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Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482

Eldest Master of the Xiao Family

After standing on the martial arts field for a while, an old man was wearing a green long shirt with a goatee on his face. He came to the three of them lightly behind the main hall.

Glancing at the Zhao siblings, following with a quick look at Yang Chen suspiciously, the old man placed his hands behind his back and asked with arrogance, “Zhao Muyang, Zhao Ting, what are you two doing here?”

“Chamberlain Xiao, us siblings are here to ask for an elixir for my grandfather. My grandfather's life will be exhausted, and I really hope that he can reach the Ming Water Stage with the help of the spiritual elixir," Zhao Muyang respectfully said.

Yang Chen stood silently behind him. He had already come to know that Xiao Guyuan, the chamberlain of the Xiao family, was a cultivator in the mid-stage of the Kui Water period. He was born in a sideline of the Xiao family and was a popular person next to the head of the family, Xiao Mengyu.

"Oh? Seeking an elixir?" Xiao Guyuan smiled disdainfully, "Zhao Liangyu is still alive huh? Judging from his potential, it’s already a blessing for him to be able to reach the end stage of the Kui Water period. Taking another elixir will not work.”

The faces of the Zhao siblings changed suddenly. They looked as pale as paper but they dared not speak, and hung their heads, fearing that Xiao Guyuan would see the anger on their faces.

After Zhao Muyang swallowed his emotions, he raised his head and forced a smile and said, "Chamberlain, another person is joining us in our trip here this time, which is Brother Xiao, Xiao Chen. He is a good friend I know who has just entered Hongmeng. I recommend him to join the Xiao family..."

Although Yang Chen hated this Xiao Guyuan, he still acted very cooperatively at the moment, smiling and said, “My name is Xiao Chen, I admire the Xiao family a lot and Brother Zhao recommended me here to enroll under the clan.”

"And I was just about to ask where did this little kid of the early Soul Forming Stage come from?" Xiao Guyuan looked at Yang Chen up and down, and sneered, "You have just stepped into the Soul Forming Stage, aren’t you afraid that we might not accept you? If you go back to Hongmeng, you will get slaughtered as a traitor as well, right?”

Yang Chen shook his head and resolutely said, "I'm still very young. Although I have just reached the Soul Forming Stage, I believe it will not take many years before I can enter the Tribulation Passing Stage. At that time, I will naturally be able to contribute to the Xiao family. "

“Haha, you like to brag huh? We shall see if you manage to live until the day you reach the Tribulation Passing Stage.” Xiao Guyuan did not reject Yang Chen’s request to join directly.

The Hidden clan really needed fresh blood to join. No matter how small the contribution was, it could still be considered as a potential asset. If the family didn’t accept any outsiders, the other two would take them in and our family would fade sooner or later.

Therefore, the great ancient clan had never refused any cultivators of the Soul Forming Stage. In fact, they never had a good relationship with Hongmeng from the beginning, they could simply steal their people as they wished.

With the identity of the referrer as a bargaining chip for the family, Xiao Guyuan obviously treated the Zhao siblings better, and it would be too embarrassing to let them go for nothing.

“The patriarch is in retreat and we don’t know when he will be coming out. I will bring you to the Eldest Master and let him decide."

After Xiao Guyuan finished speaking, he took the lead to walk towards the main hall.

He was probably just lying about the fact that Xiao Mengyu was in retreat. Even if he was here, he wouldn’t bother to meet the two juniors of the humble vassal family.

The “eldest master’ mentioned was Xiao Mengyu's eldest son, Xiao Mohui, and also the elder brother of Xiao Zhiqing's biological father, Xiao Mozheng.

The three followed Xiao Guyuan into the main hall, stepping on the thick pinewood floor, the air was filled with the fragrance of red sandalwood. Dragons and phoenixes were carved around the hall, many inscriptions were engraved, and a lot of ancient paintings were hung, making the place look elegant and palatial.

A middle-aged man with long black hair combed behind his head, dressed in an ancient brocade robe, sitting gracefully on the chair of the host position, holding a roll of books while reading with relish.

Yang Chen saw that Xiao Mohui was only in the mid-stage of the Ming Water period. Although he was considered a master in the illusion realm, it did not pose a threat to Yang Chen.

The arrogance on Xiao Guyuan's face had been taken away. Showing a faint smile, he stepped forward and bowed and said, "Eldest Master, Zhao Muyang and Zhao Ting of the Zhao family have come to see you with a kid who wants to join our Xiao family. They want to get an elixir to help Zhao Liangyu survive the Kui Water period.”

Xiao Mohui raised his head, revealing an angular, mature face of a beautiful man, along with a slight trace of laziness.

