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Chapter 1096 Lu Guixin Has Deep Tricks Up Her Sleeve. He is Indeed A Male Pixie Who Charms All Beings.

Chapter 1096 Lu Guixin Has Deep Tricks Up Her Sleeve. He is Indeed A Male Pixie Who Charms All Beings.

Lu Guixin stopped messing around with him and listened to him obediently.

She finished a paper and studied seriously.

Zhou Fu glanced at her as he was not used to that.

At noon.

If Zhou Fu had already explained the key learning points of certain questions, Lu Guixin almost never answered them wrong.

"Senior, I'd like to treat you to a meal." Lu Guixin organized the materials on her desk.

"No need." Zhou Fu put his items into his black backpack and knocked on the paper on the table. "Complete these questions this afternoon. Bring your Chemistry materials along at 7pm."

Lu Guixin looked at him. "Do you have something on in the afternoon, Senior?"

"Yeah." Zhou Fu answered and slung the backpack on his shoulder. "Gotta go."

Just as he turned around, someone tugged at the corner of his shirt.

Zhou Fu turned around and heard Lu Guixin. "Hold on, Senior. I'll go down with you."

"Aren't you afraid of being seen by the others? What if there is drama on the forum again?" Zhou Fu looked down at her pale, beautiful face and asked rhetorically.

Although it was a long weekend, there were still a few people who stayed in school.

It would be bad for her if someone took a photo of them and uploaded it to the forum.

"Nah." Lu Guixin sounded soft and gentle, but she had a firm look.

She didn't care about those things.

"Still, no." Zhou Fu said. His phone vibrated in his pocket, but he ignored it. After thinking for a second, he said, "If you don't want to have lunch alone, I'll order delivery for you. Collect it at your dormitory and have it alone."

In the quiet and empty classroom, the phone vibrations were exceptionally obvious.

As if chasing him.

Lu Guixin looked down, and her short hair fell slightly across the metallic frame of her glasses. It covered half of her face, and only her pouted lips could be seen.

She answered in a gloomy tone. "It's okay, get along with your tasks. I'll just order for myself."

She let go of his shirt and turned sideways to continue to pack up.

"I'll place the order." Zhou Fu said softly and declined the call. Then, he opened the food delivery app.

He pondered about Lu Guixin's taste and ordered a slightly spicy lunch. Then, he also ordered a cup of milk tea and a mixed fruit platter.

"I'll text you when it arrives. Wait at the classroom first." Zhou Fu put his phone into his pocket.

"Okay." Lu Guixin answered in a soft and obedient tone.

Zhou Fu looked at her soft, black hair, and there was a smile in his eyes. Then, he turned around to leave.

Lu Guixin watched as if he left and shut the dark blue door.

She took off her gold-rimmed glasses and tossed them on the table, her clear and beautiful eyes full of determination to win.

Half an hour later, Lu Guixin received a WeChat message from Zhou Fu telling her to collect her delivery.

There were food, drinks, and fruits.

Each item was packed in bags with beautiful prints.

Lu Guixin knew this brand, and it was quite expensive.

Lu Guixin took the delivery items, and just as she stepped into her room, her phone vibrated. It was a WeChat notification.

Gu Hui, "Are you returning to the capital for New Year? We'll go to Ming City to fetch you."

Every holiday, Gu Si's private jet will arrive at the capital secretly, and they will all celebrate at the Lu Manor.

Lu Guixin placed the food on the table casually and turned around. She bent one of her legs and leaned lazily against the table.

She tapped the keys on her phone slowly, "Not sure yet, Uncle."

Gu Hui, "Not sure?"

Lu Guixin, "Yeah."

Gu Hui sent a voice call immediately. His tone was low and cold but oddly patient too. He asked, "Do you not get a break for New Year?"

She was only in Year One. If he remembered correctly, only the Year Threes get one day off for New Year.

"I do." Lu Guixin answered, "Three days break."

Gu Hui pondered for a few seconds. "Are you not returning because you already have something on for New Year?"

"Yeah," Lu Guixin added. "Not very sure yet."

Just then, Gu Si's low voice was heard. It was lazy and unrestrained. The moment he spoke, everything was exposed. "Has Guixin not won over Zhou Fu yet? If she does, bring him over to the capital. Then

she won't have to stay in Ming City."

