My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 857

Makedon shivered when he heard the name 'Expendable'. He smiled stiffly and said, "Your Majesty Pluto, you must be angrier than I imagined. I thought that you wouldn't go that far."

"They should have prepared for the worst the moment they decided that Jane was just a chess piece in their game of war."

Makedon asked out of curiosity, "Your Majesty Pluto, what's your final goal?"

Yang Chen hummed in response. "That Maksim guy, he seems quite intent on marrying Jane. But how will he do that with no family?"

Cold sweat dripped down Makedon's forehead as he nodded…

A round wooden table stood in the middle of the meeting room in the Central Committee located in Beijing.

Four people were seated around it. They were Ning Guangyao, Li Moshen, Yang Gongming, and Tang Zhechen respectively.

Ning Guangyao was the youngest amongst them with Yang Gongming and Tang Zhechen being the eldest ones.

Each clan leader had their subordinates sit directly behind them. On any other given day, they were forced to be reckoned with. But today, they were absolutely powerless in the presence of these four men.

Ning Guangyao kept his silence for three minutes while touching the side of the porcelain teacup before turning around to look at Yang Gongming. "Mr Yang, the marines at the East China Sea are under your command. Perhaps you would like to provide some input on the matter."

Yang Gongming kept a straight face. "Why bother stationing marines there if we are just going to allow pirates to come ashore regardless?"

Ning Guangyao frowned as he glanced towards Li Moshen and Tang Zhechen. They kept their heads lowered as if they did not hear anything.

Ning Guangyao sighed. "Mr Yang, I know your clan has been courageous and fearless for years. But the Giant Whale Society has received a huge number of missiles containing genetic weapons from the Klyuchevsky family. The lives of millions are at stake here. Giving them access for a short while would be nothing compared to the lives we would lose."

"If they went through so much trouble to synthesize a genetic weapon, they must have developed an antidote for it as well. What's stopping us from making the antidote ourselves?" Yang Gongming rebuked.

Ning Guangyao replied, "But our problem is that we do not have much time. Who knows how long it would take to create the antidote? Are you willing to risk the lives of millions on the hope that we can find an antidote?!"

Yang Gongming closed his eyes. "Premier Ning, I've conveyed my point. The final decision does not rest in my hands. Should you wish to continue, I am powerless to stop you."

Ning Guangyao tried to persuade him. "Mr Yang, I have no choice. Actually, the other reason I invited you is because of Yang Chen…"


"From what I know, Yang Chen had interfered with the marriage between the Klyuchevsky and Rothschild clans. Maksim from the Klyuchevsky family plans to bring Princess Jane back and it's best that Yang Chen doesn't interfere with that."

"He might not listen to me." Yang Gongming sounded unbothered.

Ning Guangyao wanted to say something else but was interrupted by Li Moshen.

"Stop." Li Moshen held onto his earphones and told everyone, "It's too late."

"What do you mean?"

Li Moshen let out a vague smile. "The MSS received a report saying that one of Zero's units called Expendable had started an attack on the Klyuchevsky family in Eastern Europe. The Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is starting to condemn us for his actions. Also, Yang Chen's Sea Eagles have started a fight with the agents of the Klyuchevsky family who were sent to look for Princess Jane."

Everyone else was shocked to hear this.

They knew that Yang Chen was incredibly unpredictable. But no one had expected him to act this quickly without hesitation!

Ning Guangyao tightened his fist as he said in annoyance, "Expendable? What kind of force is that?"

Li Moshen lowered his voice and explained, "According to the report, this unit has ties with Princess Jane. Princess Jane had announced ages ago that she would never create any inhuman weapons but she did make a medicine for the world's best assassin unit. It's used to cure heavily injured assassins. But it came with a price.

"These assassins were mutated in the process. Their physical capabilities became off the charts. They were known as the assassins from Hell and were called the Expendable. They've become the most mysterious and strongest unit under zero."


Ning Guangyao punched the table. "This will only make matters worse! If our relationship with Russia is harmed, we will be losing our only reliable ally against the USA! Our trading at the borders will be affected too! Yang Chen… he's ruining this country!"

Yang Gongming smiled. "Premier, you're wrong. There has never been an alliance between our countries."

"Mr Yang, what are you saying?"

Yang Gongming replied, "What I meant was that, if we want to have an ally, there can only be one."

"What?" Ning Guangyao prompted.

Yang Gongming straightened his back and said in a proud manner, "Army!"

Tang Zhechen laughed at the side. "Mr Yang, you're really daring."

Li Moshen nodded in agreement while smiling.

Yang Gongming continued on, "They already planned to start a war by placing missiles. What's the point of having soldiers if we aren't going to utilize them to fight back? Yang Chen might've acted hastily but his actions are directed towards the Russians. Why should we be nervous?"

Ning Guangyao was slightly annoyed by the way things were going. "Our main focus should be the wellbeing of our citizens. Are we really going to face them head-on!?"

Li Moshen shook his head. "The fact that these missiles were able to enter China undetected was already a puzzle in itself. It must've been an inside job. I've sent people to investigate this and we found out that there are moles in the customs of Su Province."

Ning Guangyao was startled. "You mean it was done by the people in the Su Province?"

"That's right," Li Moshen said. "By working with the Giant Whale Society, they were able to use those weapons to threaten us. Once Zhonghai and Su Province are in a mess, they would proceed to get funds from the government to settle down the mess. Plus, upgrading the equipment in the customs would be another expense. There was a lot they could gain from this."

Ning Guangyao was shocked but he didn't show it. This sly fox, he knew about all this yet he never informed me, he thought.

The four major clans appeared to be on friendly terms but that was all for show. The Li and Yang clans were the closest whereas the Tang clan remained neutral.

"So what should we do then?" Ning Guangyao asked earnestly.

Li Moshen replied, "We only need to get rid of the Giant Whale Society who are situated in the sea. We should act now when they think they are the safest. As for the missiles in between Zhonghai and Su Province, nothing will happen under Yang Chen's watch."

Ning Guangyao questioned, "Do you really trust him?"

"Haha." Li Moshen giggled. "He's smart. If he dared to attack, it means that he would have any number of countermeasures in place. Wouldn't he be worried about his lovers in Zhonghai if he wasn't sure?"

In the meantime, Yang Chen was in the royal suite of the Zhonghai International Hotel.

Under his feet was a body. It was Maksim! Yang Chen had crushed his heart into pieces!

Maksim's eyes were wide open in anger. He couldn't understand why Yang Chen had killed him and why he was unafraid of the consequences.

At the corner of the room, there was a blonde woman with hair growing in her face. Aishapova was stabbed in the heart by an unknown force before she could transform into a wolverine.

Yang Chen retracted his legs and told Molin, "Take care of this. I have some business in Russia I have to attend to…"

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