My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back

Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back

Yang Chen raised his head to look, at this moment the enchanting figure of Mo Qianni has already arrived in front of the candidates, and she raised the small microphone.

With only a rough glance, Yang Chen already understood why Fatty and the other men were so infatuated in Mo Qianni.

This was indeed a pretty woman, with a fit body and cutesy face. If one had to compare, in Yang Chen’s opinion she could compete with Rose. However, Rose has a more wild and flirtatious vibe, while Mo Qianni here, has a more confident and intellectual beauty vibe.

Obviously, to these men who have played enough with plain and ordinary girls, this sort of white-collared female leader was exceptionally difficult to resist.

“Everybody, please remain silent.” Mo Qianni spoke formally with a smile, and with a voice as clear as a bell, “What we have next is a written exam regarding you candidates’ foreign language capabilities. This is because PR work requires facing many types of customers.

With regards to us Yu Lei International, international customers are extremely common. In the future if one is unable to properly communicate on the job for the benefit of the company, that would be considered extremely irresponsible behavior. As according to everybody’s declared information, we have prepared test papers on six foreign languages namely English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Later on, everybody can choose according to their two preferred foreign languages for the test, applicants with a test score of 60% and above will enter the final interview. Therefore, everybody please seriously and carefully fill in the test papers we’re about to give out. The time limit is one hour, thank you.”

With that said, Mo Qianni signaled to the few other beautiful assistants by her side, the four assistants then spread out towards the four corners at the same time and started to give out the test papers from the corners towards the middle.

The majority of those present who understood foreign languages had definitely started to learn since childhood. When learning they acquired English, and a language with similarities to English such as Spanish or the simpler Japanese. Which was why once it was time to choose test papers, English and Spanish test papers were chosen the most.

Yang Chen sat at a rather central position, when an assistant asked which test paper he wanted, Yang Chen felt distressed by the choices, in the end he awkwardly smiled and said: “Whichever, giving me any two will do.”

The beautiful assistant was seemingly stunned, this man is either a fool or is truly formidable, is it possible he knows six foreign languages!?

However she naturally wouldn’t say anything unnecessary, with a mischievous heart, she also wanted to deliberately make things difficult for this man who thought too highly of himself, the assistant pulled out from the bottom the German and Italian test papers, no one else has chosen these two languages before this!

This examination may only require 60% of the total marks, but the lower the passing mark required, the higher the difficulty of the test.

Yang Chen didn’t mind at all, upon receiving the test paper he writes his name, and began filling the blanks.

The atmosphere of the examination room turned heavy in five minutes, most importantly, few of the scarcely remaining male candidates were considerably unhappy. The reason is the contents of the test paper. In the test paper, majority of the questions were regarding ladies cosmetics and ladies clothing. This type of specific knowledge was something they probably can’t answer even if it was in Chinese——they know how to play with women, but they don’t understand women!

The men were going mad from being bombarded by specific cosmetic ingredients vocabulary, breast pads, bras, and thong professional designing vocabulary!

In less than 10 minutes, 4 out of the 7 or 8 remaining men dropped their pens and left. Before leaving, they still greedily glanced at Mo Qianni’s fiery figure, and unwillingly left the examination room.

Fatty who sat beside Yang Chen was sweating profusely with a painful headache, but he continued to endure and battle bravely.

When 15 minutes passed, Yang Chen creases his eyebrows while staring at the test paper, he raises his hand and says: “Excuse me……proctor, I have a question.”

Mo Qianni maintained her formal business smile, nods at Yang Chen and leisurely walks to him, “What questions do you have Mister?”

Mo Qianni’s career womanly charm was substantially increased when she entered close proximity, the faint smell of the Chanel perfume on her body matched well with her intellectual temperament and exquisite face, she’s a beauty radiating brilliance.

Fatty at the side had let go of his pen long ago, he stares infatuated at Mo Qianni while swallowing his saliva.

Perhaps it is because there are too many beauties by his side, at this time there is Rose, Li JingJing, and more importantly his wife Lin Ruoxi who is one grade higher than Mo Qianni, Yang Chen doesn’t fervently gaze at Mo Qianni, and points at his German test paper saying: “About the question regarding “Vereiturn”, I think that when you guys were setting the test, you mistyped the word Vereitern. In fact, when it comes to T-back easily causing ulcers on a lady’s vagina, it is good enough if you use the suffix “eitern”. It’s simpler and more precise.”

(TL: This stuff is a little too high level for me, sorry if it doesn’t make sense to you. Does anyone who understands German know what’s goin on?) (Reader Dummkopf has a rather convincing explanation in the comments)

Yang Chen did not intentionally lower his voice, although he spoke faintly and indifferently. When he finished, the surrounding people all displayed amazed expressions as they gazed at him. A few ladies in the group even started blushing. It was strange to hear a man talk about women’s private parts in a public setting.

Mo Qianni was stunned, she never expected that the question Yang Chen had was not a personal question, and was instead a problem with the test paper, after glancing at Yang Chen with a peculiar look, she signals her assistant to immediately go online to check.

In just a short moment, after searching through the German dictionary, the assistant informs Mo Qianni that the word “ulcer” is a mistake, and likely caused by carelessness.

With this, the surrounding people’s impression of Yang Chen immediately changed. From suspicion and surprise into admiration and jealousy, several of the Yu Lei International’s lady employees began whispering amongst themselves, staring at Yang Chen with interest.

When Fatty saw this scene, he couldn’t help but cry out in his heart: Damn! To think he is pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, a true expert in the art of picking up girls!

Mo Qianni pursed her lips and smiles, “Mister you are truly a genuine talent, thank you for pointing out our negligence, please continue with the test.”

“Continue?” Yang Chen chuckled as he picked up the two tests, “Proctor, I’ve already finished, I wish to turn them in”.


Noise erupts from all 4 corners of the room , at this moment, everybody in the examination hall was shocked.

Is he still human!? Only 15 minutes have passed, not only did he spot a high level mistake, he has even finished both papers and is now submitting them!?

Mo Qianni’s unperturbed expression finally had a change, and revealed a slightly cute expression of surprise, “Mister, are you sure you want to hand in your test papers? There is still more than 40 minutes remaining, don’t you want to check?”

“I am used to never looking back, there is no need to go over it.” said Yang Chen as he shakes his head to decline her well-intentioned advice.

“Alright, we will grade the test paper on the spot.”

Mo Qianni did not continue with any superfluous words as she took the exam papers and passed it to the assistant, then continued to look over other applicants. However, time after time, Mo Qianni would give Yang Chen a glance, unable to fully suppress her curiosity.

While feeling bored, Yang Chen wanted to take a smoke but suddenly remembered that it was prohibited, so he raised his hand and asked, “Proctor, I want to go to the bathroom and take a smoke while I’m at it.”

“Puchi….” Several ladies couldn’t endure from laughing out loud, they did not expect that this handsome young man who seemed well-educated would speak such “vulgar” words, but such a character was refreshing to them. After all, majority of the men that appear in front of these white-collared ladies are all pretending to be perfect men. In comparison with Yang Chen’s undisciplined manners, calling it a difference between heaven and earth isn’t an exaggeration.

Mo Qianni, not fully understanding the thoughts of an eccentric person like Yang Chen, knitted her brows as she nodded her head, “Alright, however, rather than going to the bathroom to smoke, I would prefer you do it out of the building. Also, come back on time”.

Without waiting for Mo Qianni to finish speaking, Yang Chen had already ran out of the room, and even forgot to close the door!

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