My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 3117 - Doctor Huo is so Domineering 7

Chapter 3117 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 7

“No,” Qiao Fei still rejected her emotionlessly.

“If you don’t agree, this is over… Hmph, pilot, are we approaching Syria? Drop him off,” Lu Yan said.

Hearing that made Qiao Fei put the tablet down.

“That’s against the rules, Young Madam. Are you a barbarian? Turning face the moment I reject your request?”

“No, I’m even more ruthless than a barbarian, thank you.” Lu Yan smiled shamelessly.

Qiao Fei didn’t know what to say.

“Qiao Fei, do you love me?”

Qiao Fei was silent.

“If I told you that I loved you, you would use that against me… If I told you that I didn’t, you will throw me off the plane… Which one is worse?” Qiao Fei contemplated.

“Haha, being funny is a first for you. I’m going to die laughing…”

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a really long time. It looks like you’re confident about rescuing Mian.”

Qiao Fei knew that Lu Yan was a hundred percent confidant about rescuing Huo Mian if she could laugh like that.

“That’s right, I’ll be able to see my sister very soon… I’m not going to get her home though.”

“Where are you going with her?” Qiao Fei was confused.

“I’ll take her around my turf… She rarely comes out, I have to treat her to try some cobra meat…”

Qiao Fei was speechless…

“Mian is so quiet, don’t scare her, okay?”

“Anyways, I have to treat her well.”

“Let’s save her first, we don’t even know where she’s hiding.” Qiao Fei softly sighed.

“It would be great if she really is in Australia. I have connections with both the government and the mafia… ”

Lu Yan was very confident…

Then, she sat beside Qiao Fei, hugged his arm, and acted coyly.

“Qiao Fei, don’t you want to help me out? Just a little favor…”

Qiao Fei lowered his head and glanced at the view below Lu Yan’s shirt collar.

“If you’re trying to seduce me, I’ll think about it.”

“Go away, don’t try to take advantage of me.” Lu Yan bonked Qiao Fei’s head.

“Okay, don’t goof around. What do you want me to do?” Qiao Fei couldn’t say no to Lu Yan.

“Ha, so is that a yes?”

“Just say it.” Qiao Fei didn’t want to beat around the bush any longer.

“Listen to me first, okay? Don’t freak out…”

“I know it’s not something good when you sugarcoat it so much.” Qiao Fei scanned Lu Yan’s face.

“Hehe, let me tell you…” Afterward, Lu Yan told Qiao Fei about it.

“No, I won’t do it.” Qiao Fei’s face went dark after he heard about it.

“Eh, just once, just once, okay?” Lu Yan kept pestering.

“I won’t do it, it’s too embarrassing…” Qiao Fei shook his head.

“What are you scared of? This isn’t Russia, not that many people know who you are…”

“Why did you ask me out of everyone?” Qiao Fei asked.

“Because you’re the most attractive out of all of us.”

“That’s a joke, I’m not as attractive as you are. Why can’t you go yourself?” Qiao Fei said in a pissed tone.

“But that dude doesn’t like women… He likes men…”

“So you’re willing to give up your man?”

“Just as a bait… I’m not really letting you go,” Lu Yan said.

“You’re willing to do that to me?” Qiao Fei’s face was filled with anger.

“You need good bait to catch a big fish.” Lu Yan looked innocent.

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