My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 2311 - The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (12)

Chapter 2311: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (12)

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“Mian-Mian knows how to drink.”

Once Jiang Xiaowei finished, Huo Mian immediately responded, “Mian-Mian doesn’t know how to drink.”

“Then please tell me who knows how to drink?” asked Jiang Xiaowei.

“Chuan-Chuan knows how to drink.”

“Chuan-Chuan doesn’t know how to drink.” Tang Chuan was an expert at this.

“Then please tell me who can drink?” asked Huo Mian.

“Liao-Liao can drink.” Tang Chuan pointed to Wei Liao.

“Liao-Liao doesn’t know how to drink either,” Wei Liao answered slowly.

“Hahahaha, you are wrong! Wrong! Young Master Wei, drink as your punishment!” Tang Chuan was so excited that he was about to jump out of his seat.

“Where?” Wei Liao was confused himself too.

“You added a word. You said ‘Liao-Liao doesn’t know how to drink either’. Haha, there shouldn’t be the word ‘either’,” Tang Chuan pointed out.

Wei Liao was speechless.

“Honey, what did you just do, why are you so careless? Everyone else said they can’t drink, why did you have to add a word.” Jiang Xiaowei was worried about Wei Liao’s intelligence.

“Eh… I… I just made a mistake. Ha…”

Wei Liao didn’t hesitate. He picked up the glass and finished the wine without a word.

“Liao-Liao is inviting Yang-Yang to drink.”

Wei Liao targeted Ni Yang who hadn’t spoken at all yet.

“Yang-Yang doesn’t drink.”

“Then please tell me who drinks.”

“Ri-Ri drinks.” Ni Yang peeked over at Rick ‘lovingly’.

Once Rick realized that he was the Ri-Ri that Ni Yang was talking about, he immediately responded without being able to complain about this dumb name, “Ri-Ri doesn’t drink.”

“So please tell me who drinks?”

“Mian-Mian drinks,” Rick redirected the question to Huo Mian.

“Mian-Mian doesn’t drink.” Huo Mian flashed a morose face.

“Then please tell me who can drink?” Rick asked with extremely formal Chinese.

“Xi-Xi knows how to drink,” Huo Mian immediately retaliated at Rick by directing it to his weak spot.

Xi-Xi was sitting there laughing and didn’t realize it at all until after three seconds, when everyone was looking at her.

“Xi-Xi, where’s your brain? You were called just now,” Jiang Xiaowei reminded her gently.

“Aiyah, I was just being an observer here. Haha, totally didn’t expect it to be my turn this fast,” Xi-Xi laughed innocently.

“Drink! Just drink!” Tang Chuan was still the one forcing people to drink.

Without even letting Xi-Xi say anything, Rick picked up Xi-Xi’s glass and finished it all in front of everyone.

Then he explained, “Xi-Xi just got discharged from the hospital. She’s still recovering from her wounds and she can’t drink, so I will drink for her. Please excuse me.”

“Ay, you are the best husband in China,” said Zhu Lingling with a sly smile.

“Not husband yet…” Xi-Xi was shy and bowed her head.

“Okay, then the best boyfriend in China,” Zhu Lingling corrected.

Just like that, the whole atmosphere of this party was livened by such a simple game.

This game looked easy, but it was not easy to play. Due to its fast speed, it’s hard to keep pace especially after several glasses of alcohol.

That’s why later on, people were making more mistakes and thus drinking more. In the end, even geniuses like Qin Chu and Huo Mian couldn’t endure. Ever since Huo Mian gave birth to the twins, she hadn’t drank this much for a long time. This time, she was really drinking carefree.

While the grown-ups were playing happily over there, Pudding and Wei Yunchu sat aside and served as an audience.

Pudding peeked at them calmly and said, “It’s so boring. Are they even grown-ups? The game they are playing is so childish. I’m speechless. I didn’t expect that even my cool daddy and smart mommy would be enjoying themselves so much, too. This game is just crazy, don’t you think, Wei Yunchu?”

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