Lu Jilai laughed. "Uncle, if you want my dad to die from anger, just say so."

Lu Guixin sighed and answered honestly. "I'm useless, I still haven't won him over."

"Lu Guixin, you're actually admitting to that?" Lu Jixing said. "Tsk. Is this what you meant when you told Dad that you didn't chase a boy?"

Lu Guixin answered naturally. "I'm just being proactive. I'm not chasing him."

"Hah!" Lu Jixing sneered, "I hope you will answer to Mom and Dad in such a tone."

"Hmph! Then I'll tell Dad that you have always known about me and Zhou Fu but you have been covering it up for me. Then, you'd be an accomplice!" Lu Guixin dragged him down with her.

"Damn! Lu Guixin! Aren't you shameless?" Lu Jixing answered in disbelief. "You're such a good sister."

"I don't care. If I don't talk about it, no one is allowed to." Lu Guixin said unreasonably. "Also, when we made a bet at Tian Que, we agreed that whoever lost the fist fight would do the winner a favor. I won, and my request is that you are not allowed to tell Mom and Dad!"

Gu Si chuckled. In a cynical tone, he said. "Don't worry, your father wouldn't believe us if we told him."

A smile flashed deep in the cold and deadly eyes of Gu Hui. It was so faint that it could barely be caught. When he looked a second time, his eyes had gone back to their calm and cold state. "Let us know when you have decided to return for New Year."

Lu Guixin tapped on her phone. "I thought about it. The winter break is just a few days after New Year. I shall not return for New Year."

Gu Si cocked his eyebrows. "Alright."

After Lu Guixin finished eating, she opened the built-in cabinet at the end of the bed. It was filled with professional books in foreign languages ??, and they were thicker than English dictionaries.

She bent over to take out a psychology book. Then, she walked toward the study desk.

Lu Guixin pulled the chair back and sat down. She leaned back lazily and rested her crossed, slender legs on the table casually. She flipped through the psychology books in foreign languages.

She read very quickly and could go through ten lines at one go.

When she saw the part that analyzed PTSD on a deeper level, she gradually became fascinated.

Zhou Fu seems to be quite normal now, and he should be completely healed.

However, Capital University would have made an exception and allowed him for early admission with such grades as his. It didn't make sense for him to be in Ming City High School.

Lu Guixin tapped her finger on the book, and a few seconds later, she took out her phone and sent a message to Gu Hui. "Uncle, when you looked Zhou Fu up, did you manage to find out why he has always stayed in Ming City High School?"

Gu Hui replied very quickly, "Nope."

Lu Guixin, "Okay."

Gu Hui pondered for a few seconds before reminding her. "Zhou Fu has a deep mind. Guixin, don't go overboard. You might end up hurting yourself."

Zhou Fu always followed the rules in Ming City High School, and he was a reserved boy. His grades were better than all the smart students. He often participated in large-scale international competitions and had won numerous awards like an honor-collecting robot.

He was always first, but he never took an extra step forward.

Even though many top prestigious schools have handed him various offers, he never attended university early.

This kind of behavior was so strange that it was known to high schools in all provinces across the country and was often told by teachers as legends to students.

He had no flaws. It was so unreal.

For now, the only unacceptable thing about him was that he participated in illegal boxing matches at Tian Que's underground casino.

Now, there was another exception. Lu Guixin was the only one who could get close to him.

But no one knows what this exception, Lu Guixin, exactly meant to him.

She could be just a condiment to enliven his life or something else.

Lu Guixin could see that too. Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked Gu Hui.

Lu Guixin looked at the message sent by Gu Hui, and her lips curled as she replied. "Got it, Uncle."

If she got hurt, then he must be really impressive.

She will then concede defeat.

Lu Guixin put her phone down and completed the questions that Zhou Fu had left for her. Then, she napped.

At 7pm.

Lu Guixin looked at the time and packed up slowly.

At 7:10pm, Zhou Fu made the first phone call. Lu Guixin glanced at it and smirked. She did not pick up. She took her backpack and walked out of her room slowly.

At 7:12pm, there was a second call from Zhou Fu.

