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Chapter 379 - It Would Really Be Unlike Him to Not Stir Trouble Within Red Flame

Chapter 379: It Would Really Be Unlike Him to Not Stir Trouble Within Red Flame

“Bad marksmanship?” Qin Fang furrowed his brows in disbelief. “The trainees are the cream of the crop. They are the strongest marksmen from Red Scorpion!”

Otherwise they would not have been sent to Red Flame to undergo Silence’s training.

Lu Jiu replied, “Silence said they are mediocre.”

Frustrated, Qin Fang said through gritted teeth, “Even if they are not up to Silence’s standard, that doesn’t mean that each one of them has to shoot down a drone, does it?”

It was more than enough to let three of them undergo the sniper training. Lu Jiu remained silent for a while. For the past few years, the training and assessment of Red Flame amounted to about one billion dollars. However, it seemed like the cost would amount to 10 times that amount this year!

He had to find time to talk to Silence. They were only training 10 people, yet the cost had already become too high for Red Flame to handle…

Lu Shi thought for a moment before saying, “The 11 drones have been prepared. Silence has already shot down one of them. It’s not too late to retrieve them.”

The aim of shooting down the drones was to train their marksmanship. For the past years, they had been doing it at the shooting range. However, they suddenly decided to hold the training in the forest this year.

Qin Fang said in a displeased tone, “What do you mean retrieve them? Do you think that Red Flame is going bankrupt?” He had been distressed for a while before he finally decided to go with this training. Looking at the display, he raised his chin. “Show me where Silence is.”

He had still not seen what this big boss looked like.

“Okay.” The person in charge of the surveillance room raised the digital terminal in his hand and started to look for Gu Mang.

Gu Si, who had been keeping his head slightly lowered, finally looked up. His big and clearly defined eyes still possessed the innocence of a child. However, his gaze was so profound that it was uncharacteristic for his age. It even had a tinge of ruthlessness.

Red Flame was Lu Chengzhou’s. So, it was Lu Chengzhou who tricked his sister and tortured her. He was pretty capable. Gu Si fixed his gaze on the screen which was switching displays continuously.

They had checked all of the surveillance cameras, however, Gu Mang was nowhere to be seen.

The person in charge of the surveillance room frowned and turned towards Qin Fang. “Young Master Qin, I can’t find Silence…”

They had so many surveillance cameras and they almost covered the entire forest. How did Silence avoid all of them?

The corners of Gu Si’s lip curled up. He scoffed subtly.

Qin Fang had expected this so he did not ask him to continue searching. He said, “Retrieve all of the surveillance tapes containing Silence and let me take a look.”

The person in charge answered respectfully, “Yes.”

After thinking for a moment, he retrieved the video of Silence tormenting her opponents in the ‘1 vs 10’ fight from yesterday. The screen showed the scene of Gu Mang walking out of the small wooden house. She had covered herself up from head to toe. Staring at Silence’s figure, he felt a sense of familiarity.

He could not think of who Silence reminded him of, hence he dismissed this thought quickly.

His gaze shifted towards the black rod in Silence’s hand. Curious, he glanced at the person in charge. “What is he trying to do?”

Before the person in charge could speak, Qin Fang shifted his gaze back. In that moment, he saw the Big Boss toss the black rod aside as he thrust his leg up and sent a man flying.

After watching the entire surveillance tape, he was speechless. It was too gory and cruel!

She had single-handedly beaten up 10 people into pulps. Those 10 were even the cream of the crop from Red Scorpion. He had never heard about Silence having a hobby of beating people up.

Lu Jiu and Lu Shi were equally shocked. They had been present for the first three training sessions. Silence’s training methods were indeed unique but they were not usually so… ruthless.

Gu Si leaned back in the chair languidly. If the person his sister was beating up in the surveillance tape was Lu Chengzhou, he would have surely saved the video and savored it. His sister probably still did not know that Lu Chengzhou was the big boss of Red Flame.

He had already infiltrated the enemy’s internal operations. It would really be unlike him to not stir trouble within Red Flame.

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