My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4663 - Su Yu’s Additional Story (113)

Chapter 4663: Su Yu’s Additional Story (113)

“Come, greet them.”

Huo Mian shyly greeted them in English.

Then, she quickly got up and ran to the side in fright… hiding from the camera.

“What are you doing… you scared me to death,” Huo Mian complained in Chinese.

Su Yu smiled without saying anything…

“You still have the cheek to smile… I’ll deal with you later…”

When Su Yu came out from his meeting, Huo Mian was watching a TV drama downstairs.

At this moment, An was hiding in his room playing games and refused to come out.

Su Yu went straight to the kitchen, took out some fruits from the fridge, washed them, cut them, and served them.

He placed it in front of Huo Mian. “Mrs. Su, please have some fruits.”

“Thank you, Mr. Su.”

Su Yu sat down next to Huo Mian and put an arm around her shoulders.

He could clearly feel the warmth coming from her body. Every time this happened, he would have a feeling.

It was like there was a voice in his heart that kept saying, “She’s mine now. She only belongs to me now.”

“Honey, what drama are you watching?”

“Ghost Blows Out the Light.”

“Aren’t you scared? It’s so late at night…” Su Yu sweated.

“I’m not afraid. When I was in medical school, I would always study the cadavers with a couple of my classmates at night.”

Su Yu: “…”

“Women from medical school are indeed strong-hearted.” Su Yu gave her a thumbs up.

“By the way, Honey… I’m planning to use your name to set up a charity fund to help difficult families who cannot pay their medical bills.”

“That’s a good thing. Mr. Su, you’re very generous.”

Huo Mian reached out and patted Su Yu’s head.

“I’ll get my assistant to follow up on this matter and directly ask to cooperate with South Side.”

“No problem.”

“Then, the foundation’s first amount of money… shall be used to treat Ning Zhiyuan’s father,” Su Yu suddenly said.

Huo Mian froze and looked at him.

“What are you looking at me for… Ning Zhiyuan might be hateful, but his father did not do anything wrong… I heard he treated you pretty well in the past… After all, you’ve known him for a while, so we should do good deeds… Plus, the money came from the charity fund, so it’s good for us.”

The truth was, Su Yu wanted to say that 300,000 yuan wasn’t a lot. He could lend it to the other party or give it to him. After all, he couldn’t afford to pay back.

However, he felt that it was inappropriate, so he thought of the charity fund.

Huo Mian was touched upon hearing this.

Her man was really kind…

In terms of human nature, he was just so outstanding…

Who said that children from wealthy families were cold and heartless?

Su Yu wasn’t like that… Her Su Yu wasn’t like that.

Huo Mian turned around and wrapped her arms around Su Yu’s neck.

“Thank you, Mr. Su… You’re really… really kind.”

“Do you think I should change my name so that I won’t be called Su Yu anymore? How about I’ll be called Su Leifeng?” Su Yu joked.

Huo Mian smiled and kissed Su Yu.

Luckily, An didn’t come out at this time. Otherwise, he would have been tortured again.

In the middle of the night.

After their lovemaking, Huo Mian fell asleep exhausted…

Su Yu pulled up the blanket, worried that she might catch a cold.

Then, he stared at her delicate face for a long time…

It felt like a dream…

Su Yu took out his phone and posted something on his WeChat friend circle.

He said, “In this world, all surprises and good luck are accumulated by your character and kindness.”

Su Yu felt like he had done so much… Eventually, he still ended up with Huo Mian.

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