Lu Guixin had left the main gate of the apartment, and the entire school was shrouded in darkness.

She carried her backpack well and ran towards the academic block for Year Ones.

At 7:15pm, her phone rang a third time in her pocket. Lu Guixin did not even look at it. She just quickened her pace.

At 7:16pm, her phone rang for the fourth time. Lu Guixin ran into the Year One academic block and pressed the lift button frantically.

The lift reached the top floor, and the door slid open.

Lu Guixin saw Zhou Fu's face outside. He had his phone in hand as if he was still trying to call her.

Zhou Fu saw Lu Guixin in the elevator, and his irritable and depressed eyebrows suddenly turned cold. The end of his eyes was chilly as he stared at her with his dark pupils.

Outside the lift, the boy's phone was still on the dialing page.

In the lift, the girl's phone was still vibrating in her pocket.

"Why aren't you picking up my calls?" Zhou Fu's voice was low and hoarse. He was really cold, and a strong low pressure lingered around him.

Lu Guixin ran so anxiously that her fingers were still shaking. When she took her phone out of her pocket, it was on the caller ID screen.

She looked up with her slightly red and watery eyes. Her shoulder-length hair was messy from the wind. She panted slightly as she said, "Phone's in my pocket. Ran too quickly. Didn't sense it vibrate."

Zhou Fu pursed his lips, and his jaw tightened. He suppressed his voice. "I waited for you for 20 minutes. I made 5 phone calls, and no one answered. I thought something bad happened to you."

Usually, she would be so eager to meet him that she would even wait for him in the courtyard intentionally. Yet, she was late tonight.

She was brave. She even dared to go to places like Tian Que. No one dared to go near him, yet she dared to pursue him.

Zhou Fu admired Lu Guixin's courage quite a bit, for she was a girl.

He wondered how this "good girl" would overestimate herself and do even more things.

Lu Guixin apologized quickly, and her eyes were so red as if she was about to burst out crying. Even her tone was shaky. "I'm sorry, Senior. I accidentally fell asleep… I'm sorry… Don't be mad."

When she spoke, she was still panting a little. Her fringe in front of her forehead was slightly wet from sweat, and her temples were dripping with sweat.

Zhou Fu stared at her for five seconds and sighed. It was only then that his tense mind loosened, and he relaxed.

"Go to the classroom first." He said coldly and turned to enter the classroom.

After two steps, he suddenly stopped.

Something bumped into him, and there was a soft "ah!".

Zhou Fu turned around and saw Lu Guixin rubbing her nose. Her eyes were wetter than before, and they glowed.

Zhou Fu frowned slightly, "Does it hurt?"

Lu Guixin looked at him miserably and nodded. "You have such a hard back."

He did not speak. He reached behind her to remove her backpack and carried it in his hand. Then, he continued to walk ahead without saying a single word.

Lu Guixin looked at the slender and well-defined fingers that her backpack was hooked onto. They hung by his side, and she suppressed the smile showing up on her lips. Then, she followed him step by step.

Great, another big step closer.

He was worried about her and anxious because of her. He considered that she would be tired from running here and even carried her bag for her to lighten the weight.

She had gained a lot from the act tonight.

When they reached the classroom, Zhou Fu unzipped her bag and took out a thermal bottle. He opened the lid, and steam came out of the opening.

He curled two fingers into the cup to feel the water temperature and passed it to her after ensuring that they were suitable for drinking.

"Have some water first." He said. His face was still cold.

Lu Guixin raised her delicate hand carefully, took it, and sipped the water little by little. Her breathing calmed down slowly.

Zhou Fu sat beside her and took out her Chemistry textbook and other materials from her backpack.

Lu Guixin looked at his sharp nose from the side and hesitated before apologizing softly. "I'm sorry for making you worried, Senior."

Zhou Fu did not say anything. He flipped through the Chemistry textbook in silence.

A lifelike-animated character appeared once every few pages.

Lu Guixin held the thermal cup in both hands and faced him while seated sideways. She lowered her head and showed a very good attitude as she admitted to her mistakes, "I really didn't mean it. C-Can you not be mad at me…"

Zhou Fu took out his Chemistry test paper from his bag but remained silent.

