My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4546 - : Like A Past Life (6)

Chapter 4546: Like A Past Life (6)

“Will he come back?”

Huo Mian asked Qin Chu with uncertainty.

“I think so. I believe in Su Yu’s character…”

Qin Chu wasn’t a Buddhist, but he believed in karma. If you do too many bad things, you would receive retribution. If you do many good deeds, you would also be rewarded.

Although Su Yu was a rich second-generation heir, he had never done anything that outrageously harmed anyone.

Especially after he met Huo Mian, he became extremely kind.

Qin Chu felt like God wouldn’t be mean to kind people…

Of course, this was just his personal opinion.

After talking to Qin Chu for a while, the two nurses came in with dinner on a trolley.

“Director, it’s time for dinner.”

“Director, you look great today. Many people look exhausted after the surgery…”

The moment the two nurses entered, the ward became much livelier.

Huo Mian smiled. “It’s not my first childbirth, I’m not that delicate.”

“Director, this is the dinner specially prepared by the chef at the canteen. There’s blackfish tofu soup to nourish the body, two cakes, red date millet porridge, stir-fried vegetables, and a dessert, blueberry cheesecake.”

“There’s no need to treat me specially, thank you, everyone.”

“Not at all, not at all. It’s a joyous occasion for the director to give birth to a baby. Ha, speaking of which, the young master is so handsome… When he started swimming just now, many people were watching.”

“Hubby, help me up.”

“You still have a wound. Just lie still. I’ll adjust the bed for you and then I’ll feed you.”

Seeing that the couple was going to show off their affections again, the nurses tactfully left.

Qin Chu carefully adjusted the bed higher, placed a pillow behind her, and fed her.

Halfway through the meal, everyone returned.

Carrying her newborn son…

“Mian… how are you feeling? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?” Mrs. Qin asked.

“Mom, I’m fine.”

“Mian… does it hurt?” Yang Meirong leaned forward and held her daughter’s hand.

“Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore… the anesthesia’s effects probably aren’t over yet… I’m fine anyway… don’t worry.”

“Sis-in-Law, look at your son… He’s so young and already knows how to pick up girls… He just went swimming and kept giggling at the pretty nurse.”

Then, Qin Ning handed the child over.

Qin Chu took the baby and showed him to Huo Mian.

When he was born, she was still dizzy, so Huo Mian didn’t really look at the baby.

Now, she could finally take a good look at him. Indeed, he looked exactly like Qin Chu.

She could not help but sigh at the power of genes.

“Mian, look, this kid looks like Chu, right?” Mr. Qin was very happy.

Although he had always felt that having a granddaughter was already very good and perfect.

But now that she had given birth to a third child, the entire Qin family was still overjoyed…

Even Qin Ning’s father had happily booked a plane ticket to fly back from the States to see his grandson.

After a while, everyone saw that Huo Mian was a little tired and left one after another.

Pudding and Little Bean were brought back to South Hill Manor by their grandparents.

The newborn and Huo Mian stayed at the hospital.

Around 7 pm, Mrs. Su arrived alone.

She only brought a bodyguard with her and kept a low profile.

She was wearing a coffee-colored wool coat and a Hepburn classic little top hat, looking like a rich lady.

In her hand was a medium-sized thermos flask.

Qin Chu immediately got up. “Auntie Su.”

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