My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 13


Tang Tang looked up and saw two beautiful women walking out from a clothes shop. One of the women was heading towards them.

It was obvious that she was someone Ji Yan knew because he stopped his steps and smiled slightly towards the woman, “Yan Ran.”

“Brother Ji Yan, you –” Yan Ran stopped speaking when she saw Tang Tang who was behind Ji Yan. Yan Ran couldn't see Tang Tang before due to her angle of vision. Her expression twitched, but she recovered a few seconds later. She smiled at Ji Yan, “Are you on holiday today? Are you buying things from the supermarket?”

“En, holiday.” Ji Yan nodded. He glanced at the shopping bags in Yan Ran’s hands and took the initiative to leave, “You’re busy. We will be leaving first.”

“Ah, don’t go.” Yan Ran didn’t expect that he would leave after a sentence. She quickly pulled on his arm but had to let go just as quick when she saw the small frown on Ji Yan's face. Yan Ran pushed her hair behind her ears and smiled, “Coincidentally, I’m on holiday as well. Since we happened to bump into each other, how about eating lunch together? We haven’t had a meal together in a long time.”

Ji Yan glanced at Tang Tang. He shook his head and rejected the suggestion, “No. Maybe next time. We still have something to do in the afternoon.”

“Oh, then never mind.” Gu Yan Ran looked at Tang Tang before saying, “Then let’s have a meal next time when I do your health checks. There will be a chance in the future.”

Ji Yan nodded, “Alright. We’ll be going first.” After that, he left with Tang Tang.


Seated in the car, Tang Tang was still thinking about the woman they had just met. Based on her intuition, she felt that the woman was a bit strange, but Tang Tang couldn't pinpoint what exactly, and she didn’t know why she was feeling like that either.

But that woman was really beautiful, she was tall and had a good figure. Her appearance was also pretty with white and soft skin and glossy thick hair. She looked just like a noble princess. Compared to her, Tang Tang felt that she looked like mud.

Sigh. The difference was too big.

Tang Tang touched her face. At this moment, she felt that the world was too cruel. Her heart hurt.

She wondered what Bao Bao’s daddy was thinking. Why did he originally marry someone so ugly? Could there be a reason like an unmentionable illness?

Tang Tang couldn’t help but look at Ji Yan’s side profile with inquiry. She couldn’t get any information from his expression, so she could only massage her head as she decided not to think about these things. She wouldn’t understand anyway. Also, it wasn’t a question she could ask.

Never mind. She should forget about it. Since she was his wife, she will focus on doing what a good wife would do. As for everything else, she will decide when it happens.

Suddenly, Tang Tang remembered that there was going to be an assembly at the little one’s nursery tomorrow. If she remembered correctly, the little one was going to perform, and since Ji Yan was back, he could also attend and cheer for Xiao Zhuo.

“Husband, there is going to be an assembly tomorrow at Bao Bao’s nursery. The teacher had invited us to go last time. Do you have time to attend?”

Ji Yan nodded without thinking, “I have time.” Since he could make it this year, he should go and take a look.

“That’s good. That’s good. Bao Bao will definitely be especially happy.” When she imagined Bao Bao’s elated expression, Tang Tang smiled as well. Her smile was just like a child.

Ji Yan took a quick glance at Tang Tang’s smile. He pursed his lips as an odd feeling flashed across his heart.

It was already afternoon when they got home. Tang Tang was afraid that Ji Yan would be hungry, so she immediately went to the kitchen with the food they bought from the supermarket and began to cook, “Husband, I’m going to make two dishes and a soup for lunch. Is that enough?”

“Ok.” Ji Yan didn't have any particular demands about his food. Wrapping up his sleeves, he followed Tang Tang from behind, “I’ll help you. Just tell me what to do.”

Tang Tang waved her hands hastily as she blocked the kitchen entrance with her body, “No need. Your job must be exhausting. You’re on holiday, so go and rest. It won’t take long. I’ll call you when it’s ready.” He was already working hard outside with his job. so how could she let him work at home as well? Otherwise, she would useless doing nothing.

Since he was blocked, Ji Yan didn’t know if he should retreat or insist on helping. With Tang Tang behaving like this, Ji Yan felt like he couldn’t do anything. He hadn’t got used to the woman who used to be a hysterical lunatic, suddenly becoming virtuous and gentle – a good wife.