Lu Guixin glanced at him and felt a little guilty. Did I really go overboard?

She bit her lip and tugged at the corner of his shirt. In a soft and weak voice, she said, "Senior, don't ignore me."

Zhou Fu glanced at her delicate and glowing fingers. In contrast with his dark-colored shirt, they were so pale and white like jade.

It was quiet in the classroom, and there was only the sound of their soft breaths.

Lu Guixin pinched the corner of his shirt and said in a thin and soft voice. "Sorry, don't be mad at me, Senior. Don't ignore me."

After a while, Zhou Fu took a deep breath. His voice was no longer as cold as before. "I'm not mad."

Lu Guixin looked up suddenly. Her eyes were as clean and moist as water. They were bright and clear. Her long eyelashes were wet and black, "For real?"

Zhou Fu smirked. "Fake."

Lu Guixin was speechless.

Zhou Fu did not know where he got so much patience. He turned sideways and looked at her, "It's not the first time you've slept late. If you know that you have this problem, why didn't you tell me before going to bed?"

Lu Guixin tugged at the corners of his shirt and lowered her head aggrievedly, "I was afraid that you would just tell me to sleep and cancel the tutoring tonight, or you would say that the message I sent is nonsense and not even bother to reply."

"If I fall asleep next time, I will surely set more alarms or I will tell Tian Lu to give me a wake up call so that I will not be late." Lu Guixin said with watery eyes.

"There's no need for that." Zhou Fu looked away. "Text me next time, I'll reply."

Lu Guixin stared at him in disbelief when he said that. She did not even blink her black, bright eyes.

Does he mean that he will wake me up?

Zhou Fu's expression remained unchanged. He knocked on the table, and his tone was warmed than before. "30 minutes have been wasted. Study."

Lu Guixin smiled instantly. "Yes."

At 10pm.

Zhou Fu was explaining the coexistence of ions to her.

Lu Guixin's stomach growled suddenly, and her face flushed. She pressed on her stomach.

Zhou Fu looked to the side with his dark eyes. "Have you not had dinner?"

Lu Guixin nodded a little. "I ran here when I woke up."

Zhou Fu shut the books. "Let's go."

Lu Guixin looked at him in confusion. "Where to?"

"Eat." Zhou Fu looked down and packed up.

Lu Guixin smirked, and she suppressed it slightly. She leaned on the table and looked into his eyes. "Are you bringing me out to eat because you know that I'm hungry, Senior?"

"No, I'm hungry too." Zhou Fu answered in a cold tone and stood up. He slung his backpack on his shoulder. "If you're not going, I'll go first."

"I am!" Lu Guixin stuffed everything on the table into her bag immediately. "Wait for me, Senior."

At night, with darkness covering them, the two did not need to avoid anyone to prevent suspicion, but they did not get too close.

At this time, the school cafeteria was closed.

Zhou Fu led Lu Guixin out of school. One walked in front while one walked behind.

"Senior, where are we going to eat?" Lu Guixin looked at his lean, straight back and shoulders.

Zhou Fu answered, "The food street."

Lu Guixin thought and said hesitantly, "Is it still open at such a time?"

Also, the food street mainly catered to the students of Ming City High School. There was a long weekend this week, and not many stalls were open. It was so late now. There would surely be even fewer stalls.

Zhou Fu answered simply. "Yes."

Indeed, there were a few stalls still open on the food street. There was fried chicken and fast food restaurants.

Zhou Fu led her into a simple noodle shop.

It was run by a middle-aged couple.

Seeing Zhou Fu, the boss was surprised and smiled as if they were very familiar with each other, "Isn't there a break for your school this week? Why are you here at this time?"

As the boss spoke, his eyes fell on Lu Guixin, and there was a teasing look in his smile. "You even brought such a beautiful girl along."

Seeing this, Lu Guixin greeted them in a soft and gentle tone. "Hi, Uncle and Auntie."

The lady boss looked at Lu Guixin's face and was almost lost in it. She only snapped back to reality when she heard sounds. She smiled cheerfully and said, "Girl, you're so beautiful. What would you like to eat? It's my treat."

Lu Guixin looked at Zhou Fu.

When Zhou Fu entered, the cold aura around him warmed up quite a bit. He said in a soft tone. "Beef noodles. One big, one small."

