My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 26

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The apartment assigned to Ji Yan was located on the third floor. It was a two-bedroom apartment, and even though it wasn't very big, the design and layout were good. Tang Tang was satisfied with their new home.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was even happier than Tang Tang. He was so excited as he happily ran around the apartment.

The others carried the things that Tang Tang had brought into the apartment before bidding farewell since they still needed to go back to training.

Tang Tang didn't feel good after seeing that everyone who had helped out with the moving didn't even get a drink in return, but she didn't have anything to receive guests in her new home yet. So she took some of the sauces she had made from a box to give them as thanks. "Thank you for your help. But there is nothing at home yet, so I can't even prepare some tea for you. Once everything is settled, we'll invite you over again. Please take this instead. It's a sauce I made myself, I hope you'll accept."

A young soldier in their 20's was too embarrassed to accept, so he rejected Tang Tang, "Sao Zi, you're too courteous. Moving some stuff is not much. It's something I should do. There is no need for gifts or thanks."

Dong Li and Zhang Cheng glanced at each other. Both of their eyes brightened as they remembered the sauces that Ji Yan had at the canteen.

Zhang Cheng easily accepted the bottle from Tang Tang, "Then I won't be courteous, these sauces are delicious. Sao Zi, your cooking skills are very good. You don't know, but Ji Yan is so stingy. He wasn't willing to share the sauce you made with us. You need to give him a good scolding."

When Tang Tang heard this, she smiled as she took a glance at Ji Yan. Her heart was filled with sweetness.

Ji Yan expressionlessly gave Zhang Cheng a kick, which caused Zhang Cheng to shout out.

Although Dong Li didn't have a good impression of Tang Tang, he wasn't willing to reject the delicious sauce. No matter who he had to go against, he couldn't go against his stomach. He accepted the bottle from Tang Tang as he awkwardly gave his thanks.

Everyone else saw the two accept the sauce and knew it must be something good, so they swallowed down their original polite rejection and chose to accept the gift. Only the young soldier, who rejected at the beginning, became red-faced when he saw the scene. He didn't know if he should reject or accept the gift as well.

Tang Tang noticed his predicament and directly passed a bottle to his hands, "It's ok, you should also take one. Don't be polite."

The young soldier gave his thanks with embarrassment, "Thank you, Sao Zi,"

A flash of happiness flashed across Ji Yan's eyes unconsciously as he said, "It's alright. Don't be polite and take it. Go back to training."

The group left the apartment, pleased.

Ji Yue and Gu Zhang An also had to leave since both of them had a meeting to attend the next morning. Ji Yue hugged both Tang Tang and Ji Xiao Zhuo as she was reluctant to part from them. She agreed to see them again when they had free time and reluctantly left.

Once everyone was gone, Ji Yan looked at their empty home before telling Tang Tang, "We can't stay here tonight. I'll take you to the hotel for tonight. Then I'll arrange for someone to take you to buy furniture tomorrow. We'll move in when it's been sorted."

"En," Tang Tang nodded obediently. Then she took out the remaining bottles of sauces from the box, "Husband, I originally made these sauces to give to our neighbors as a meeting gift. But there are only four bottles left. Is that enough?"

Ji Yan didn't expect that Tang Tang would be so attentive and prepared these as gifts. He couldn't help but be happy internally and nodded, "It's enough. Zhang Cheng, who helped us, lives across from us and you have already given him some. We'll give two bottles to the regiment commander's family. The Sao Zi we spoke to today is the regiment commander's wife. I'll give the two remaining bottles to Dong Li."

When Ji Yan finished speaking, he took two bottles in one hand and lifted Xiao Zhuo with the other. "Let's go. I'll take you to the regiment commander's home and ask his wife to accompany you to the city to buy things tomorrow. Sao Zi is experienced. I'll be relieved if she's present."

The regiment commander's home was located in the building next to them. When the regiment commander's wife saw them, she brought fruits and drinks out for them. She even took many of her daughter's snacks out for Ji Xiao Zhuo. Very soon, Xiao Zhuo couldn't carry them all.

Ji Xiao Zhuo looked at the snacks he was carrying. He was hesitant, but he shook his head and declined, "Auntie, I can't eat so many. I'm very chubby. I need to lose weight."