Tang Tang got nervous when she saw that Ji Yan was standing motionless without moving. She lightly pushed on Ji Yan’s arm as she was afraid he would really enter the kitchen, “Go and rest husband. I will be fine alone.”

Ji Yan stiffened when he felt the soft hands touching him. He immediately stepped back to avoid her touch. Since she didn't want him to enter the kitchen, it wouldn't be good for him to insist, so he turned and went to the living room.

When Tang Tang saw this, she sighed in relief. She went into the kitchen and focused on making a delicious meal for Bao Bao’s daddy.

Whenever she starts cooking, Tang Tang would forget everything and enter her own world, so she gradually forgot about Ji Yan, who had a strong presence and was sitting on the sofa. Because of this reason, she didn’t notice Ji Yan’s probing gaze on her.

Ji Yan stared at Tang Tang’s every action in the kitchen. An unfamiliar feeling settled in his heart. He suddenly felt that the current scene was like a dream. Otherwise, how could they get along with each other calmly? It was so calm that it seemed as if they were truly a normal husband and wife.

In his memory, they had always ignored each other. They were like strangers that lived together. The only time they came in contact was when he had to subdue her in her drunken rage so she wouldn't frighten Xiao Zhuo.

It wasn’t that he never thought about divorcing her before. After all, with a mother like her, maybe it would be better for Xiao Zhuo to not have one. But Xiao Zhuo had always hoped that his mother would love him, which made Ji Yan hesitate. He didn’t want to hurt Xiao Zhuo, so he tolerated her. He was planning to wait until Xiao Zhuo was older, so he could understand when his parents divorced.

But who knew that before it came to that step, she suddenly changed. She became better. Even though he didn’t know how such a change occurred, but if she could behave like this in the future, then the marriage would continue.. Xiao Zhuo would be able to grow up under both his father and mother’s love. That would be the best for Xiao Zhuo.

During this moment, a ringtone interrupted Ji Yan’s thoughts. Ji Yan saw the name on the screen, and the corner of his lips lifted.

“Hello, Little An.”

Gu Zhang An: “Lao San, I heard you’re on holiday and came back to visit. You didn’t even call us when you were back! If Yan Ran didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known.”

Ji Yan laughed lightly, “I just got back last night, so I haven’t called anyone yet.”

Gu Zhang An: “Never mind, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s have a gathering since you're back.”

“All right. Let's hold it the day after tomorrow. There’s an assembly at Xiao Zhuo’s nursery tomorrow.”

Gu Zhang An: “Ok. Since my godson will be on holiday after tomorrow, remember to bring him with you. I miss my godson. My wife also misses your chubby son. She hasn’t played with him for a long time.”

The call ended. Ji Yan thought that Xiao Zhuo’s popularity was rather funny. He helplessly massaged his forehead as he agreed, “Alright. I’ll definitely bring him with me.” Every time they had a meetup, his sworn brothers would always request him to bring Xiao Zhuo. The degree of pampering the little one receive was not small, but that was understandable. Although they were all in their early thirties, only he and Yuan Lang had children. But Yuan Lang went on a secret mission a few years ago, and he still hasn’t returned yet. Also, Yuan Lang's wife normally didn't bring their child, Du Du, to the brother's gathering, so they all highly valued Xiao Zhuo. Even the wives of his brothers pampered Xiao Zhuo. Every time they would snatch Xiao Zhuo to play with them.

It was great timing. He would take the little one to play on the day after tomorrow.

“Husband, lunch is ready. We can eat now.” Tang Tang’s head popped out of the kitchen as she spoke to Ji Yan, who was sitting on the sofa.

Ji Yan came back to his senses. After putting down his phone, he went into the kitchen to help carry the dishes out. A nice aroma was the first thing that entered his nose. His appetite had increased from the three dishes on the counter. Ji Yan thought to himself that it was no wonder that Xiao Zhuo kept talking about her delicious cooking. He had to admit that it was true.

Tang Tang scooped a bowl of soup for Ji Yan first, “Drink the soup first, husband. This soup is good for the body.”

“. . . Thank you.” Ji Yan paused before reaching to take the bowl of soup and spoon from her. He took a sip, and his taste buds were assaulted with a delicious flavor.

This sort of skill could be compared to any head chef at a restaurant.

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang with a complicated expression.

