My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 28: Betting on One's Life

Chapter 28: Betting on One's Life

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"Hello everyone, I'm the lead surgeon for this operation. Next, I'm going to hold a surgical meeting with all of you here. Please listen very carefully and understand your individual responsibilities. I don't want to see any mistakes during the surgery. In other words, this procedure is a wager, and all of our lives are on the line. We can only succeed because no failures will be tolerated. Understand?"

"Understood." The others all treated him with great respect. Only Huo Mian stood dumbfounded, unable to respond in time.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, hadn't even looked directly at Huo Mian since he entered the room. Instead, he picked up a thick stack of paperwork and began going over the patient's medical history.

"Time is of the essence, so I'll make it short. The patient suffers from secondary cerebral hemorrhaging, specifically caused by bleeding of the brain tissue surrounding the ventricular system into the cerebrum. There is a hemorrhage in the putamen entering the lateral ventricle between the front of the caudate nucleus and the capsula interna, internal bleeding in the thalamus entering the third ventricle, and from the pons entering the fourth ventricle. As such, we will utilize different treatment techniques accordingly. During the operation, in order to relieve the patient's intracranial pressure, I will first create a lateral ventricular puncture through the front to allow the cerebral-spinal fluid to exit. Then, I will create burr holes in the cranium where the hematoma is present and, combined with the use of synthetic enzymes, liquefy the hematoma and expel the fluid. During the procedure, a number of unexpected conditions may come up. Examples of these include a sudden increase in the patient's blood pressure or severe intracranial hemorrhaging caused by a burst blood vessel. Therefore, we must make every possible preparation ahead of time in order to ensure our success." After Qin Chu finished, he scanned the room.

"Is that understood?" he asked in a cold tone.

"Yes." The group's answer was concise.

"Let's go." With that, Qin Chu led the way into the operating room next door.

"Huo Mian, pay attention. Did you hear what Doctor Qin just said?"

"I did." With Song's warning, Huo Mian tried her best to keep herself calm.

After everyone entered the operating room, Qin Chu glanced behind him at the anesthesiologist.

"Let's begin. Apply general anesthesia."


"Huo Mian, insert an urethral catheter for the patient, I will insert the patient's IV and apply an oxygen mask." Song said quietly.

Huo Mian nodded. Picking up the catheter, she just made it to the side of the operating table when a voice stopped her.

"Huo Mian," Qin Chu suddenly called her name.

"Here," she reflexively answered.

"Insert the patient's IV and apply the oxygen mask," he ordered.

"Me?" Huo Mian was about to say that Song was doing those things already.

However, she heard Qin Chu proceed to instruct Song, "Go insert the catheter for the patient."

"Yes, Doctor Qin." Not daring to disobey orders, Song immediately swapped tasks with Huo Mian and went to the lower half of the patient's body.

As Huo Mian looked at the sixty-something old man lying on the operating table, a thought suddenly occurred to her.

Qin Chu intentionally swapped their tasks, didn't he? Had it been to prevent her from inserting this patient's urethral catheter?

God, wasn't that going too far? Was it really necessary?

Huo Mian didn't dare to linger on the matter anymore. She only proceeded as Qin Chu had ordered, no matter how many questions she might have had in her mind.

After Qin Chu had returned to the country, rumors said he was now the President of GK.

However, during his years abroad, why did he get a postdoctoral degree at Harvard Medical School? Instead of becoming a doctor after graduation, he went on to become the president of a business empire. That's bizarre. Could it be that it was because of what happened back in the days…?

"Huo Mian, keep an eye on the patient's blood pressure and heart rate. I'm opening his cranium now, keep me updated on his status."


Tension was high in the air throughout the entire course of the surgery. Because they all knew how important this procedure was, they didn't dare to let their attention slip.

The surgery took a full eight hours. By the end, Huo Mian was weak with exhaustion.

She didn't remember anything, only that Qin Chu kept on using technical terms and ordering her, "Curved forceps, periosteal detacher, hemostat, three-prong rake retractor, dura forceps, nerve stripper, nerve retractor…"

She felt like her head was about to explode.

She was assigned to the OB/GYN Department ever since she began working at this hospital six months ago. Most of the surgeries she had seen were C-sections.

Compared to neurosurgery, C-sections seemed as simple as a chicken laying eggs.

So this was what a high-level surgery really looked like...

Finally, the surgery was complete. As the surgical light snapped off, Huo Mian stole a glance at Qin Chu and saw that there was actually sweat beading on his forehead.

"The surgery was a success. Well done, Doctor Qin." The two assistant surgeons were pleased with the results.

Qin Chu didn't reply, and only nodded his head. He stripped off his gloves and walked out of the operating room.

Song and several other nurses immediately transferred the patient to the ICU for observation, and the other surgeons were finally able to rest.

As Qin Chu left, Huo Mian followed right behind him...

She walked very slowly. In reality, she was avoiding Qin Chu, not wanting any direct contact with him.

Just then, Qin Chu's cell phone rang, and he stopped in his tracks to answer. Seizing the opportunity, Huo Mian immediately picked up her pace and shot ahead a dozen meters, stopping in front of a water dispenser. She grabbed a paper cup and filled it with water.

After gulping down several cups of water, she poured a cup of hot water, planning on taking it with her. Just as she was about to turn and leave, she saw Qin Chu walking towards her.

The two stood, face to face. As Qin Chu gazed at her, his expression underwent the faintest of changes.

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