"Oh, is it this kid who's in the early Soul Forming Stage?" Xiao Mohui showed a weird smile, "The elixir that you want to use in the Tribulation Passing Stage must be at least a medium-grade spirit elixir. If you want to have a big effect, it must be a high-grade spirit elixir... Don’t you think it’s a foolish thing to find a boy in the early Soul Forming Stage to obtain a high-grade spirit elixir?”

Zhao Muyang and Zhao Ting’s faces became ugly and the two immediately knelt to the ground.

"Eldest Master, please consider the fact that our Zhao family and Xiao family have been in a bond for more than a thousand years and spare some kindness for us. Our grandfather only needs one last boost and if he can enter the MIng Water period, we will definitely do more for the Xiao family. We will never forget the great grace of the Xiao family!" Zhao Muyang begged.

Xiao Mohui yawned, and dug his ears, "Ming Water... Hmm, let alone whether it is really possible for him to enter, even if Zhao Liangyu manages to enter, he doesn't necessarily have many years to live. Giving him a high-grade spirit elixir that can help him to reach the Ming Water period, I might as well leave the high-grade spirit pill to those masters who are already at the peak of the Three Yang True Fire period or the MIng Water period. In terms of improvements, they will be more likely to reach the Ye Fire stage, Ruo Water-stage, or even break through the Ruo Water-stage… The Xiao family matters are recently chaired by me, and I can not afford to waste the precious high-grade elixirs.”

The Zhao siblings felt a chill in their hearts. What Xiao Mohui said was true, although they were anxious to extend their grandfather's life, from the perspective of the entire Xiao family and the vassal families below, it was more valuable to let an old man of the Kui Water period and produce a Ye Fire stage of peak level Ming Water period cultivator.

However, such straightforward words made the Zhao siblings frustrated. They thought they had recommended a cultivator into the family and they would at least get a chance to get a few mid-grade elixirs if they couldn’t get high-grade ones. They didn’t expect Xiao Mohui to be so ruthless and only valued family benefits.

“Eldest Master, please have mercy on us. Our grandfather is the only one in the Zhao family who can protect us. If grandfather leaves, the other families who have grievances with us will no doubt crack down on us and rob us. When that happens, the children of our Zhao family will be brutally murdered. Many of our children in the Zhao family have good talents. There are already more than a dozen young children who have entered the innate realm. It will not take more than ten or two decades, and there will inevitably be another group of cultivators of the Soul Forming Stage. Won’t it be more beneficial to the Xiao family at that time?" Zhao Ting tried to persuade and wept in tears.

Xiao Mohui put down the booklet, walked up to Zhao Ting, bent down, stretched out his hand to pinch Zhao Ting's chin, and lifted the woman's face.

“Tsk tsk, what a pitiful little girl. It’s been many years unknowingly, you were still a young girl 20 years ago, and look at you now, how beautiful.”

A trace of panic flashed through Zhao Ting’s eyes as she blushed, but she didn't dare to defy. Zhao Muyang on the other hand was trembling nervously.

Xiao Mohui didn't do much in the end. He pointed his finger at Zhao Ting's face and said, "It's a pity, no matter how many reasons you have, it’s impossible to get a high-grade spirit pill... For the sake of our connection, I can spare you a few low-grade elixirs I guess.”

"Low-grade?" Zhao Muyang and his sister had a complicated look. Low-grade spirit elixirs had almost no effect on the cultivators during the Tribulation Passing Stage.

At this time, Yang Chen at the back said, "Eldest Master, I am Xiao Chen and I have something to say.”

Xiao Mohui glanced at him, waved his hand, and said, "I know, don't worry, although you still have a low cultivation base, for the sake of you and my Xiao family’s same surname, I will not treat you badly. I will arrange a place for you and give you a few low-grade pills. You will cultivate well in the future and if Hongmeng finds you, our Xiao family will protect you.”

Yang Chen smiled, "I naturally believe that the Xiao family will not treat me badly. However, although I am only at the early stage of Soul Forming, I am confident that I have other talents that can overcome that. Brother Zhao should get something better by asking me to come here.”

Xiao Mohui and Xiao Guyuan both looked at him in surprise, while the Zhao siblings were confused, wondering what Yang Chen was going to do.

"What do you mean?" Xiao Mohui became somewhat interested.

"Since I was a child, I was talented and my physique was extraordinary. Although I am only in the early stage of Soul Forming, my combat power is enough to match the middle or even the end stage of Soul Forming, and I am less than thirty years old. As long as the Xiao family is willing to provide some support in the future, I can help the family.” Yang Chen showed a confident look.

Xiao Mohui, Xiao Guyuan, and the others didn't believe it. They were about to say something when a woman's charming laugh came from outside the hall.

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