My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 15


Ji Xiao Zhuo’s assembly took place on the next day. Early in the morning, Tang Tang dug Xiao Zhuo out from the blankets and chose a cute outfit for him. When it was her turn to choose an outfit, she was stumped.

She didn’t know what to wear to make herself look a bit better. There would definitely be many parents attending today, and she would probably embarrass Xiao Zhuo and his Daddy since she wasn't beautiful.

However, she still wanted to do something so she wouldn't embarrass them that much.

“Bao Bao, what do you think Mummy should wear today?” Tang Tang didn’t know what to do, so she turned to Xiao Zhuo for help.

In response, Xiao Zhuo swiftly went towards Tang Tang’s wardrobe and earnestly looked at every clothing. In the end, he chose a white T-shirt and a denim skirt for her.

“Mummy, wear this.”

Tang Tang grabbed the clothes and asked curiously, “Will Mummy look good in these?” She felt that it was rather plain.

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded earnestly, “You’ll definitely look good. Trust me, Mummy.”

Seeing him look so confident, Tang Tang was curious, “Why does Bao Bao think these clothes will look good on Mummy?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pointed at his own clothes and explained, “Because they are the same as mine. I look very handsome, so Mummy will look good in them as well.”

Tang Tang suddenly realised that the clothes that the little one had picked were similar to the white shirt and jeans that he was currently wearing. No wonder he chose those clothes for her.

Even though Xiao Zhuo’s reason wasn't very reliable, Tang Tang thought that his suggestion was not bad, so she decided to listen to him and wear those clothes.

Tang Tang entered the bathroom to get changed, and when she came out, she let Ji Xiao Zhuo take a look and asked, “What do you think? Does it look good?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo swiftly nodded in confirmation, “It looks good. Mummy looks the best.”

Tang Tang felt like melting under Xiao Zhuo’s sweet words even though she knew that wasn't true. She quickly kissed Xiao Zhuo’s forehead a few times before holding his hand to walk out, “All right, let’s go. We need to make breakfast.”

When the mother and son walked out of the room, Ji Yan, who went out for a run, came home. Ji Yan paused when he saw them wearing similar outfits.

Ji Xiao Zhuo quickly went up and pulled on Ji Yan’s hand while saying, “Daddy quickly look. I chose these clothes for Mummy. Does it look good?”

No wonder they were wearing similar outfits. It wouldn’t be good to disagree with the little one, so Ji Yan nodded, “En, looks good.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo’s confidence soared. He pulled Ji Yan to the bedroom, “Then Daddy should go and take a shower while I choose clothes for you. You can wear them when you come out.”

Ji Yan had a bad omen, but he didn't want to ruin Xiao Zhuo’s enthusiasm, so Ji Yan could only let him do as he pleased.

When Ji Yan came out of the shower, he knew it was true. The little one actually chose the only white T-shirt and blue jeans he had in his wardrobe. Xiao Zhuo gave the clothes to Ji Yan as if they were a treasure, “Wear this, Daddy. It's the same as me and Mummy. You’ll definitely look very handsome!”

Ji Yan went silent. He helplessly took the clothes and changed into them. The family of the three was going to wear the same clothes. Apart from Ji Xiao Zhuo, both Ji Yan and Tang Tang felt extremely awkward.

The small family of three had attracted many gazes at nursery, and the reason wasn’t just because of their clothing but because of Ji Yan and Ji Xiao Zhuo’s good looks as well. If they took Tang Tang away, the father and son looked just like models. Many young mothers and little girls stared at the pair.

But when they saw Tang Tang next to the pair, they would all have the same expression. Their expressions shown were as if seeing a cow dung in a patch of flowers.

Tang Tang, “. . .” Their gazes didn't need to be so obvious. It was too hurtful.

Tang Tang could only thicken her skin and pretend she didn’t notice those gazes.

Ji Xiao Zhuo had a performance today. He was performing in a dance group, and he was the lead dancer.

