My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4053 - Life or Death (3)

Chapter 4053: Life or Death (3)

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“It’ll take at least four hours by walking; if we’re lucky and get a ride, it’ll be faster,” Zhao Qingya answered resentfully. Then she paused and said, “Give me some of the antidotes. I’m very itchy.”

Zhao Qingya extended out her hand. Huo Mian glanced at her and took out a small white pill.

“Take this and it will help ease your symptoms. I’ll give you the antidote when Su Yu and I are in a safe place. Don’t play games with me… Even if you killed me, you’d not know which is the real antidote. There are dozens of vials of pills looking exactly the same in my first-aid kit.” Huo Mian smiled.

“You’re evil,” Zhao Qingya cursed furiously.

“You’re no better. Miss Zhao, let’s go. We can’t stay here.”

Huo Mian lied. In fact, she didn’t have so many pills in her medical box, but Zhao Qingya was simple-minded and cowardly, which made her gullible.

Soon after Huo Mian and Su Yu left, a beep came from Leila’s wrist.

She looked down. “Hehe. You want to run?”

“What’s up, Young Madam?”

“Huo Mian and Su Yu left the shed. The tracker shows they are fleeing in the northeast direction. That stupid bitch Zhao Qingya must have been brainwashed by Huo Mian.”

“What shall we do now? Do you want me to take some people to get them back?” Jack asked.

“You? How can I trust you? If you get soft-hearted at the critical moment and let your Sister Mian go, all my efforts will be wasted.”

Leila reached out and caressed Jack’s chest suggestively. Her desire was so strong that even Jack, a strong man, felt drained by her constant needs.

“Fine. If you don’t trust me, I’ll stay by your side. You’ll get angry if I fail the mission.”

“Hehe. Are you angry? Silly, go. How can I not trust you? Su Yu is weak with wounds and Huo Mian is pregnant; they can’t get far. You bring some people with you and get them back. Shoot Zhao Qingya when you see her. I should have got rid of that bitch long ago. As for Y, I’ll deal with him for failing to do his duty when I return.”

“Okay, Young Madam. I’ll take some people and set off now.”

“Take ten guys and cars. It’ll take you about half an hour to get them back; then come and meet me here.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

At Leila’s order, Jack took ten men and drove toward the direction of northeast in two ORVs.

Leila remained where she was with about 18 elite fighters, each with a machine gun.

“Rest where you are. This is the only path to their destination… Let’s see who will come first.”

Leila ordered them to wait for their prey.

Meanwhile, Qin Chu and Lu Yan advanced toward the bamboo cottages from two different directions with their respective teams.

Lu Yan was only five kilometers away from Leila.

She only had four subordinates with her, and they were all elite fighters.

She was a bit worried about her brother-in-law, but she couldn’t communicate with him since all signals were blocked here.

They were on their own now.

“Boss, someone buried lots of landmines here… Most of them are advanced invisible landmines. Our enemies are experts.”

One of Lu Yan’s subordinates was an expert on mine clearance, and he began to realize this mission was full of dangers.

“Experts? Good. I like battling with experts. When we see her later, I’ll beat her so hard that she won’t be able to remember her name.” Lu Yan was confident in herself.

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