My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 3864 - I, Lu Yan, Won“t Take the Blame 4

3864 I, Lu Yan, Won“t Take the Blame 4

“What’s going on?” Han Yueyao was confused.

“You’re getting popular… It’s a good beginning. I’m sure President Su is happy,” the agent said proudly.

Hearing Su Yu’s name, Han Yueyao smiled shyly but no one noticed this tiny detail.

“Big Yao, when you become a big star, please don’t change your team. We want to continue working for you,” the young assistant said.

“I’m not that lucky…”

“Yeah, you’re. From what I see, you’ll be an overnight sensation,” the agent said.

“Will my income grow? I can make lots of money, right?” Han Yueyao wondered.

“Of course. After you’re popular, you can do many product endorsements… Endorsing one skin care product will earn you an eight-figure income.”

“Forget it. I’d better stop dreaming. You two are just building a castle in the air… If I get eliminated in the next round, I’m finished.”

Han Yueyao didn’t think she could go far since she wasn’t popular and didn’t know how to suck up to people.

Other performers had public personas designed by their companies; for example, in the public’s eye, they were either food-loving, straight-forward, silly, cute, or tough, etc.

These personas were very popular among the fans, but Han Yueyao insisted on being herself.

She went straight to the rehearsal room to practice dancing; people in the performance department were all exhilarated because of her first victory.

Su Yu didn’t see her and they only exchanged a few WeChat messages. Seeing Su Yu was busy, she didn’t want to take much of his time by babbling.

In the evening, Han Yueyao found Su Xiaoxiao and they went to a new hot-pot restaurant near the company.

“Yao, do you mind that I called Lin to have supper with us?” Su Xiaoxiao watched Han Yueyao’s reaction when she asked the question.

“Um… Okay. It won’t cost much more money anyway.”

Hearing the mention of Lin Hang, Han Yueyao looked a bit uncomfortable.

The moment she said it, Lin Hang walked in. He came alone and didn’t bring any of his pals.

“Big Brother Lin, this way.”

Su Xiaoxiao was always enthusiastic when she saw Lin Hang.

Wearing a black windbreaker, Lin Hang needed a haircut.

He walked over and took a seat next to Su Xiaoxiao and across from Han Yueyao.

It was obvious that he was purposefully keeping distance from her. In the past when the three of them had meals, he’d always sat in the middle.

“Is it cold outside?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.


“Did you ride here on your motorcycle?”

‘No, someone borrowed it. I took a taxi.”

“Oh, that’s good. We can drink some alcohol since you’ll take a taxi back home.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked the waiter to bring them three bottles of beer.

“Congratulations.” Lin Hang raised his glass at Han Yueyao. Before she could reply, he drained it as if he was angry at someone.

“Big Brother Lin, take it slow. Yao and I can’t handle alcohol as well as you… If you drink so fast, we can’t catch up.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to catch up.”

Dismissing Su Xiaoxiao’s admonition, Lin Hang drained three glasses in a row; obviously, he was angry.

“Super star… Congratulations to you for fulfilling your dream… You finally… are famous and get to leave our ordinary people’s world. Hehe.”

The mockery in his words was obvious to Su Xiaoxiao and Han Yueyao.

Han Yueyao looked embarrassed.

“Big Brother Lin, are you in love with our Yao?” Su Xiaoxiao asked with a smirk; people who didn’t know her well would think she was just joking.

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