"Alrighty." The boss got up to make the noodles. He pondered for a while before dragging the lady boss into the kitchen. "Come in with me."

Don't stop the young ones from getting to know each other.

Zhou Fu sat at an empty table nearby, and Lu Guixin sat across from him.

"Senior, do you know the boss very well?" Lu Guixin asked.

Zhou Fu nodded and poured two cups of water. "Yeah."

Lu Guixin recalled that he was always alone, so she asked, "Do you come here often?"

"Yeah." Still, Zhou Fu only answered one word.

Lu Guixin propped up her face and glanced into the kitchen. "The noodles that the boss makes must be really delicious."

"Yeah." Zhou Fu placed a cup of water in front of her with his long fingers.

He was very quiet.

Lu Guixin looked at him intently and smiled, "Then can I learn from the boss? I'll cook for you in the future."

Zhou Fu looked up and met her black eyes impartially.

After a few seconds, he smirked. It was hard to distinguish if it was mockery or laughter.

Just then, the lady boss placed two bottles of fruit juice in front of them and said in a friendly manner. "Girl, you can come anytime if you wish to learn."

Lu Guixin was surprised. "Thank you, Auntie."

"But," The lady boss looked at Zhou Fu and teased. "It is better for Zhou Fu to learn, so that he can cook for you. Girl, your hands are so beautiful, someone might feel sorry if you scald yourself while cooking."

Lu Guixin looked down and pursed her lips as she smiled. She answered softly and shyly, "Let me learn, if he scalds himself, I would feel sorry too."

The lady boss looked at her and then at Zhou Fu. With all smiles, she asked, "She's such a fine lady, where did you kidnap her from?"

Zhou Fu did not answer.

The lady boss laughed and let go of the bottles of fruit juice. Then, she returned to the kitchen.

Lu Guixin leaned forward slightly to get close to him. A smile and his reflection could be seen in her eyes. She said in a soft voice with her scarlet lips. "I'll do it for you."

Zhou Fu looked at her actions and looked down. He felt his heart palpitate wildly, and he laughed to himself softly.

He took a sip of water and said calmly. "Every night from now, find an empty room for the second period of night study for yourself."

The second period of evening self-study was for resident students, and it was not compulsory for students who did not stay over.

So during the second period of night study, almost half the people from every level would have left the academic buildings.

Lu Guixin's eyes curled. "Okie, I got it."

In a while, the boss came out with two bowls of beef noodles.

The next afternoon.

Lu Guixin was busy doing a Chemistry paper at the side.

Zhou Fu brought his laptop and seemed to be running some performance tests. There was a complex pattern model and a pile of calculation drafts by his hand.

Lu Guixin glanced at it. It was related to physics.

The research team at Jijing Island was also conducting this research.

Zhou Fu found that Lu Guixin was looking at him and asked in a low voice, "Which question do you need help with?"

Lu Guixin looked away, "Nah. Get along with your stuff, don't mind me. I'll collate a few questions before asking you."

Zhou Fu was stunned for a moment. He glanced at her. The girl was doing the questions obediently and keeping a little distance from him as if she was afraid of disturbing him.

When she was good, she was really good.

"In the afternoon, the students will return to school. Tian Rong asked me to play basketball with them. You can return to your dormitory to sleep on your own." Zhou Fu said while typing on the keyboard.

Lu Guixin looked up and bit her lip. Then, she looked at him and asked softly. "Can I go and watch you at the court?"

"Will you have energy to study at night if you don't take your afternoon nap?" Zhou Fu asked.

Lu Guixin pressed her chin against the table and tilted her head as she looked into his eyes. She stuck out one thin, pale finger and said softly. "I'll just watch for a short while before returning to sleep."

Zhou Fu sent the data that he had calculated to the other party and said, "Tian Rong is meeting me at 4pm. You can return to sleep first."

Seeing that he had agreed, Lu Guixin smiled happily in an instant. "Then give me a wake up call."

"Yeah." Zhou Fu answered.

Lu Guixin squeezed a toffee with her fingers, handed it to him, and smiled sweetly, "Thank you, my future boyfriend. I'll cheer you on this afternoon."

