My Werewolf System

Chapter 351: Hollow

Chapter 351: Hollow

‘I’m glad she’s on our side. It’s seriously frightening how effective Olivia’s Hunter Class is when fighting Marked enemies.’ Gary thought as he watched the female Werewolf take care of yet another member of the Underdogs.

The teenager would have liked to take credit for defeating the group, if only to repay them for capturing him earlier, but with the power boost Olivia had received from the Marks and his Howling Force, she was making short work of them. Well, he didn’t mind, especially since he had discovered that it was smarter to let her do the dirty work, as it gave him more EXP this way.

What’s more, all of them had already given him ample EXP, though he wasn’t sure if that was due to the Marks or them being considered as something akin to ‘elite’ enemies, seeing as they were in possession of Anti-Altered weapons. Whatever the case, with the last one down, Gary was greeted with another notification.

[Congratulations, you have now reached: Level 20]

[A stat point has been granted]

The Alpha Werewolf would be lying if he claimed not to be at least slightly disappointed by Level 20 being this lacklustre. Granted, the green-haired teenager already knew that Level 25 had a juicy reward waiting for him, one that was a lot more substantial, but if he ever got the chance to talk to whoever had designed this Werewolf System, he would make sure to complain about these milestones not being epic enough.

After his Level Up, he noticed that Kai was visibly struggling against Damion, so he hurried over.

His extra speed boost since defeating and consuming Kirk gave him a great edge, and since then he thought it was best if his stat points were used elsewhere, such as on Energy and Health. However, due to the situation, and worried that his Strength might not be enough, Gary placed both stats into Strength.

[2 Points have been allocated into Strength]

[Your base Strength is now at 25]

Reaching out, Gary grabbed onto the axes, and his grip now was to the point where no matter how much Damion tried to pull, he wouldn't budge.

‘How… how could my men lose against just two of them with all of those Anti-Altered weapons?’ Damion wondered at that moment. ‘I’ve heard that Greeny defeated Kirk, but it should have only been by a small margin… just what kind of special Altered DNA was in that package that could have allowed him to have gotten even stronger in such a short amount of time?’

Damion was ready to let go of the two axes, but just as he did in his attempt to turn around, his legs had been wrapped up by Olivia's whip. The next second he felt a heavy foot on his chest kick him and now both of the axes were in Gary’s hand.

[Full Transformation cancelled]

Slowly, Gary started to shrink in size as his shape reverted to what it once was. The clothes he wore had ripped, though by sheer wonder his lower body was covering enough to not show off his manhood.

“Don't transform so much, it takes up too much Energy.” Gary advised, looking towards Kai.

Hearing this, Kai decided to cancel the transformation in his arms. The Beta Werewolf had to focus for a bit, but he was able to keep it at bay. Gary was flabbergasted at how fast Kai was adapting to his new body, which made him feel like an idiot for taking much longer in comparison. With Olivia getting stronger as well, the Alpha Werewolf knew that he would have to work twice as hard to make sure he could continue being the Alpha with pride.

Damion, was getting up off the ground, and immediately went towards Gary, he threw out a kick, which the Alpha Werewolf evaded by moving to the side.

“Your fight is not with me!” Gary shouted.

It was then that Damion could see a leg heading straight for his face, lifting both his forearms he blocked the attack, but slid across the ground somewhat.

“Now, don't you think this is unfair, three against one?” Damion argued.

“Since when was any of this fair?” Gary stated. “Besides, I don't need to get involved.”

Due to being injured before, Kai was a little drained as his body healed up the injuries, he had lost blood as well, but he was determined, gritting his teeth, and still with his eyes like that of a wolf, he was determined to finish this man off.

Running forward, Kai went for another kick. Even without his weapons, Damion was still able to lean back and avoid it, deciding to run in at the right moment. However, the first kick was never intended to hit Damion in the first place, it was just to help build up momentum.

The second it landed, Kai spun his body, throwing out his other leg into a spinning back kick, and the heel of his large foot hit Damion right in the jaw. A cracking sound was heard and the gang leader’s face was swung to the side.

“I'm not done!!” Kai shouted, running forward with transformed hands, which he swung at his father. Once again, he lifted his hands to protect himself, but the claws managed to rip through his skin, causing blood to fall from the floor.

“Why… why did you have to do that to Mom?!” Kai screamed at the man underneath him as the grey Werewolf continued cutting skin and flesh away like a grater.

“What are you on about?!” Damion shouted back, letting down his hands in anger and frustration about being unable to fight back. Just like Kai had done earlier, he switched to a more suicidal approach and tried to headbutt his son.

“You were the one who called me over in the first place! If she could kill Simon, then that means she could have killed you t-“

Damion didn't get to finish his last words, as Kai had met him head on. A Werewolf’s skull proved to be far more durable than a human one, and while he was still disoriented, the teenager slit his throat.

“You're a foolish idiot who let him do whatever he wanted! If you had only reigned him in earlier, none of us would have been there that day! The only reason she killed him was to protect me…you could never see what that man was, he was even betraying the Underdogs right in front of you, and you still never saw it.”

Damion had collapsed on the ground seconds later, with Kai stepping out of the way, allowing him to fall there in place. His father had finally died, his ambition, his long awaited revenge was complete… Yet as he looked at the lifeless body, the sense of accomplishment he had been hoping for did not come.

“Why does it still feel so heavy?” Kai asked, touching his chest, looking at the corpse, which could not give him an answer to that question. Unfortunately, neither could Gary, nor could Olivia who didn’t feel like it was her place to meddle in that complicated relationship.

“Don't worry, you have a new family now.” Gary said, as he put his hand on the other teenager’s shoulder. Soon hearing a ping after, a ping from his system.


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