My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 11


“Daddy!” Ji Xiao Zhuo’s eyes sparkled. He dropped the fork he was holding and jumped down from his seat before dashing towards Ji Yan like a little bullet.

The stern expression on Ji Yan’s face softened as he caught the little bullet, who ran to him, into his embrace. Ji Yan rubbed Xiao Zhuo’s head, “Daddy is back.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo hugged Ji Yan’s neck tightly and expressed his longing, “Daddy, how come you return now. It's so late already. I haven’t seen you in a long, long time.”

Ji Yan kissed the little one’s forehead and apologized, “Sorry.”

The little one forgave his daddy after thinking about it for two seconds, “Ok, I’ll forgive you. I am very broad minded.”

Ji Yan laughed. He lifted the little one single handedly while he bent down to change his shoes. For the moment, Ji Yan still hadn't noticed the frozen Tang Tang.

When Ji Yan appeared, Tang Tang dropped her chopsticks and stood up immediately. She didn’t even know where to put her hands. Even though she knew that she had a husband, this was her first time seeing him. So the shock she felt was rather strong.

What should she do?

Also, Bao Bao’s daddy looked really handsome. He looked better than her eldest sister and second sister’s husband.

In the beginning, Tang Tang thought that men here looked a bit strange with their clothing and hairstyles, but she had got used to it after living in this world for a few days. She also got used to the way people dressed here rather quickly. However, she wasn’t used to Ji Yan’s good looks, so her face reddened with a blush as her heart thumped.

“Mummy, mummy, daddy came back!” Ji Xiao Zhuo cried excitedly from Ji Yan’s hold. He didn’t notice the blush on Tang Tang’s face.

Tang Tang tried to hide her shyness as she looked at Ji Yan. She squeezed a smile out, “Lor … husband, you have returned.”

She almost called him ‘lord husband.’ Thankfully, she stopped herself on time as she remembered that lord husband was shortened to just ‘husband’ here.

Ji Yan blanked. He stared at Tang Tang with astonishment. Though all he saw was a red faced Tang Tang, who had her eyes were filled with expectation and shyness as if she didn’t know what she should do. In his memory, Tang Tang had always wished that he was dead whenever she looked at him. When had she ever called him ‘husband’ and with that kind of expression? Was this still the same Tang Tang he knew?

Tang Tang didn’t notice the suspicion in Ji Yan’s eyes as all of her attention was focused on hiding the nervousness she was feeling. This was the first time that she had a husband in her two lives. She really didn’t know what she should do. All she could do was rack her brain and think about the lessons that her nanny taught her. The lessons explained what a wife should do.

Her nanny had once said that men would get tired at work and that they would want to go back to a pleasant home and a warm family. To be a good wife, one should take the utmost care of their husband so that the husband would feel the most comfortable at home, so he wouldn’t look for women outside the house. This meant there would be fewer concubines as well.

So, how should she treat her husband well?

When she saw Ji Yan was seated at the dining table, Tang Tang suddenly remembered something. She quickly grabbed her crutches and went to the kitchen to get another bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks before passing them to Ji Yan, “Husband, you haven’t eaten yet, right? We were just about to start. Let’s eat while the food is still hot.”

“You …” Ji Yan, who normally wouldn't even have a change in expression no matter the situation, was speechless at this moment.

“You and Bao Bao eat first. I’ll go and make two more dishes, otherwise, there won’t be enough.” Men’s appetite should be rather big. Especially men in the military, they could probably eat a lot. Tang Tang felt that there weren't enough dishes or even rice, so she should make some more food.

Ji Yan came back to his senses and called out to Tang Tang, who was heading towards the kitchen, “Don’t go. There’s enough here. Let’s sit down and eat.” Although Ji Yan didn’t really care for Tang Tang, he still wouldn’t get an injured person to serve him. As long as he could eat some warm food, he would be satisfied. Also, the dishes on the table looked pretty appetizing.

But… did Tang Tang make all of this?

Ji Xiao Zhuo was not the type of child who would favour one parent and forget the other, and he also knew that cooking was difficult, so Xiao Zhuo stopped Tang Tang as well, “Mummy this is enough. If not, I can eat less and leave more for daddy.”

Ji Yan laughed lightly and stroked the little one’s head.

Tang Tang was still hesitant. It was rare for her husband to come home. It would be bad if he couldn't even eat his fill on the rare occasions that he was back at home.

Ji Yan picked up his chopsticks and began eating, “Sit down and eat. There’s enough, really.” If it wasn’t, he could always make some noodles for himself.

“Alright.” Tang Tang could only sit back down. However, she didn’t start eating Instead, she ladled a bowl of soup for Ji Yan and Xiao Zhuo, “Drink some soup first. It will warm the stomach.”

“Okay, Mummy, ” the little one drank the soup readily. He was bubbling with happiness. It was Ji Yan who felt awkward. She had never treated him like this before. This was the first time, so Ji Yan could only react with basic manners and thank her, “Thank you.”

Tang Tang had a small smile, then she lowered her head and started to eat.

