his neck. Billy managed to losely grab Gary’s hairs and pulled him forward, although it was not enough to free his arms, it allowed him to punch Green Fang’s head.

After the first hit, almost possessed, Gary decided to dig his teeth right into Billy’s right shoulder. His strong powerful jaws were easily able to get through the thick skin. His victim screamed in pain, wanting nothing more but to get his crazed opponent off, Billy let go. This prompted Gary to do the same and he landed on the ground.

As Billy stumbled slightly backward, worried about the throbbing wound. Unfortunately for him, Gary was not done yet. He leapt through the air once more, but this time delivering a dropkick aimed right at Billy’s head. The blob’s head flung to the side, and his whole body soon followed after it.

The large body tumbled to the ground, as he had taken quite a hit and let out a small tremor that those at the front had felt. Unable to think straight, Gary was making sure to finish Billy off. He climbed on top of the poor guy, pinning his arms under his knees, and started to punch his head with his open palmed hands as if he was clawing at the person, one after another.


“Gary, stop!!! Listen to me, the fight is over!!!” Kai shouted out from the side. The smirk on his face gone, replaced with a serious face. He had seen many go through a fighter’s high, but in Gary’s case it seemed that there was something more to it.

“Oi, announcer, are your eyes only for decoration? Even an amateur could tell you that Billy Buster is out cold. Announce the result!”

Innu, just like everyone else, couldn’t believe their eyes. How was it possible for such a scrawny guy to have such strength and such wildness. At the end, his fighting style, if one wanted to call it that, seemed more like that of a wild animal. One that had been backed into a corner and started to fight without any concern for self-preservation.

Fortunately, the call had reached Gary who had stopped, looking over to where Kai was. He suddenly felt exhausted and could only look over. His gaze seemed to ask Kai whether the fight was really over and the next moment his eyes and body felt as if he had run a marathon.

“Ah, yes. Everyone, as you’ve heard, Billy Buster seems to have passed out. Please give a big round of applause for our newcomer, GRRREEEENNNN FAAAANNNNNGGGG!!!” The announcer declared, after it had become clear that the fight could not continue. Once he did, the system screen appeared in front of Gary to congratulate him.

[Quest reward: 50 Exp]

[Congratulations, you have reached now level 2]

[A new skill has been unlocked]

[A stat point has been granted]

Gary was quite interested in the new skill, but quite honestly he felt like he was going to collapse at any second, and just when his eyes were about to close, he could see Kai that Kai had hurried over, with his hand held out.

“You did well, Green Fang. Come on, I’ll take you home,” Kai insisted.

Accepting his hand, Kai carried Gary out of the place with him over his shoulder. There were many that wanted to speak to them on the way out, but nobody dared to stop Kai as they made their way back.

Before leaving, he turned towards Innu. “Remember our deal, I’ll contact you about where and when to meet tomorrow,” Kai said, as he continued to walk out, shortly stopping to collect his earnings.

“But how will I contact you?” Innu asked, with a big smile on his face.

“Check out your new uniform!”

Looking down in the bag that Kai had left next to him, Innu pulled out a uniform and underneath the clothes there was a little Burner phone. It was old and had physical buttons on it, but programmed on the phone was Kai’s number.

‘Looks like I found my gang.’ Innu thought.

A few minutes later, after Kai and Gary had left, Innu suddenly realised that the former had yet to give him his money!


Unable to move Billy had been taken off the stage and transported to the medical area. He had woken up around half an hour after he had been knocked out. The last thing he remembered was having been bitten by Green Fang. Although he wasn’t sure what happened next, he just knew that there was no way in hell he would ever fight that crazy bastard.

The medical staff present were mostly university students who were studying medicine. They were able to treat most things as long as they were not too serious. Billy’s broken nose had not been a problem and once he had woken up, they had informed him that he was mostly fine. The main thing they were concerned about was the bite mark on his shoulder.

“We tried our best to disinfect it, but if it still hurts or stings by tomorrow it would be in your best interest to get it checked out at the hospital,” the one in charge, an actual graduate who was already helping at his parent’s doctor’s office advised him, before he went to check on his other patients.

Standing up, Billy did indeed feel fine, only the wound on his shoulder continued to throb.

‘How the hell am I supposed to explain to them that I was bitten by a human, though?’

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