Tang Tang was very happy. She pulled on Ji Yan’s arm and proudly said, “Dear. Dear. Quickly look, Xiao Zhuo is standing right at the front. He must be the best dancer!” After all, the teachers would surely put the best students at the front.

Ji Yan calmly pulled his arm away and chose not to comment. Because according to his understanding, Xiao Zhuo being the best dancer, was something up for discussion.

As expected, once the music started, the group of little children began to dance and . . .

Tang Tang was shocked when she discovered that student Ji Xiao Zhuo, who was at the front, danced differently from everyone else. He moved a beat slower compared to the other children, and he frequently moved both arms and legs. However, the little one still continued to dance calmly. This made all the adults laugh, and quite a few of them took pictures to send to their friends.

Tang Tang scratched her head. She was a bit embarrassed as she forcefully provided an excuse for Ji Xiao Zhuo, “Em … Maybe Bao Bao is feeling nervous on stage.”

Ji Yan suddenly smiled, he placed his hand near his mouth and said, “Actually, Ji Xiao Zhuo had always been bad at things that require coordination, especially dancing.”

“Oh…” Tang Tang was speechless, so she asked confusedly, “Then, why did the teacher put Bao Bao at the front?”

Ji Yan coughed lightly and replied with a low voice, “Probably because of his appearance.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang blanked. After that, she immediately looked at the stage to observe the group of kids. She discovered that it was true. The three lead dancers at the front were all cute and pretty children.

So, the teacher didn’t arrange the placement according to the children’s abilities . . . Was that really okay?

Once the performance was over, the little one ran to them from backstage with his makeup still on. He immediately asked, “Daddy, Mummy, how was I?”

Ji Yan coughed and remained silent. He did not answer.

Tang Tang forgot her principles and nodded in praise, “It was great. Bao Bao, your dance was wonderful.”

“Hehehe … it was only alright.” The little one replied shyly and modestly.

Ji Yan couldn’t help but laugh.

There were many parents around them who took pictures with their child, who just performed, to remember the day later. Seeing this, Ji Xiao Zhuo pulled on Tang Tang and Ji Yan’s clothes, “Daddy, Mummy, do you want to take a picture with me? I even have makeup on today.”

Ji Yan looked at red circles on Xiao Zhuo’s cheeks and the mole on his forehead. He didn’t know what Xiao Zhuo would think when he sees the picture in the future. Ji Yan took his phone out, “Come, let’s find a place to take a picture.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo took them to the playground near the slide, “Let’s take it here.”

Ji Yan first took a photo of Xiao Zhuo alone, then he photographed Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo together. When he finished and was about to put his phone away, Ji Xiao Zhuo suddenly said, “Daddy, you didn't take a picture with Mummy and me. Come here.”

Hearing Ji Xiao Zhuo’s words, a parent who was also taking pictures nearby said, “I’ll help you take a photo.”

Helplessly, Ji Yan passed his phone over. He walked to stand next to Xiao Zhuo’s other side under Xiao Zhuo’s expecting gaze. Ji Xiao Zhuo happily stood between his parents and held onto their hands. He was smiling brightly.

Tang Tang felt her face warm as she quietly straightened her hair and clothes. She tried to smile nicely and hoped that she didn't look too ugly. But since she was standing next to two handsome people, Tang Tang looked uglier than usual.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was satisfied with their family picture and happily said, “We all look great. Daddy, I want to use this picture as my profile picture. Can you use it as your profile picture as well, Daddy?”

Ji Yan went silent for a moment before finally agreeing, “Ok.”

Then Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately turned to Tang Tang, “Mummy, you also use this picture as your profile picture, then we will all have the same!”

Tang Tang stretched her hand out and regretfully said, “Bao Bao, Mummy’s phone is lost, and I don’t have WeChat. It’s fine if you and Daddy use the picture.”

