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Chapter 419: The Next meal (part 2)

Chapter 419: The Next meal (part 2)

The others had still been hesitating whether they should step in and help. In their mind, Eddy as an experienced teacher would be able to step in at any time in case things turned hairy. However, seeing him stay gave them doubt. Unlike him who only cared about the outcome, they were friends of those inside and didn’t want either one to be hurt.

However, none of them did, apart from Namba. There were too many times when Gary had stepped up for him, it was now his turn.

‘Gary… I’m doing as you asked, and if I have to, I will hold you back with force just like you asked.’

Numba had already transformed, he had his head tilted forward, ready to ram into Gary. If he got him at the right time, then it was possible that his horns could dig into Gary’s shoulders and pin him against the cage.

The only thing was, this was Gary. During training none of them had been able to get the upper hand on him, sure he was more hurt now, but also far more dangerous as well. It was then that Gary had changed forward, the red glow was still there, and his mouth opened wide as if he was going to bite Numba.

‘His actions are wild, and he’s not thinking straight. I just might be able to pull this off...’ Numba realised.

When Gary’s feet touched the ground though, using all the strength in his toes, he suddenly pushed off at an incredible speed, faster than Numba or the others had ever seen him before.

Unsurprisingly, the Goat Altered was unable to react to this, but he didn't have to. Right In front of him, a long large scaled golden armour object had appeared. The next moment, the screeching sound of the Werewolves claws scratching that surface could be heard.

The attack didn’t work and turning his head to whom his saviour was, he was surprised to see that it was the teacher, Eddy.

“You guys were right, perhaps I let things get the better of me, but you have nothing to worry about now,” Eddy claimed.

His arms, legs and strange tail were covered in large scales that were the size of a sheet of paper. They were a golden brown colour, and it was difficult to say what beast he was based on just from a simple look.

Whatever the case was, seeing how Gary’s attack was able to break through the cage like so, it meant that these scales were solid.

“Gary, the match is over. You have shown enough.” Eddy reasoned. “If you don't get a hold of yourself, we’ll have to send you off for testing.”

It was clear that Gary’s head wasn’t there at the moment. He wasn’t listening to anybody which prompted fears in Eddy that perhaps the green haired teenager had turned into a crazed Altered. After subduing him, they could easily test the colour of his blood.

Truth be told, the teacher was hoping that it wouldn’t come to that. Ideally, Gary had just worked himself into a frenzy, one he could break out of… if needed by force.

Whatever the case, Gary wasn’t listening to reason and simply charged in again, this time leaping in the air. Turning around, Eddy went to whack him with his large tail, managing to hit him right in the chest.

The teachers at the AFA weren't nobodies, although many of them weren't in the AFC or a large corporation they were highly paid as if they were in one, The AFA itself was a high organisation.

So there were those that just didn't choose that lifestyle in the AFA. So in some cases, the teachers and the coaches in the AFA, could be considered better than top-tier athletes.

Still, when the tail hit the Werewolf boy, rather than whack him away, Gary held onto the tail and opened his mouth wide, ready to bite through the hard scales. A large hand had become behind Garyt, grabbing him and pulling him off the teacher, throwing him against the back of the cage. As for the one responsible for doing this, it was Ryan, who was huffing and panting covered in sweat. Not from being overworked but from the fear before.

“I’m sorry teach, I feel like a lot of this is my fault… I should have just forfeited the match.'' Ryan apologised. He was helping out because he didn't want his teacher to get hurt. Eddy was well liked among the students, and he would have felt guilty if anything happened to him.

“Well, I see you two have this sorted, so I’m just going to step out of here now.” Numba said, as he tried to tiptoe out of the place, but he soon heard Gary give out an incredibly loud jowl.

“AWHOOO!” Gary howled to the sky.

‘Gary what is happening to you, you’ve been acting strange this whole time. You knew this was going to happen, right? Is that why you didn't fight today? We have to do something, I have to do something before you get killed in this place.’

Numba had turned around, ready to help his friend, when one more person joined the party to help out. Climbing over the top of the cage, Xin had dropped down, right behind Garry and placed both hands on his shoulders.

“This might hurt a bit, but hopefully it will let you calm down a little.”

A small yellow spark could be seen coming out from her hand, and in the next second, Gary's whole body lit up. His convulsion made it look like he had been electrocuted, and him looking like a human lightbulb only strengthened that idea.

Xin was using an incredible amount of power, and Gary was shaking endlessly, his eyes were still red with anger as he gritted his teeth baring through the pain, until his arms dropped to his side. Their natural colour returned for a moment, before they rolled into the back of his head.

Once Xin stopped, the Werewolf dropped to the floor unconscious. Everyone stood there looking at Gary, expecting him to get up again, like he had done during the fight many times, but he didn’t making everyone breathe a sigh of relief that it was over.

“Now what do we do?” Ryan asked.


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