My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 2657 - Possessed by Devil (7)

Chapter 2657: Possessed by Devil (7)

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“Do everything I can to collect evidence and clear his name,” Huo Mian said.

“That’s it? So simple?” Tang Chuan wasn’t satisfied.

“That’s not all, but that’s what I want from you guys. I know what to do.”

“Okay, we’ll listen to you.”

After discussing Su Yu’s affairs, Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei, and Tang Chuan continued eating.

Qin Ning was going to come with Tang Chuan, but she got a call from Qin Chu’s parents. She had to drive the twins to piano lessons.

So, she wanted to find Tang Chuan when the two babies were practicing piano.

Qin Ning was waiting at the lobby…

She pulled out her phone and started texting her friends in America.

Suddenly, she heard a woman’s laugh come from behind her, “What a coincidence, Ms. Qin?”

Qin Ning turned around and her face darkened after seeing who the woman was.

“Ms. Jin, hello, what a coincidence.”

It was Jin Ying… She was dressed elegantly, as always. She had a long qipao on, and her hair was done traditionally. She gave off a mature womanly vibe.

“Ms. Qin, isn’t Ah-Chuan with you?”

“Don’t call him by his nickname. If I remember correctly, you’re Tang Chuan’s third aunt?” Qin Ning’s face was stormy.

“But I divorced his third uncle already.”

“So what? Do you think you still have a chance with him? Are you telling me to back off?” Qin Ning knew that Jin Ying wasn’t a kind person.

“No, I wanted to say that you don’t know Chuan as well as you think… I was with him for a long time. I knew his favorite foods, hobbies, songs, countries, soccer teams, sports, anything… What do you know?”

“I…” Qin Ning suddenly realized that Tang Chuan knew everything she liked.

However, she never asked Tang Chuan what he liked. That was because when they were together, he did everything she liked.

He would eat everything she wanted… She felt quite guilty for not paying attention.

“Haha, you can’t even answer. It looks like you’re not such a great girlfriend either. No wonder Mrs. Tang doesn’t like you.” Jin Ying laughed mockingly.

“You’re speaking as if she likes you. Is this really fun for you?” Qin Ning replied.

“Do you know what the Tang Family say about you?” Jin Ying asked.

“Enlighten me.” Qin Ning tilted her head back and looked extremely arrogant.

“The Tang Family said that you’re just a spoiled, bratty rich girl who is not fit to marry into the Tang Family. Chuan’s feelings towards you are just temporary, he’s in it for the thrill… He always liked mature, elegant women and not immature girls like you… If you really get married, it is because you can help the Tang Family in terms of business expansion. It’s laughable that you think you two are true love, hehe.”

“Are you getting a kick out of what you’re saying? I know exactly what tricks you’re pulling. You just want to sow some discord between us and see us fight. Why should I believe you?”

Qin Ning wasn’t stupid, she would never believe something like this based on Jin Ying’s words.

“Do you think I’m making this up? See it for yourself…” After speaking, she turned on her phone and showed Qin Ning a video.

After Qin Ning saw it, her expression changed drastically…

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