My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4474 - Revealing A Flaw 4

Chapter 4474 Revealing A Flaw 4

“Um… what’s going on?”After a moment of silence, An spoke.

Before anyone could speak, the professor explained, “I pressed a sticky mini explosive on her.”

“Dad, you brought explosives with you? Oh my god, you’re amazing!” Huo Mian was pleasantly surprised.

“I didn’t bring it with me. I made it secretly after I came here. I felt like it would be useful,” the professor said calmly.

Huo Mian had made sticky explosives before.

It was just that she did not make it as well as her father.

To put it bluntly, it was like chewing gum. When people weren’t paying attention, it could stick to various parts of a person’s body.

Then, there was a short buffer period. Some were more than ten seconds and some were a few minutes.

This was based on the amounts of raw materials used during the production.

Su Yu was no stranger to this thing; Huo Mian had made it before, and it was extremely powerful.

At that time, he wanted to die with Huo Siqian, so Su Yu knew how powerful this thing was.

Most importantly, no one saw when the professor planted it…

However, when he saw the bloody holes on Lin Ya’s body, he knew that there was more than one sticky explosive on her.

Moreover, judging from the wound, it was an explosion from the inside. The scope of the explosion was very small, so it could only hit Lin Ya herself and not others.

The professor even deliberately pushed her five or six meters away to maintain a safe distance.

“Dad, when did you do that?” Qin Chu couldn’t help but ask.

“When she held me hostage just now, or else there wouldn’t have been such a good opportunity to get close to her. She’s usually very vigilant.”

“It seems like she was too smart for her own good. She wanted to take you hostage, but she died here,” Qin Chu exclaimed.

At that moment, Lin Ya’s body started to wither, just like when Messiah died.

However, when Messiah died, it was a pool of green liquid and it was extremely disgusting.

As for Lin Ya, she had a pool of red blood and looked very scary.

As a pregnant woman, Huo Mian couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned around and leaned on Qin Chu’s shoulder.

“She’s definitely a dream creator.” Su Yu was certain when he saw the pool of blood.

Master Wu had told him how to differentiate between a dream creator and a fictional one.

“I knew she wasn’t Ya for a long time. Ya would never do something like this to her family. After Mian was swapped with someone in Dong Tao Town, Ya was filled with regret and guilt. She missed her daughter day and night, so my Ya would never do something so heartless. I was just trying to distract her…”

Indeed, there was no trace of sadness on the professor’s face after Lin Ya’s death.

Because the professor seemed to have made up his mind that this was not the real Lin Ya.

He knew it since the time they were in Bali…

The only reason he had followed her lead was to find his two missing daughters.

Huo Mian didn’t feel sad at all. She had no feelings for this woman to begin with, and after hearing that she was a dream creator, she became even more disgusted with her.

“She really isn’t Dr. Lin Ya, she’s a dream creator,” Qin Chu explained to the professor.

“Dream creator?” The professor frowned.

“Dad, have you heard of this profession?” Huo Mian looked at her father curiously.

The professor nodded. “Of course. When I was in the United States, I met one. The FBI had a dream creator who was said to be very powerful. He was able to pull people into dreams and everything that happened in the dream was created by him. I heard that there was a rich businessman in the United Arab Emirates who hired a dream creator to see his wife who had died many years ago. He slept in his dream for three days and had a good time with his dead wife. This is not fake. This is something we have witnessed personally.”

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