My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 3624 - A Surprise Prepared by Mr. Qin 14

Chapter 3624 A Surprise Prepared by Mr. Qin 14

“What kind of question is that?” Yang Meirong couldn’t help but burst into laughter; she thought Huo Mian was joking.“Sis, did you think Mom got you for free at the market?” Zhixin laughed as well.

“Come on, it was a hypothetical. What if someone swapped me out at the hospital after I was born?” Huo Mian asked carefully.

“Sis, have you been watching too many TV dramas these days? Your imagination is shocking. Mom said you weighed ten pounds when you were born, how could you have been swapped?”

“Haha, Mommy, you were fat when you were born? No wonder I’m chubby,” Little Bean howled in laughter.

“That’s not the same, okay? I was born like that, you made yourself like that!” Huo Mian argued.

“Who cares about the process, the result of us both being chubby is the only important factor here,” Little Bean argued back.

“Little Bean, you sure are smart!” Zhixin couldn’t help but run up to Little Bean and kiss her forehead.

“Zhixin, you should give Pudding a kiss too. Equal treatment, okay?” Bella was worried that Pudding would be jealous, so she reminded Zhixin.

However, to their surprise, Pudding reached out and made a ‘stop’ gesture before Zhixin even reached her. “Uncle Jing, I know you love me, and it’s the thought that counts, but… please don’t kiss me. It’s weird.”

Zhixin: “…”

Bella: “…”

“Pudding is a germaphobe, she wipes her face even after Daddy kisses her,” Little Bean added.

“Go away, don’t try to start a fire here. I just feel like I’m too old for kisses. It’s childish,” Pudding said.

“But you are a child! Pudding, you’re not even five years old,” Zhixin said.

“Even so I don’t want to do anything childish. It’s okay, Uncle Jing, I won’t get mad, you can kiss Little Bean all you want. Get some saliva on her for all I care.”

“Haha, Pudding you’re doing this to me on purpose again! Saliva?” Little Bean rolled her eyes.

Soon, the dumplings were ready, and they all sat around the dining table to eat.

As for Huo Mian’s hypothetical question, Yang Meirong didn’t answer, and Huo Mian didn’t want to keep asking.

It seemed like everyone treated it like a joke… but Huo Mian knew that one day, everyone would find out. One day down the road, Lu Yan and her dad will live with her.

She was constantly looking forward to that day, no matter how far it may seem now.

– Imperial Star Trainee Dorm –

Su Xiaoxiao arrived home late that evening; she seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Welcome back,” Su Xiaoxiao was smoking a cigarette when Han Yueyao came out of the bathroom with a face mask on.


“What’s wrong?”

“Yueyao, why doesn’t Lin Hang like me?”

“I don’t know enough about him, but he seems weird,” Han Yueyao commented whole-heartedly.

“Yeah, he is. But I like weird people, normal people are boring.”

“Okay, you have weird taste.” Han Yueyao smiled as she looked down at her phone.

“How are things between you and Su Yu?” Su Xiaoxiao coughed after taking another puff of her cigarette.

“Um, what do you mean?”

“Stop pretending, I can tell Su Yu treats you differently. Tell me, do you guys have feelings for each other?” Su Xiaoxiao smiled as if she knew she was onto something.

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