My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480

You Are Bold For A Newbie

At the thought of First, Yang Chen’s eyes lit up.

I’ve contributed so much money to the country, shouldn’t he help me? If he can ask the master for help, maybe the hidden clans wouldn’t trouble me.

Thinking of that, he quickly dialed Yang Gongming to ask for First’s contact number.

The old man was about to sleep. When he heard the whole situation from Yang Chen, he said with a solemn expression, “Must you save that Xiao Zhiqing lady?”

“Obviously! If I can’t even protect my woman, I might as well stop being a man!” Yang Chen already felt embarrassed about losing Xiao Zhiqing as it showed his incompetence.

“Do you know how dangerous it’ll be if you barge in like that?”

“It won’t be as dangerous as the situation my woman is in! Are you going to let me call First?”

As if he thought of something, Yang Gongming sighed. “You’re a fearless and ignorant brat. I can’t help you with this, nor can First. The only thing we can do is stay out of it.”

Yang Chen was displeased. “Old man, contact him for me! I can pay for his help!”

“Hah, if he wants money, he can make you give them to him willingly. It’s not a business deal, so don’t take it the wrong way,” Yang Gongming scolded but still dialed First for him.

After hearing the incident from Yang Chen, First merely said, “You saving your woman from the illusionary dimension has nothing to do with the country. As public servants, it is not our duty to help some people settle things. Besides, I don't have the ability to help you. Young man… you’re on your own.”

Then, he hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

This old man is full of nonsense! He always says we need to serve the public and strengthen our nation, but in the end, he only bothers talking to me when he wants my help!

Fortunately, Yang Chen didn’t put much hope on him anyways. Otherwise, he might get a heart attack from being too furious.

After some preparations, Yang Chen returned the Fengxiang bracelet to Lin Ruoxi as extra protection and reminded Lanlan not to slack off on her training.

Before arriving at Kekexili, Yang Chen adjusted his cultivation to the beginning of the Soul Forming stage, which was just sufficient to enter the illusionary dimension.

Yang Chen climbed the snow mountain and looked down at the vast highland. Other than the sparse antelope, no humans could be found.

Naturally, it was all an illusion. The illusionary dimension existed independently and could not be detected by ordinary humans.

He swept across the place with his divine sense and felt something odd at the space before him. It was like an invisible film.

After taking out the token, he injected some True Yuan into it. Then, yellow inscriptions glowed across the token, and a ray of yellow light shot towards the space.

In the next second, something magical appeared.

A round giant screen showed up in the air where he could see snowy mountain ranges. With the large clouds of fog, it seemed like a wonderland!

It’s another world!

Yang Chen glanced at Kunlun Mountains behind me then at the mountains in the sky. This mountain range does not exist on the map.

A look of determination flashed across his eyes, and he flew into the screen.

The screen closed after he got in. Since he used the “Huang” token to activate the array, it didn’t sense him as an intruder.

At that moment, he was flying above the snowy mountain range. The view was majestic, with the snow flying in the air like crystals.

Yang Chen could feel that the intensity of spiritual energy was ten to hundred folds than in the mundane world. It would boost cultivation.

Nonetheless, if one couldn’t absorb and convert the spiritual energy into their own, it was useless. It was just like having a bunch of ammunition without a gun.

Using his divine sense to probe the area, Yang Chen came to realize it was all snowy mountains in a 100-kilometer radius. He didn’t know where to go.

Left with no choice, he randomly chose to fly to the west, hoping he could run into someone and ask the location of his whereabouts.

However, he underestimated the vastness of the illusionary dimension. After flying for 10 minutes, the view below him still consisted of snowy mountains.

Just when he thought he should change direction, two surges of True Yuan came from behind him!

He expanded the coverage of his divine sense. Before the two cultivators could reach Yang Chen, he had confirmed that they were in the beginning phase of the Li Fire stage and the middle phase of the Soul Forming stage.

Upon activating the Blinding Leaf, he changed his appearance into a man that looked quite handsome and refined. Then, he changed into a greyish green traditional outfit that he had prepared in advance.

So when the two cultivators showed up, a male and female, Yang Chen looked at them smilingly.

The tall, handsome man seemed to be in his twenties and was carrying a sword on his back.

The woman was also carrying one on her back. She looked cute with bright eyes and cherry lips and appeared to be younger than the man. Her hair was tied up in a hairdo, and her red dress was fluttering in the eye which reminded Yang Chen of cherry blossoms.

Seeing that Yang Chen was standing midair and greeting them, they knew he must be waiting for them. Hence, the duo stopped before him.

Right now, Yang Chen’s cultivation was only in the Soul Forming stage, so he wasn’t a threat to them.

“Sir, why are you standing here?” The man sounded friendly, in contrast to his rugged looks.

Yang Chen put on a sheepish smile and said, “I’ve just entered the illusionary dimension, so I’m not familiar with this place. May I ask some questions about this dimension?”

While talking, he observed their expressions. If they showed any suspicions to his words, it meant that he had spoken the wrong thing.

If they did suspect him, they would very likely inform and alert his enemies. Thus, his safest bet was to kill them before that could happen.

Though it was unreasonable, Yang Chen was never a nice person, to begin with. In fact, he was a vile person. With his and Xiao Zhiqing’s lives at stake, he couldn’t care less about killing them.

Fortunately, the duo didn’t suspect him.

“You must be a Huang-ranked cultivator newly recruited by the Hongmeng messenger, right? Hehe, you’re silly. If you don’t know the place, you should let the Hongmeng people bring you around. If you run out by yourself, you might get into some dangerous zones and might never make it out alive!” the woman in the red dress said.

Yang Chen sighed. Not bad. They even gave me an identity.

He quickly nodded and answered, “You’re right. It’s just that I’m not good at socializing, so I didn’t think much about it.”

The man spoke. “May I know your name?”

“Xiao Chen!” Yang Chen had thought of a fake name beforehand. Since he was here to save Xiao Zhiqing, he went with her surname.

“My name is Zhao Muyang and this is my sister, Zhao Ting. Nice to meet you.”

“Muyang, may I know our current whereabouts? I heard about the three major hidden clans in the illusionary dimension, the Luo, Xiao, and Ning clans. Could I visit their clans?”

Zhao Ting giggled. “You’re bold for a newbie. Don’t you know that Hongmeng isn’t on good terms with the three major clans? For someone with your cultivation, you sure are fearless.”

“Uh, I didn’t know about that. I just wanted to know more about the illusionary dimension.”

Zhao Muyang shushed his sister and explained, “This is the Flying Snow mountain range located north of the illusionary dimension. The mountain range spans hundreds of thousands of kilometers. And it’s constantly covered in snow. Hongmeng’s Gods’ Island is located at the center of Hongmeng. The Xiao clan is in the northwest, and the Luo clan is in the northeast. The Ning clan is in the south, near the Barren Mountains. It’s very far from here.”

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