My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 9: Cracks

Chapter 9: Cracks

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"No, Zhiyuan, let me explain. It's not what you think it is!" Usually, Huo Mian was a fairly composed woman. However, when it was about matters that touched upon the events from seven years ago, her mind would completely scramble to the point that she'd struggle to even form words.

"Huo Mian, you're not a liar so why lie to him? You should tell him everything that happened between us back then." Qin Chu's tone was overbearing.

"Huo Mian, let me ask you this. He's your ex-boyfriend, right? Did he, or did he not, just touch you? Did he kiss you? Well?" Ning Zhiyuan walked towards Huo Mian. In all the time that she'd known him, this was her first time seeing him this serious. The expression in his eyes was nearly murderous.

Ning Zhiyuan and Huo Mian had been together for a while, but the most they'd ever done was hold hands and kiss; they have not gone all the way yet. Perhaps, it was because Huo Mian was a traditionalist at heart, and Ning Zhiyuan, with marriage in mind, had been willing to hold it off. Now, upon hearing that the woman he had worshiped as a goddess had been tainted by another, he could no longer hold back his rage.

A surge of unnameable fury soared up to Ning Zhiyuan's chest, leaving him so enraged that his face drained of color.

Huo Mian didn't want to lie to Ning Zhiyuan. She had been kissed against her will. However, if she told him the truth now, wouldn't it just deepen his misunderstanding?

Just as she struggled to figure out the best way to explain everything to Ning Zhiyuan so it'd be easy for him to understand, Qin Chu's voice rang out again, like that of the Devil out of Hell.

"Looks like you didn't know that we slept together seven years ago either?"

Qin Chu's words were like a bomb, completely shattering what little remained of Huo Mian's senses.

She would have never, in a million years, thought that Qin Chu would bring up what happened seven years ago so nonchalantly, and with such an indifferent expression on his face. This wasn't supposed to happen - it didn't feel like something Qin Chu would do. Had the last seven years turned him into another person altogether?

"Qin Chu, when did you become so shameless…" Stunned, Huo Mian could no longer form a complete sentence.

"You bastard! What did you say?" Ning Zhiyuan demanded, eyes red, as he grabbed Qin Chu's collar with one hand. The cola and grilled corn he had been holding were tossed aside.

A smile tugged at the corners of Qin Chu's lips as he glanced over at Huo Mian casually.

"Looks like you two haven't gotten that far yet. It seems like Huo Mian doesn't actually like you that much, heh."

"Asshole! What did you say? I'm going to f***ing kill you!" With that, Ning Zhiyuan hurled his fist at Qin Chu's face.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, dodged aside with great agility. Immediately after, Ning Zhiyuan charged over and threw another punch. This time, it was too quick to react to, striking Qin Chu before he even saw it coming.

Qin Chu stumbled back several steps. Wiping a smudge of blood from the corner of his lips, he said in a cold voice, "I'll take this punch since you've been taking care of Huo Mian for me for the last few years. But you're not going to get another chance."

"Alright, then hit me back. Come on, asshole. What gives you the right to treat Mian like that? Even if you are her ex, it's all in the past. Why the hell did you come back looking for her?" Ning Zhiyuan was nearly mad with rage. He had to admit that his mind shattered when he heard Qin Chu say that Huo Mian slept with him seven years ago.

Seven years ago. How old was Huo Mian then? Eighteen? She was still a naïve high school student...

No man could ever withstand being challenged by such a formidable adversary in a relationship. Ning Zhiyuan was no exception.

Ignoring Qin Chu's warning, he charged at him like a crazed beast.

This time, however, Qin Chu didn't dodge. Instead, he threw a punch at Ning Zhiyuan's face as he rushed at him, sending Ning Zhiyuan crashing to the ground.

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