Wen Wen, who was the regiment commander's daughter and was in high school, couldn't help but poke at Xiao Zhuo's belly in response and teased, "En, I agree that you need to lose weight. You're like a swimming ring. That's not good. The first thing for a handsome guy is that they can't be fat."

The regiment commander's wife patted Wen Wen's hand and jokingly scolded her, "Go, go, go, that's not true. Children should be chubby. When they grow up, they will naturally slim down. Xiao Zhuo will definitely be very handsome when he grows up."

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded in agreement and seriously said to the people present, "I'm just temporarily chubby. I will grow up to be as handsome as my daddy because mummy said I look like daddy. Mummy said daddy is very handsome, so I will be very handsome as well~."

"Really, what your mummy said is true. Your daddy is very handsome!" The regiment commander's wife repeated Xiao Zhuo's words while she looked teasingly at Tang Tang.

Tang Tang bit her lips. She was so embarrassed that she didn't dare to look at Ji Yan. It was true that she mentioned this to Xiao Zhuo before, but Tang Tang said that to encourage Ji Xiao Zhuo to lose weight. She didn't expect Xiao Zhuo to sell her out. Cry. Cry. She didn't know if Bao Bao's daddy felt she wasn't being reserved.

After he got praised for being handsome, Ji Yan's expression didn't change. He glanced at Tang Tang, who had lowered her head like an ostrich. He pursed his lips.

When the regiment commander's wife saw that Tang Tang's face was thin, she stopped teasing her and changed the topic, "You can't cook tonight, so stay for the evening meal today. It could be considered as a welcoming meal for you."

Seeing that Ji Yan wanted to decline, the regiment commander's wife deliberately changed to a serious expression, "You can't decline; otherwise, I'll get angry." Ji Yan could only nod and agree.

Then the regiment commander's wife immediately told Ji Yan, "Call both Dong Li and Zhang Cheng over. Tonight the few of you can properly have a drink with your regiment commander."

Ji Yan obeyed since it wasn't good if he, a lone man, stayed to chat with a few women. He stood up and said, "Then I'll go back to the camp to do some things and call those two over as well. I'll trouble you with Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo."

The regiment commander's wife waved her hand, "It's no trouble. Go and leave."

Once Ji Yan was gone, the regiment commander's wife noticed that it wasn't long before the evening meal, so she started to prepare the meal. She took out the ingredients from the fridge and rejoiced, "Luckily, I bought quite a lot yesterday, so there should be enough food for tonight."

She originally planned to let her daughter, Wen Wen, entertain the guests. However, she discovered that her daughter was acting as the guest instead. Wen Wen was playing a game on her phone, and the sound was quite loud. The regiment commander's wife got annoyed and criticised, "Wen Wen, don't you know how to help your mother. You're already 17 years old, but all you do is play on your phone all day. Who would dare to marry you in the future!"

Wen Wen pouted and mumbled, "Mum, who said I'm lazy. You haven't seen people who are worse than me. In my dormitory, many students are too lazy to wash their own clothes. I wash my clothes. How can no one would want to marry someone like me? The number of people who want to pursue me will queue all the way to France!"

Her mother rolled her eyes, "You can carry on boasting. Whoever marries you will be like marrying an ancestor."

Wen Wen stomped her feet, "Mum, is there anyone who will speak to their own daughter like that? Am I actually your biological daughter, ah?"

The regiment commander's wife replied leisurely, "Actually, I picked you up from the streets."

Wen Wen was so angry that a bottle could be hanged from her mouth.

Even though they were arguing, Tang Tang could tell their relationship was actually very good. Tang Tang laughed as she watched. Then she got up and took the ingredients from the regiment commander's wife and said, "Wen Wen is still young, Sao Zi. Let the children play. I'll help you instead."

The regiment commander's wife rejected Tang Tang's suggestion as she waved her hand, "No need. You're the guest. How can the guest do the work? I was complaining that Wen Wen was too lazy. She's a young lady now, but she doesn't do any of the household chores. I'm afraid if she carries on like this, her future days would be difficult."

"Sao Zi, you're worrying about it too early. A good lady will be loved. You don't need to be courteous with me. Let me help you. I enjoy cooking, that is not a lie."

"Then …" The regiment commander's wife thought for a moment. She shouldn't treat Tang Tang too distantly, like she was an outsider, and nodded in the end, "Alright. Then I'll trouble you to help me."