“Mummy, you lost your phone?” Ji Xiao Zhuo promptly looked towards Ji Yan for help, “Daddy, Mummy lost her phone, can you buy another one for Mummy?”

Ji Yan glanced at Tang Tang, but he didn’t say anything.

Ji Xiao Zhuo assumed that his daddy was hesitant because a mobile phone was too expensive, so he hurriedly followed up, “Daddy, you can use my new year’s money to buy a phone for Mummy. Is my new year’s money enough?” Since young, Ji Yan had put all of Xiao Zhuo’s money in a piggy bank, so Xiao Zhuo could look after the money himself. It was because of this that Ji Xiao Zhuo knew that he had money saved up, but he didn't know how much.

Ji Yan didn’t know how to respond. To tell the truth, he didn't feel it was suitable for him to buy a phone for Tang Tang.

Seeing the situation, Tang Tang quickly waved her hands and said, “Bao Bao, Mummy doesn’t need a phone. I can use the tablet with you. A phone is not fun, so there is no need to buy one.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo hesitated. He pursed his lips and did not speak.

At this moment, the performance on stage had ended, and the headmaster came on stage to speak. The assembly ended, and the children would have summer holidays, which lasted for almost two months.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was very excited as he discussed with Tang Tang on which places they could go tomorrow. Ji Yan interrupted, “Daddy is going to see your uncle Zhang An and uncle Zhuo Ji. They said they want to see you. Do you want to come with me tomorrow?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo’s eyes brightened in response and nodded, “I want to go. I want to go. I want to see uncle Zhang An and uncle Zhuo Ji.”

Tang Tang didn’t know who the uncle Zhang An and uncle Zhuo Ji that Ji Xiao Zhuo mentioned were, but she could guess that these two people had a good relationship with her husband. They were probably good friends. Otherwise, Xiao Zhuo wouldn’t like them so much.

Then was she going to be alone at home tomorrow since Bao Bao and husband would be out? She should use that time to clean the house and maybe make some dumplings to store in the freezer so she can cook them as breakfast for the little one.

Tang Tang had made a plan on what she was going to do tomorrow, but Ji Xiao Zhuo pulled on her clothes and said, “Mummy, you should come with us tomorrow.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang took a quick glance at Ji Yan before she waved her hand, “No, no, no. Mummy is not going. My leg makes it inconvenient for me to go. I’ll wait for you at home.”

Tang Tang was aware that based on her relationship with Bao Bao’s Daddy, he was not willing to take her along. She should take the initiative to reject and not make it difficult for Ji Yan.

Ji Xiao Zhuo pouted, “Why, ah. Mummy, you don’t want to come with us?”

“That’s not true. It’s because of my leg so it’s not convenient for me to go with you and I won’t be able to play. So go with Daddy tomorrow, okay? Mummy will make lots of delicious food you and Daddy to eat when you come back.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo frowned. He wasn’t happy since he really wanted his Mummy to come with them to play.

Xiao Zhuo remained unhappy till night. After taking a bath, he didn’t go to Tang Tang’s room. Instead, he climbed on Ji Yan and sighed with worry.

Ji Yan found it funny and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you sighing?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo propped his chin and asked, “Daddy, can’t we take Mummy with us tomorrow? Mummy will be scared to be alone at home. We can’t leave her by herself.”

Ji Yan went silent.

Xiao Zhuo held Ji Yan’s hand and shook it, “Daddy, don't dislike Mummy because of her slow movements. Mummy’s leg will get better, and when it does, she will stop using crutches.”

Ji Yan couldn’t explain his relationship with Tang Tang to Xiao Zhuo. He never took Tang Tang to their brothers’ meet up before, and Ji Xiao Zhuo never requested to bring Tang Tang with them before either. This was the first time that Xiao Zhuo brought it up.

Ji Yan hesitated. In his view, he should only take his other half to the gathering. Although Tang Tang had the identity of being his other half, but she was not in his heart. Should he really take her there tomorrow?

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