Truthfully, Ji Yan had rushed back after training. He had driven for several hours without stopping, so he had been hungry from ages ago. So, when Ji Yan tasted such delicious food, he didn’t stop to think about how Tang Tang could have such good cooking skills. Instead, he brought out the military basics of eating quickly and ate three bowls of rice before slowing down slightly. Once he confirmed that Xiao Zhuo and Tang Tang had eaten their fill, Ji Yan ate all the remaining food. He wasn’t full, but it was just enough to satisfy his hunger.

Tang Tang was happy when she saw all the empty plates. It seemed that her cooking suited his taste. This was good; it showed that she still had some use.

Restraining the happiness she was feeling, Tang Tang went back to the kitchen to prepare some fruits for the father and son. Then she cleared the table and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. But before she could pick up a plate to clean, someone else was already a step ahead of her. Two large and rough hands grabbed a plate before her, “Go and rest. I’ll do the dishes.”

Ji Yan wasn’t a chauvinist. He didn’t believe that women should do all the housework. Even though Tang Tang didn't work or earn any money, she had prepared the meal, so it was natural for him to do the cleaning. Especially since Tang Tang’s leg was injured. This had nothing to do with love. He was just following his principles.

Tang Tang widened her eyes and hurriedly said, “No, no, no, you must be tired today. Leave these things to me. You should go and rest.” How can she let her husband clean the dishes? He must be tired from working.

“Your leg is injured. It’s not good to stand for long periods of time.” Then, Ji Yan put the dirty dishes in the sink, squirted some washing liquid, and swiftly began cleaning. Once he was done with the dishes, he mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the kitchen. It took him ten minutes to finish everything. In the end, Tang Tang didn’t even do anything.

Tang Tang just stared blankly at the side. So, men can also do house chores too? And they can even finish it so quickly. He looked capable and experienced; it was unexpectedly attractive.

Heavens. Bao Bao’s daddy was too good. He was a hero who protected his country, he had a handsome appearance and earned money to raise his family, and he didn't have any other women. He could even do chores! Why didn’t the original owner like such a good man? Was the original owner a fool?

Once the kitchen was cleaned, Ji Yan saw that there wasn’t anything else to do, so he picked up Xiao Zhuo, who was lying on the sofa, “Come and have a bath with daddy. It’s time for bed.”

The little one was unwilling to part with his game. Facing the difficult choice to pick between his daddy and his game, he unwillingly abandoned his game. Xiao Zhuo hugged Ji Yan’s neck as they went towards a room. Before they entered, Xiao Zhuo waved at Tang Tang, “Mummy, I’m going to bed now. Good night ~.”

Tang Tang waved back, “Goodnight Bao Bao ~.”

Ji Yan waited for them to finish before shutting the door. He easily took Xiao Zhuo’s clothes in a couple of moves, “Have you gained weight again?”

The little one pinched the meat on his belly as he mentally agreed with his daddy. He had gained weight, but it wasn’t his fault. So he explained, “It’s because mummy’s cooking is too tasty. You would have gained weight as well if it was you.”

Ji Yan became silent as he thought about his food intake tonight, then he took off his uniform and carried Xiao Zhuo to the bathroom. The father and son had a hot bath together.

When they came out, both of them were just wearing shorts. The father and son looked like version 1 and version 2.

Ji Xiao Zhuo climbed on top of Ji Yan and sat on his stomach. This was one of Xiao Zhuo’s favourite things to do – chatting to his daddy while playing with his daddy’s muscles.

The little one took the initiative and told his daddy his thoughts, “Daddy, I have made an important decision. I’ve decided to forgive mummy. Men should be broad-minded, right daddy?

Ji Yan nodded.

“Then you shouldn’t be angry at mummy anymore. Daddy, forgive mummy this time. Mummy is very nice now.”

Ji Yan went silent for a short time and did not answer the question. Instead, he asked, “Did mummy always cook for you for the past couple of days?”

The little one’s attention was hastily diverted, “That’s right. Mummy has been making my meals every day, and there are even sweet pastries. It’s very tasty.”

It seemed like his son was conquered by her cooking.

Ji Yan had learned what happened from Aunt Li. Tang Tang got drunk in a bar and went crazy drunk like usual. After that, she got crushed by a car that was driving by. Luckily there weren't any major injuries, and the driver had taken her to a nearby hospital. Tang Tang’s drinking friends had contacted Aunt Li before they all disappeared.

According to Aunt Li, Tang Tang had lost all her memories when she recovered her consciousness. Amnesia. However, it was like she had become a totally different person. Ji Xiao Zhuo said that Tang Tang had become good. Originally, Ji Yan had some suspicions, but now that he saw her, he realized that she had really changed and was not faking it.

Ji Yan had been on numerous missions and had seen all types of people, so his eyes were well trained. He could instantly tell if someone was lying, so he was certain that Tang Tang wasn’t acting and was being herself.

So, it could be concluded that she had really lost her memory and that her personality had changed to a different one compared to her previous self.

Such an unimaginable situation actually happened.

But judging from the present, it may not be a bad thing. Since she was willing to treat Xiao Zhuo well, then Xiao Zhuo would receive a mother’s love. A mother’s love was something that he could not give to Xiao Zhuo. However, as long as she cared about Xiao Zhuo, he would be willing to maintain the appearance of a married couple. They wouldn't interfere with each other’s lives, and they would raise Xiao Zhuo together.

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