Tang Tang started to separate the vegetables as she looked at the rest of the ingredients on the counter., "Sao Zi, what are you planning to make with these ingredients? I can do the preparations of the dishes you are planning to make."

The regiment commander's wife let out an 'Ah' sound before she smiled and replied, "To be honest, I'm ashamed to say that I have been cooking for so many years, but I only know how to make a few dishes. They are all normal home cooking, and the taste is ordinary. I don't know how to make anything complicated. I just simmer the meat and stir-fry the vegetables."

While she spoke, the regiment commander's wife asked, " Tang Tang, do you have any suggestions? If you do, just tell me. Don't hide your ideas, ah. I don't really know how to cook. I am not being modest with you."

Tang Tang couldn't help but smile. She felt that Sao Zi was someone easy to get along with. Tang Tang was not polite and replied, "Sao Zi, I have taken a look at the ingredients, and I think we can make braised pork balls, prawn foo yung, Si Xi meatballs, meat stew, and sweet and sour fish. Is that ok?"

To be honest, Tang Tang had a selfish reason, but she was too embarrassed to say it out loud. Ji Yan liked eating meat stew and sweet and sour fish, so she wanted to make these two dishes. But for her to do this, it didn't seem too good?

The regiment commander's wife didn't know how to make these complicated sounding dishes. The way she looked at Tang Tang changed, "Do you know how to make all these dishes, Tang Tang?"

Tang Tang nodded, what was the matter?

"Ah," the regiment commander's wife was shocked, but she was also pleasantly surprised. "All the dishes you mentioned now, I have eaten them before outside. All I have ever cooked are things like braised pork, braised fish, and chili prawns. I don't know how to make any of the dishes you just mentioned. I didn't expect you would actually know how to make all those when you're so young. How old are you?"

"I'm 25 years old."

When she died in her previous world, she was 18. The current body she was in was currently 25.

She was only 25 years old. The regiment commander's wife’s admiration for Tang Tang grew. She quickly took off her apron and passed it to Tang Tang and said, "Sao Zi will be shameless tonight. Tang Tang, help me cook tonight. I'll assist you. Let me watch and learn some skills from you. Is that alright?"

Cooking was something that Tang Tang enjoyed doing, so she didn't think it was tiring. Tang Tang smiled as she wore the apron, "It's not much, Sao Zi. If you want to learn, I'll teach you. It's quite easy to learn."

Then she started to cook.

The regiment commander's wife watched Tang Tang's nimble movements flow like water. She couldn't help but think that Ji Yan didn't blindly look for a wife. Even though the appearance wasn't great, one couldn't just marry a wife based on outside appearances, since they would be passing their days together, it was the inside that was important. Look at this young wife, her cooking skills were amazing, and her personality was gentle. It was a pleasure to marry a wife like that. Nowadays, not many women cook, and more and more couples would eat outside after work. The number of times they entered the kitchen could probably be counted with one set of hands.

The more she watched, the more she liked Tang Tang.

When the majority of the dishes were ready, loud noises were coming from the outside. The regiment commander's wife smiled as she said, "They have come back. We set the dishes on the table."

Tang Tang didn't stop cooking and replied, "Sao Zi, can you take the dishes out first. Let them eat while it's still hot. It will taste better that way. I'll be done after stir-frying the vegetables."

"Alright," the regiment commander's wife left the kitchen to greet the men who came in. "Quickly wash your hands and eat."

The regiment commander took the lead and sat down first. When he saw the table of dishes, surprise flashed across his eyes and asked his wife, "Lao Liu, this isn't your cooking, right? Did a chef come?"

His wife smiled as she explained, "I didn't cook these. How can I make such good dishes? It was Ji Yan's wife who made them. I'm ashamed, but Tang Tang's skills are superior."

Then she teased Ji Yan, who was seated, "Ji Yan, you married a good wife."

Ji Yan had a small smile on his face.

Dong Li was stunned as he stared at the dishes. He didn't dare to believe that all these fragrant dishes were made by that hysterical drunk woman, or was it really like Ji Yan told him that she had completely changed?

The regiment commander's wife looked around and asked, "Where is that boy, Zhang Cheng? Wasn't he called over?"

Dong Li answered, "He went to get his wife. They will both come later to eat."