Tang Tang didn’t notice Ji Yan’s expression. She was filling a bowl with rice for him. After that, she angled the rice cooker to show him the contents, “Look, husband. I made a lot of rice. One bowl is enough for me. The rest belongs to you, so you don’t need to worry that there isn’t enough to eat. You can eat to your heart's content.” He didn’t eat his fill in their last meal, so she had to make sure he would have enough today.

His lips twitched when Ji Yan saw the rice cooker full of rice. Did she take him as a glutton?

But the dishes did suit his taste, so he unconsciously ate three large bowls of rice. Also, most of the dishes entered his stomach as well. By the time Tang Tang replenished his bowl with rice again, Ji Yan was shocked when he discovered there was not much rice left in the rice cooker. He actually ate so much.

Ji Yan was speechless.

No wonder Ji Xiao Zhuo had gained weight. Under her cooking and care, it would be hard not to gain weight. Luckily, he did a lot of exercises every day, otherwise, he would be copying Xiao Zhuo and gain weight.

Should he start drawing up an exercise plan for Ji Xiao Zhuo? If Tang Tang carried on feeding him like this, Xiao Zhuo would really become a little meatball.

At the nursery, Ji Xiao Zhuo suddenly sneezed. He thought to himself that his mummy must be thinking of him.


When the nursery ended, Ji Xiao Zhuo was like a little happy bird as he dashed out. His smile became very wide when he saw both Ji Yan and Tang Tang standing at the gates.

“Daddy — Mummy –” The little one was different from his usually solemn face. He held on to both Tang Tang and Ji Yan’s hand. One in each hand.

This was the first time Tang Tang had ever seen Xiao Zhuo so happy. It appeared the little one really liked his daddy picking him up from the nursery. It would be great if he could come with her to pick up Xiao Zhuo every day, but she knew it was impossible. Ji Yan was a soldier. His holidays were limited, and he would be going back to the base in a couple of days. Sigh. When that time arrived, the little one would hate to part with his daddy.

“Mummy, what are we having tonight?” Ji Xiao Zhuo got in the car and thought about dinner.

“What would you like? Mummy will make it for you.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was waiting for this sentence. Instantly he started to count off his fingers, “Mummy, I want to eat your chicken wings, spare ribs, and –”

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t finish listing when Ji Yan interrupted, “Ji Xiao Zhuo, we are not eating at home tonight.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang didn’t understand. She suddenly realised they weren’t on the road home. She asked confused, “Husband, where are we going? This isn’t the road home?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo had realised the same thing. He looked out of the window, and it was like a light bulb was lit. Xiao Zhuo quickly asked Ji Yan, “Daddy, are you taking us to eat something nice? The place with ice cream?”

Ji Yan replied with an “En” sound.

“Wa–” Ji Xiao Zhuo cheered. He quickly forgot about his list, “Mummy, Daddy's taking us to eat something good. The ice cream there is really tasty, ah.”

Tang Tang was slightly interested in eating out as she had never tried eating food outside since coming to this world.

“Mummy, the ice cream is super good. I have eaten it many times.” Ji Xiao Zhuo spent a lot of effort in telling Tang Tang about it. Then he reached out his chubby arms to discuss with Tang Tang, “Later we can have two flavors each, Mummy, we can both choose different flavors. There’s strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavor.”

Just when Tang Tang was going to agree with his wishes, Ji Yan, at the front, spoke up. His voice was indifferent, “Ji Xiao Zhuo, you want to have two scoops of ice cream?”

Seeing his daddy was calling him by his full name, Ji Xiao Zhuo tactfully put his hand behind his back as pity flashed across his eyes. Xiao Zhuo replied, “Daddy, I said it wrong. I’m a child, so I can only have one spoon of ice cream. It’s not good for me to eat too much of it, but mummy is an adult. She can have two spoonfuls of ice cream.”

Amusement flashed across Ji Yan’s eyes, “You and mummy can only have one each.”

Xiao Zhuo’s wish to eat a bit more of ice cream had been dashed. Ji Xiao Zhuo pouted and sighed before saying to Tang Tang, “Mummy, it’s not good to eat too much ice cream. We can have one each, so you choose the vanilla flavor, and I’ll pick strawberry, okay?”

Tang Tang finally understood the little one’s hidden meaning and agreed, “Alright, then we can try the other's ice cream so we can eat two flavors.”

This was exactly what Ji Xiao Zhuo wanted. He laughed as he gave Tang Tang a high five.

Ji Yan silently listened to the childish conversation between the mother and son at the back. The corner of his lips rose up.

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