My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 1951 - The Sound of Bad Luck Knocking on Your Door (2)

Chapter 1951: The Sound of Bad Luck Knocking on Your Door (2)

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“Pudding! Little Bean!” Qin Ning called out, looking for them up and down.

She asked all the maids if they saw the twins, but all of them shook their heads ‘no’.

This gave Qin Ning a queasy feeling in her stomach… worried, she ran out of the mansion in slippers, asking the bodyguards and security along the way, “Have you seen the twins?”

“I haven’t, Miss Qin. Is something wrong?”

“The twins are gone, I couldn’t find them inside the mansion.”

“Maybe they’re playing hide and seek with you?” one of the bodyguards asked.

“It can’t be, they never play games like that.”

If Qin Ning didn’t know the twins well, she would assume they were playing hide and seek with her and go back to look for them.

However, on their first night together, when Qin Ning asked if they wanted to play hide and seek, Pudding and Little Bean laughed at her.

This was how their conversation went.

Qin Ning: “Girls, do you want to play hide and seek?

Pudding: “Auntie, how old are you?”

Little Bean: “Auntie, I thought you were a smart cookie, so why would you play such a boring game? What’s the fun in hiding away and waiting for someone to find you? What’s the pleasure in that?”

Qin Ning: “Don’t you feel happy when you find someone?”

Little Bean: “Why should I be happy? They’re not really lost, they hid away on purpose.”

Pudding: “It’s late, Auntie, you should go to bed.”

Qin Ning: “…”

From their brief conversation, Qin Ning figured out that the twins disliked children’s games. Therefore, she was 100% sure that they wasn’t just hiding somewhere.

“It’s okay, Miss Qin, let’s go take a look at the surveillance camera.”

“Right, let’s go,” Qin Ning said, and the bodyguards immediately took her to security, quickly pulling up the footages on the surveillance cameras all over the mansion.

After watching the footage, Qin Ning’s heart sank – the twins didn’t once appear in the footage. Their mansion was more than 1,000 square meters in size, not to mention there were a garden and a swimming pool.

Yet, all it took was 30 minutes for the twins to disappear.

“Wait, let me call them!” Qin Ning suddenly remembered that Pudding and Little Bean both had cell phones.

However, both their phones were off, driving Qin Ning completely crazy.

How could she have lost the twins when Qin Chu and Huo Mian asked her to take care of them!

Qin Ning’s dad wasn’t aware that hell had broken out until he finished up his video conference.

“Dad, we’re screwed, the twins are gone!” Qin Ning exclaimed, her face filled with panic.

“What do you mean, ‘gone’?”

“Pudding and Little Bean… disappeared.”

“Weren’t they at home just now?”

“Yeah, but they suddenly disappeared, no one saw where they went…”

“How is that possible? It’s not like they can just evaporate. Come on, let’s keep looking for them, dig up the garden if we need to!” Qin Ning’s father began to panic as well. He immediately told security, the bodyguards, butlers, and housemaids to search for the twins.

They searched the entire mansion – from the basement to the wine cellar, from the garden to the swimming pool… Yet, the twins were nowhere to be found.

This left Qin Ning and her father on the a verge of breakdown – imagine how Qin Chu and Huo Mian would react of their third-year-olds got lost!

“Let me call Mian, maybe they went looking for her?” Qin Ning was doubtful, but she still decided to call Huo Mian with a glimmer of hope.

“Hello?” Huo Mian’s soft voice sounded from the other end.

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