Zhou Fu's face was expressionless, but the click clacks on the keyboard were slower than normal. "Lu Guixin, behave normally."

At noon, there were more and more students in school.

The quiet dormitory was filled with noise as students complained that the weekend went by too quickly.

Lu Guixin slept until 3:30pm, and she got up to wash her face before packing up her items calmly.

Before she got a call from Zhou Fu, there was a knock on her dormitory door.

Lu Guixin opened the door and heard Tian Lu's excited screams.

"Sis, the Year Twos invited my brother and God Fu for a basketball match. Shall we go and watch together?"

Basketball matches like this could only be arranged once every two months as that was when the entire school would have a long weekend.

Usually, the Year Three's classes were very packed, and they only had half a day off every two weeks.

Along the corridor, there were many girls walking hand in hand and passing behind Tian Lu. They all looked excited, and they were all discussing the upcoming basketball match.

"Sis, are you going? If you are, hurry and pack up! If we go any later, we might not get the front seats." Tian Lu hurried her.

Lu Guixin answered immediately. "Yes, let me pack my bag first so that we can head for night study together later on."

"Alright! Then I'll go and pack up too." Tian Lu ran back to her dorm after saying that.

Lu Guixin held onto her phone and texted Zhou Fu. "I'm awake, Senior. You don't have to wake me up~ ^_^."

Zhou Fu replied very quickly with one word. "Okay."

Lu Guixin raised her brows slightly.

The two of them packed up quickly and rushed down to the court.

When they arrived, they saw that the court was crowded with people wearing uniforms from different grades and intermingling.

The Year Ones' were blue and white, the Year Twos' were red and white, while the Year Threes' were black and white.

On the basketball court, the Year Threes wore red jerseys while the Year Twos wore white jerseys.

They all stood together and discussed something.

The young men were full of vigor and spirit.

Lu Guixin stood in the distance, looking straight at the figure with the strongest aura among those in red jerseys.

Just then, Zhou Fu looked sideways from afar and met Lu Guixin's gaze.

They made eye contact for a short while.

Zhou Fu turned his head sideways and said something to Tian Rong.

Tian Rong looked over at Lu Guixin as well. Then, he passed Zhou Fu the basketball that was held between his waist and squeezed through the crowds to walk over.

"Why are you here at the court? Are you here to watch your brother play basketball?" Tian Rong looked at her strangely. Tian Lu never watched him play basketball.

Although he was very handsome, Tian Lu said that she had never felt so. Sisters would never find their brothers handsome.

Tian Lu gave a look of disgust. "Who's here for you? I'm here to watch God Fu!"

"Tsk," Tian Rong responded. "I wanted to bring you to the front. My effort is in vain… Fine, I'm going back."

"No, no, no." Tian Lu's expression changed instantly, and she tugged at him. Then, she smiled and tried to please him. "I'm here to watch my brother play basketball, and along the way, watch God Fu too!"

Tian Rong laughed coldly.

The three of them walked toward the basketball court.

Tian Rong asked, "The two of you seems to have never watched us play basketball. Why are you here today?"

Tian Lu answered, "Previously, Lu Guixin had no interest in these, so I'd accompany her to other activities. Now that we know you all, and also happen to be free, we decided to come and watch. We still have other things to attend to if we don't watch you guys play."

It was a rare long weekend. There were many people who came to play on the court.

There were people who came to play the guitar and the violin and to dance.

There were even people who were mass rope-skipping. Everyone enjoyed themselves a lot.

The academic life and campus life of Ming City High School were really great.

Tian Rong scanned around the court. Indeed, it was very crowded. There was also music in the air.

Out of curiosity, he had a sudden thought, and he looked at Lu Guixin. "Junior, do you have any talents?"

Lu Guixin's voice was soft and gentle as she replied politely, "No talents. I just know a little bit of stuff like dancing and playing the piano."

Tian Rong smiled, "Then you must sign up for the New Year event this year, Junior. I want to watch you dance."

They all chatted casually along the way and arrived at the basketball court.

Tian Rong led the both of them to the front and cupped his hands before his chest as he said, "Hey guys, please excuse me and allow my sister to cut through. It is rare for her to give her brother some face and watch me play basketball. Thanks guys!"

