My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 7: Police Beauty Chief

Chapter 7: Police Beauty Chief

Hearing that Yang Chen plans to divulge the evidence they were provided, big mustache policeman who was still conscious broke out in a cold sweat.

“You……You dare! Do you know who you offended! That is Boss Chen’s son! Boss Chen’s men can wipe out your ancestor’s last 18 generations!” Big mustache roared, but the sharp pain from his stomach simply left him unable to get up!

Yang Chen’s face immediately turned cold, “Boss Chen again…… People like you are really failures, every single one of you don’t even know, I your father hates being threatened the most……” With that said, he moved in front of big mustache and kicked him, big mustache directly lost consciousness from this kick!


Suddenly, the interrogation room’s metal door was suddenly pushed open, and a shadow charged in at lightning speed!


A clear yet strict voice entered his ears, Yang Chen turned around in bewilderment, seeing the person who entered, a light shone in his eyes.

This is a valiant beauty, a policewoman with shoulder-length hair, with clear eyes like the autumn waters, a sharp nose, and charming lips with light pink lipstick. At first glance this face looked like some Korean celebrity who went through a perfect plastic surgery, but looking closely, a heroic air could be felt emitting from her bones. She was many times prettier than those so-called celebrities, and can hundred percent be considered a beautiful police flower.

But immediately following, Yang Chen spotted that on the policewoman’s shoulders was surprisingly 2 clover shaped badges, this was the mark of a grade 2 police inspector.

In a flash Yang Chen understood, this young and beautiful policewoman who looked like a movie star, was actually the West Region Police Department’s Chief, a real personnel of Huaxia country with power!

At that moment, Cai Yan was in a very bad mood, a meeting just ended for the recent bank robbery case that gave her a headache when she suddenly received a report that in her interrogation room, there was a suspect beating the police, this was definitely looking down upon her authority!

“You! Put your hands behind your head, and stand against the wall!” Cai Yan pointed at Yang Chen, sternly yelling.

Yang Chen sized her up, in his heart he was moved by how uniforms were great, no wonder so many people who were with him in the past had their mates put on various uniforms before doing the deed…… Hearing the lady Bureau Chief’s orders at that moment, without following or denying he smiled, “Beautiful and great Bureau Chief, I think that it would be better if you took a look at this thing first.” That said, he threw the document in his hands to the policewoman.

Cai Yan wasn’t an impulsive person, otherwise she wouldn’t have managed to get on the throne that is the West Region’s Police Department’s Bureau Chief, no matter how strong her background was it would never have been enough. Thus, when she saw Yang Chen’s cool and collected expression, she felt that things weren’t as they seemed, she puzzlingly caught the document, and swept a few glances at it.

Gradually, on Cai Yan’s tender, beautiful and heroic face, a layer of frost appeared, and she fiercely paid a glance to the big mustache and dark-skinned policemen on the ground. With an ice-cold voice she said to Yang Chen, “May I know your name, mister?”

“Surname is Yang, name is Chen.”

“I am Cai Yan, West Region Police Department’s Bureau Chief, I would like to offer an apology for the faults of my subordinates. But you have beat up law enforcement personnel, therefore you must be detained, you have the right to remain silent, and also have the right to have a lawyer speak on your behalf, under the circumstances that no one pays the bail for you, 48 hours must pass before you can be released.” Cai Yan finished speaking, and without waiting for Yang Chen to say anything, she immediately commanded several policemen to carry the 2 unconscious men out. Then with a complicated expression she glanced at Yang Chen, and closed the metal door!

Yang Chen watched the bunch of people come and go stupefied, he was actually still stuck here. He couldn’t help but bitterly laugh, requesting a lawyer, requesting someone to pay bail, he doesn’t even have a cellphone, who is he going to request? Seems like he had to stay in this little room for a full 48 hours.

Outside the room, Cai Yan looked at Feng Biao who came over with a head full of cold sweat, frowned and said, “Captain Feng, the things you did today, I will report during the end of month evaluation, you better pray for good fortune!” With that said, leaving Feng Biao whose legs were trembling, she returned to her office.

Returning to her office, Cai Yan did not stop to rest. Although it hadn’t been many years since she joined the police, her keen senses helped her uncover many huge cases. This time too she sensed something strange. From the young man named Yang Chen, she actually felt a mysterious pressure. That fella undoubtedly smiled so harmlessly, just what was she afraid of?

Cai Yan was proud, she liked the feeling of having everything within her grasp, so she immediately brought the information in her hands into play, and searched for files regarding Yang Chen.

Very quickly, Yang Chen’s profile was found by Cai Yan, and the information regarding Yang Chen was little beyond expectations Cai Yan only took a few looks before she realized, there were too many oddities in this profile……

“5 years old, strayed away from parents, brought overseas by child traffickers…… Adopted by a kind couple…… 23 years old, graduated from the United States’ Harvard University’s Market and Management Studies with a master’s degree, and returned on the same year……”

At the end of this ridiculously simple profile, there was actually a picture of Yang Chen and Harvard University’s lady headmaster, Drew Foster in the school, with Harvard’s signature red-colored campus, and the eye-catching university crest. In the picture Yang Chen had a scholarly air, sharing a brilliant smile with Foster.

The police department’s database of course wouldn’t have photoshopped photos, but Cai Yan still felt like she was being fooled.

To hell with that fucking Harvard University’s master degree! If he really is a Harvard University student, why would he be selling mutton skewers in the market?! Also, being adopted by a kind couple, what happened after being adopted? There was more than 10 years in between, how did he jump directly into graduation from college?

However, very quickly, Cai Yan calmed down, the information database of the police naturally couldn’t be randomly altered by anybody, every person’s profile was inserted by the authorities, since this profile of Yang Chen with so many loopholes that it was funny that this could exist, then it must have its reasons. But, why would the police department’s higher levels insert this profile?

Cai Yan quickly thought of two possibilities. First, Yang Chen’s identity was very special, and can be classified as a country-level secret personnel, for example the security bureau’s secret service. Second, Yang Chen’s identity was again very special, however, it’s classified as a special person the country wasn’t willing to let people find out about……

Cai Yan quickly eliminated the first possibility, if he was of the security bureau’s secret service, then the information should be detailed to the point of being incomparably fussy, that way it wouldn’t draw suspicion. Therefore, Yang Chen could only be classified as a special person, to the extent that the higher levels weren’t willing to divulge, yet weren’t willing to specially do up a cover for, simply leaving it as an empty shell for show.

This was the irrefutable facts, Cai Yan wasn’t merely a police officer, she was a beauty, but most importantly, she was a woman with a heart full of curiosity! Towards someone with this type of identity, Cai Yan was naturally attracted, in just a split second, within Cai Yan’s heart, Yang Chen turned into a notorious bandit, an internationally wanted criminal, the Golden Triangle’s drug lord, a mad scientist and several other identities. The one thing that could be confirmed was —— Bureau Chief Cai was interested in Yang Chen!

Just as Cai Yan was considering how to investigate this suspicious person’s background, the door was knocked.

“Come in.”

A young policeman with a fair and clear face wore a fawning smile as he entered, in the policemen’s hearts, their Bureau Chief was not only a super beauty, she was even more so a Extinguishing Priestess type of character, with a low voice he reported, “Bureau Chief, Cheng Dong Law Firm’s Lawyer Zhang wants to bail out the suspect named Yang Chen.”

[TL: The Extinguishing Priestess “灭绝师太” is a reference to a character in the famous wuxia book, The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber written by Jin Yong(Louis Cha). The character was a very strict and stubborn person.]

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