My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4055 - Life or Death (5)

Chapter 4055: Life or Death (5)


“We must have a child of our own,” Shen Mingxi repeated.

Wei Ying blushed.

They got married again but were still enjoying the freshness of their relationship, so Shen Mingxi’s mentioning of a baby made Wei Ying blush.

Despite the previous betrayal, mistakes, and pain, they still found love in each other.

“Mingxi, the baby will come when it’s ready; we can’t force it. By the way, how’s the thing with Su Yu going?”

Wei Ying changed the subject smartly.

Hearing the mention of Su Yu, Shen Mingxi’s face turned grim.

“We still don’t have news about him. I heard even Grandpa Su is helpless. This time… he’s in big trouble.”

Shen Mingxi’s respect and love for Su Yu was deep rooted ever since he was a boy.

He was especially grateful to Su Yu since the latter was the only one who had offered him help when he was in need.

After he remarried Wei Ying, his relationship with the Wei Family was still a bit awkward, but they were no longer as harsh to him as before.

In the dorm building of Imperial Star.

After Su Xiaoxiao left, the company was supposed to move a new trainee into Han Yueyao’s dorm room. But after the dance show, she had gotten popular as a rising star; she had her own agent and assistant and the rumors had it that she was Su Yu’s new mistress. Some brands even asked her to endorse their products.

But since the final of the dance show hadn’t begun yet and it was uncertain who’d win the first place, Han Yueyao didn’t take any commercial endorsement job or commercial shows. Now that Su Yu disappeared, she wouldn’t take work without consulting him.

The day before yesterday, her agent mentioned that she’d ask the vice president of the company to get her a new place to live.

Since Han Yueyao had become a popular performer, according to the company regulations, the company would provide her a two-room apartment in a high-end complex and a van for her use.

But Han Yueyao declined the offer. She didn’t want to move out of her dorm room.

She didn’t do it to gain people’s good opinion; she just thought the dorm building was close to Imperial Star, which made it easier for her to see Su Yu.

Besides, this room contained lots of her memories of Su Xiaoxiao. Since the company didn’t arrange another trainee to move in with her, the room became her own personal space.

It was midnight…

“Su Yu… Please don’t die…”

Covered in sweat, Han Yueyao woke up from a nightmare yelling Su Yu’s name.

In the horrible dream, she saw Su Yu laying in shambles and covered in blood; with his eyes closed, he was dying. No matter how hard she yelled at him and shook him, he didn’t show any response.

At that moment, she felt suffocated with excruciating pain in her heart.

She couldn’t imagine what she’d do if Su Yu died. She might cry her eyes out.

Waking up, she knew it was just a dream, but it put her in a very foul mood.

Listlessly, she got up and poured herself a glass of water.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was half past one in the early morning.

At this moment, a beep came from her WeChat.

Forgetting her water, she ran back to get her cellphone.

She hoped Su Yu had come back safe and replied to her WeChat messages; in the past couple of days, she had been waiting for it and would tremble whenever her cell phone beeped.

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