Originally, others would surely not like to have people cutting before them, but since Tian Rong said that and made everyone laugh, they did not mind it.

A girl at the side looked at Lu Guixin and said softly to the person beside her. "So she is Lu Guixin?"

The other girl nodded, and her eyes were glued to her. "She's really pretty."

"She's so pretty, why did she keep such a low profile in the past?" The girl said in disbelief. "If I had a face like hers, I'd stroll around school all day and let others admire me. I'd even go and pursue God Fu! Don't ask why! It's the confidence that my face gives me!"

"Hahahahaha! You're so funny!"

Tian Lu's lips twitched. She seemed to have suddenly understood why Lu Guixin disliked going to crowded places.

Lu Guixin's grades weren't good, and her personality was very typical. She was always listless.

Despite that, her face was so beautiful that there was no way others could ignore it.

Everywhere she stood, she could easily shock everyone, and their eyes would be drawn to her.

Tian Lu was really curious about how good looking Lu Guixin's parents must be to give birth to her with a face like that.

It's such a pity that Lu Guixin's parents did not attend the parent-teacher meeting after the first monthly examination.

Many people were seeing Lu Guixin for the first time, so they talked about her a little.

But after a while, everyone's focus was shifted to the basketball match, which was about to begin.

There were screams heard from both the girls and the boys. Everyone in the court was madly excited.

Lu Guixin stood all the way in the front, in the first row. She looked at Zhou Fu in his red jersey, and when he looked over, she smiled at him and mouthed the words, "All the best, Senior!"

Zhou Fu was expressionless, but he couldn't help but glance at her for a little longer.

When the girls around Lu Guixin saw Zhou Fu looking in this direction, they all shrieked in excitement.

Lu Guixin covered her ears from the noise and continued smiling at Zhou Fu.

The boy seemed to be influenced by her and flashed a smile.

It was a friendly match between the Year Twos and Year Threes during their free time.

Although everyone played intensely, they did not go overboard. However, they did not hide their desire to win either.

After all, if the Year Two students beat Zhou Fu, they could boast about it for the rest of their life.

Lu Guixin's eyes were always on Zhou Fu. She watched as he dribbled the ball swiftly, passed the ball around, and darted through the opponents' layers of defense.

The opponents could not even catch him by the corner of his shirt.

The entire court was filled with loud cheers. "Go, God Fu!"

Just then, Zhou Fu retreated to the three-point line and caught the ball thrown by Tian Rong.

At this moment, the surroundings were quiet, as if everything had stopped.

Everyone held their breaths subconsciously and stared at the ball in Zhou Fu's hand.

They watched as he jumped in place and raised his firm, lean arms. With the flick of a wrist, the basketball soared through the air in a curve. It went straight and silently into the basketball net.


The basketball hit the ground and bounced up.

Instantly, the whole court was filled with screams and cheers that pierced through the sky.

The girls were so mesmerized. They screamed until their ears were red.

Tian Lu grabbed Lu Guixin's arm and swung it around crazily. "Ahhhhh! Sis! Kill me now, God Fu! Why is he so cool?!"

"God Fu, please show yourself at the court more often! Please!"

"It makes me so sad thinking about how we will never see God Fu again after we graduate. Can he pursue a career in the entertainment industry? I want to see him everyday!"

"What's the point of life if you can't sleep with God Fu?"

A boy was yelling, "God Fu! Be gay! Be gay!"

Lu Guixin was speechless.

The girls watched as Zhou Fu walked forward while he lifted the hem of his jersey and wiped the sweat from his face, revealing his firm waist and defined abs.

There were frantic screams again.

Lu Guixin squinted and sighed inwardly.

He is indeed a male pixie who charms all beings.

The three-point shot was just the beginning.

Lu Guixin watched Zhou Fu make a random jump and block the ball that was thrown into the basketball rim by a Year Two.

In the next instant, he bent over and moved aggressively as he dribbled the ball from left to right. He broke through two layers of the Year Two's defense lines as if he was breaking bamboo.

When he was about to reach the bottom of the rim, he jumped.

He grabbed onto the rim by the side and made a 360-degree turn!

The ball went straight into the rim!

The crowd broke out in excitement at this scene!