Zhang Cheng couldn't make dinner tonight, and his wife wouldn't have anything to eat when she got home. So he could only bring his wife along.

The regiment commander's wife let out an 'Ah' sound before saying, "Then you can start eating first. I'll go and help Tang Tang."

"Come, come, don't be courteous. Let's try Ji Yan's wife cooking."

The regiment commander took a large prawn and dipped it into the sauce before placing it in his mouth. "Mm, not bad! The flavour is not bad! Ji Yan's wife has some skills."

"It's true. It's delicious. Big sister Tang Tang is amazing." Wen Wen praised after eating some food.

Dong Li hurriedly put a prawn in his mouth without peeling the shell. He spat out the shell after swallowing the prawn. He didn't say anything and looked at Ji Yan. His eyes held shock and envy.

Ji Yan didn't bother with him and placed some food into Ji Xiao Zhuo's bowl to let him eat slowly.

At this moment, Zhang Cheng and his wife arrived. Seeing that everyone had started to eat, he quickly pulled a chair for his wife, "Come and sit, my wife. Let's hurry and eat. You must be hungry, right?"

Zhang Cheng's wife, Fang Yu Wei, smiled and greeted everyone before sitting down and picking up the chopsticks to begin eating.

Zhang Cheng was surprised when he looked at the table, "How come the dishes today are so lavish? Sao Zi's cooking skills have improved!"

The regiment commander laughed, "What has improved? These were made by Ji Yan's wife. Your Sao Zi can't make such fragrant dishes."

When Zhang Cheng heard this, he immediately gave a thumbs up towards Ji Yan before he started to eat as well.

After they ate for a while, the regiment commander lifted his wine cup and said, "Don't just eat, let us have a good drink tonight!"

Zhang Cheng laughed, "I think we should drink to Ji Yan. It's a happy day for him today. Since his wife and child have come, his days will get better from now on."

"Yes, that's right. We should toast Ji Yan!"

Ji Yan knew he couldn't escape tonight,so he didn't say anything and simply drank.

When Tang Tang finished cooking everything, the group outside had already opened their second bottle of alcohol.

Seeing Tang Tang exit the kitchen, they all gave their praise and gratitude and let her quickly sit down and eat.

Ji Yan pulled out the chair next to him and told her, "You've worked hard. Sit down and eat."

Tang Tang felt sweet inside. She gave him a sweet smile and sat down beside him. Tang Tang ate while putting dishes in Xiao Zhuo's bowl. When she saw that everyone was drinking with Ji Yan, Tang Tang was afraid he would hurt his stomach, so she took Ji Yan's bowl and served some soup for him. Then she secretly pulled on Ji Yan's sleeve from under the table and quietly reminded him, "Husband, drink some soup first before drinking alcohol, ok?"

Ji Yan glanced at her before putting down his chopsticks. Then he picked up a spoon and started to drink the soup.

Then Tang Tang asked Ji Xiao Zhuo, "Bao Bao, do you want to drink some soup?"

Ji Xiao Zhuo shook his head and pointed his chubby finger at a prawn, "Mummy, I want to eat prawns, but I can't peel the shell."

"You're still young. Mummy will peel them for you."

Tang Tang placed a couple of prawns in her bowl and peeled one for Xiao Zhuo before peeling another one for Ji Yan. She unbiasedly peeled one each for both father and son.

The regiment commander's wife watched the scene. She suddenly felt that from the men present, Ji Yan had picked the best wife. His days must be very comfortable.

Then her gaze went to Fang Yu Wei, who just sat down and ate when she arrived. She watched Zhang Cheng drink while placing food in Fang Yu Wei's bowl. The regiment commander's wife felt rueful as she thought every couple interacted differently.

Tonight they were celebrating Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo moving into the military housing. so they were the stars of the night. But Tang Tang couldn't drink as she still had some injuries, so no one made it difficult for her, and everyone focused on Ji Yan instead. Ji Yan couldn't avoid this and accepted his fate of drinking one cup after another.

Tang Tang got worried as she watched from the side, but she didn't want to ruin the mood, so she could only keep pouring water for Ji Yan. She also reminded him to eat, but, in the end, Ji Yan still drank a lot. His face became red, and he was slightly unsteady on his feet.

Ji Yan got drunk.

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