The roaring cheers from the boys could almost cover up the screams from the girls.

"Oh damn! God Fu has played so many matches but I've never seen him dunking like that!"

"Iconic! Iconic! I never thought that he would be an iconic at such a casual match and not at a formal competition! Damn!"

"How many more surprises does God Fu have for us!"

After Zhou Fu dunked, he high-fived Tian Rong. Then, he pushed his black hair back with his slender, long fingers.

His casual action made everyone scream at how hot he was.

Lu Guixin was wearing a blue school uniform, and her hair was shoulder-length. She tilted her head, and her beautiful eyes were full of smiles. The corner of her lips curved, and when he looked over, she mouthed two words to him slowly. "Super cool."

Zhou Fu saw it clearly.

The court was filled with excited cheers and screams from both the guys and girls.

The silent communication between the two of them became a mini secret.

The screams at the court lasted for as long as the match did.

It was kind of like an exciting campus event during the long weekend.

At the last match.

Lu Guixin tugged at Tian Lu's arm and said by her ear softly. "Should we go and buy them some drinks? The previous time, your brother also treated us to snacks."

Tian Lu did not like to take advantage of others, too, she responded right away. "Sis, that's thoughtful of you."

When it comes to giving treats, it should always be reciprocated.

The two of them squeezed through the crowd and went to the convenience store to get over ten bottles of drinking water.

They walked back quickly, carrying the bags in both hands.

The match had just ended.

The Year Threes had won by a great margin as expected.

The Year Twos sighed and groaned as they high-fived Zhou Fu and the others.

Tian Lu raised her hands high and shouted, "Brother! We bought you guys some water!"

When Lu Guixin and Tian Lu hurried over, they saw Xia Cheng standing right in front of Zhou Fu.

She handed him a bottle of water with a smile. "Congrats, Zhou Fu. This is for you."

For some reason, Tian Lu just disliked Xia Cheng, especially since Xia Cheng and Su Zeyue had such a close relationship. She wondered if Xia Cheng was aware of all the things that Su Zeyue had done and whether she had helped to encourage them.

Now that she saw Xia Cheng handing Zhou Fu water, there was a displeased look in her eyes.

She talked to Lu Guixin loudly on purpose. "Sis, get God Fu a bottle of water."

"Okay." Lu Guixin nodded and bent over to get a bottle of water from the bag. Then, she handed it to Zhou Fu with both hands.

All of the students surrounding them watched the scene closely. They were all nosy.

One was the school beauty and rumored to be dating him.

The other was a talented and beautiful Year Three who was commonly shipped on the forum.

Nearby, there seemed to be someone pointing a camera at them. He wanted to record this moment between the three of them.

When there was a flash, Zhou Fu moved a little to the side and shielded Lu Guixin without saying a word to cover her from the camera.

He reached out to take Lu Guixin's water and told Xia Cheng in a cold tone. "Thanks, I already have one."

Xia Cheng's face turned slightly pale, and she tightened her grip around the bottle.

She forced a smile on her face but still showed a generous attitude. Neither humble nor arrogant, she replied. "No problem."

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Tian Rong invited the Year Twos quickly. "Hey Bros, my sister and the school beauty bought us some drinks! Come and get them."

The boys wiped the sweat from their faces and teased as they walked over. "There's some for us too?"

"That's for sure!"

Tian Rong and Tian Lu distributed the drinks to everyone.

A group of people was discussing at the side.

"What did God Fu mean by that? So he has chosen Lu Guixin?"

"Don't talk nonsense. The water was bought for Tian Rong by Tian Lu and she bought it for everyone out of convenience. What do you mean God Fu has chosen Lu Guixin?"

"God Fu is still the same God Fu. He did not pick anyone. He just did what everyone did and drank the water that Tian Rong's sister bought."

"Studies aside, Lu Guixin looks really compatible with God Fu!"

"As someone who is attracted to looks, I'm shipping them!"

Xia Cheng turned and walked ahead. Conversations about how compatible Lu Guixin and Zhou Fu looked standing together were behind her.

She took out her phone and opened her photo album. She looked at the photo of Lu Guixin and Tan Ying and clenched her fist tightly. A complicated feeling was struggling in her eyes.

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