Mystical Journey

Chapter 1374 - Collapse 2

Chapter 1374: Collapse 2

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Dragon King Peak

Several red flashes of lightning would streak across the blood-red sky occasionally.

One after another, the White Dragons formed a defensive forbidding protective circle on the ground and in the sky around Dragon King Peak. Faint halos were being emitted from the very top of Cold Winter Tower. It shrouded the entire area within a vicinity of several thousand kilometers and protected this area from various disasters and threats.

Ultimate strength was the only true safeguard during the periods of calamity.

Inside a hole in the middle level of Dragon King Peak.

Several busts and portraits of Garen when he was in his human form were engraved on the walls that were covered in ice. They seemed like countless pairs of eyes that were staring at the group of guests who were seated in the middle.

Snow City Master brought his daughter Asilia and sat upright on the cushions. Soaring Wing King was in front of him while a few representatives from Snow City had followed him from behind as well as Boris and Leona who had not returned for a long time.

This Level Fifteen Great Arcanist Urvac Dragon had personally brought his daughter here to Dragon King Peak to apologize for his wrongdoings.

He was here to apologize for the previous incident regarding Garen’s banishment. Since White Dragon Mountain had even admitted defeat, on what basis could he refuse to yield?

After White Dragon Mountain had submitted and pledged their allegiance, Andrew made up an excuse to get rid of a large number of high-level individuals and powerhouses who were suspected of targeting Garen in the beginning. The massacre resulted in more than hundreds of White Dragon Corpses. This was an undeniable catastrophe to the entire clan that only had a total population of several thousand.

Great Elder was apparently unable to bear it anymore due to this. They could well imagine the extent that Garen’s current forces and influence had already reached.

Urvac Dragon hurriedly brought his daughter Asilia here to apologize as soon as he had received this information.

Obviously, he was not solely here to apologize for his wrongdoings. He also had plans to request for support and resolve the threats against Snow City when he came forward. Due to this, he had specially invited Leona and Boris, the two White Dragons who had previously left the clan. He had previously heard that they had a pretty good relationship with Garen. They were only forced to leave the clan later to evade Third Elder after they had signed Eternal Contracts.

As Snow City still fell under the jurisdiction of the Empire after all, when the Grey Shadow Society dispersed indescribably not long ago, it caused the Empire’s forces to decrease tremendously. Meanwhile, Void Creatures invaded them extensively and Snow City was incapable of guaranteeing their own safety. The forces on the highest layer were also suppressed.

Particularly when Star Region Demon Master’s large contingents engulfed them, Urvac Dragon had no choice but to yield and compromise by coming forward to Dragon King Peak to seek support. The only person nearby who could help him was Garen, whose powers were an immeasurable abyss.

“His Majesty the Dragon King is currently on an excursion. You came at an unfavorable time,” explained Annie with furrowed eyebrows when she walked into the cave. She was in charge of receiving the guests.

“It doesn’t matter, we can wait,” said Urvac Dragon sincerely. “I brought Snow City’s highest sincerity with me and I was only hoping that His Highness the Double-Pupiled White Dragon King could undertake this task once and help Snow City tide over a difficulty.”

Asilia was seated elegantly on the side. The once innocent and adorable little girl of had already turned into a beautiful and noble lady now.

“We came to apologize for the past. These are means of compensation and even if His Majesty the Dragon King is unwilling to accept it, he should at least look at these presents that represent our apology. Perhaps he may really need these things.”

She spoke unflinchingly but calmly in a tone that was neither haughty nor humble.

Annie looked at her earnestly.

“I’ll relay your intentions.” Next, she exchanged voice transmissions and said something to Leona and Boris who had come forward as well but were now seated behind. They withdrew after that.

There were only two Werewolves with flashes of blue light in their eyes who were guarding the doorway of the cave. The interior of the entire cave returned to a state of complete silence.

Now that they had reached this key moment, the defeat and destruction of the local world were already set in stone. Since they lacked the strength to reverse this desperate situation, it was also excusable that these major forces wanted to find a large tree-like support that they could cling on to evade trouble. It only depended on whether Garen was willing to accept this or not.

It was not necessary for them to exterminate the local creatures fully. After receiving various modifications, these creatures could be turned into Semi-Void Creatures that could be similarly used to transform the strength of the local world and accelerate the destruction methods.

Garen’s Distorted Seeds and Biochemical Pools were modified using this method as well.

Northlands was merely a small area while phenomena like these were constantly appearing in most of the other areas now. Most of the local forces had given up on resisting and sought help from the Void forces instead. The situation was becoming clearer now…

Seconds and minutes passed.

Finally, a group of people entered the cave opening.

The leaders of the group were indeed Garen, Rosta and the others who had escaped from the battlefield of the Decisive Battle recently.

Garen who was dressed in a long white cloak took long strides and walked until he was facing the standing Urvac Dragon before he sat down slowly.

“I don’t have time to listen to your idle gossip. However, I have one condition,” Garen extended his index finger before continuing, “that every single one of you Level Ten beings must accept the modifications of my Distorted Seed.”

Snow City Master became faintly angry. He had inquired clearly about the functions of the Distorted Seed during these past years. It seemed as though his life and death would be completely tied to Garen.

However, he did not have much of a choice since things had reached this stage.

“Alright, I agree!”

“Frankly, Snow City is meaningless towards me now. Its only function is to increase the number of my subordinates slightly. Aside from that, it’s completely useless. Your sincerity probably lies with that Matrix Spirit, right? Bring it over.”

Garen reached his hand out.

The Matrix Spirit that had almost caused him to fall previously was naturally the token of sincerity that the other party had brought forward this time.

As a Higher God Level individual now, his spontaneous spiritual reactions allowed him to directly and instantly understand the psychological behaviors of every single being here. Naturally, no secrets would exist in his eyes anymore.

Snow City Master did not seem surprised at all, he looked at his daughter Asilia. She stood up hurriedly, walked toward Garen slowly and knelt down before him.

“This is the Matrix Spirit.” She offered the black eggplant-like thing in her hands before Garen. “This is an apology for the incident that happened that year and a part of our sincerity. I, too… I am also a gift that is presented to Your Majesty. You may deal with me as you please.”

She lowered her head and bit her lip. Although she had prepared herself mentally for this numerous times long ago, she still had a feeling of despair as if she had finally abandoned everything when uttered this humiliating sentence face to face.

“You are…” Garen could not recognize her at the first moment as he could only discern her slightly. “Asilia? Dragon Wizard?”


“What would I need you for?” Garen glanced at the eggplant in the hands before looking back at Asilia who resembled a feast for the eyes.


Uncontrollable guffaws echoed from the side. Rosta and his other male subordinates had dubious looks on their faces while the women blushed.

The atmosphere inside the cave became much warmer suddenly.

“That’s enough. Leave the Spirit Matrix, I’ve understood your sincerity. According to my wishes, all of the high-level individuals who are Level Ten and above must come over and accept the Distorted Seeds within three days. You will resolve everything on your own after that.” He waved his hand and stood up. “Where’s Andrew?”

“I am here.”

Andrew who has been waiting outside the cave for a while now walked in.

“Where’s Mander?”

“Captain Mander is with Her Highness Ann. It seems like the situation has developed slightly,” answered Andrew concisely.

“Is that so? I’ll go and take a look personally.”

The Great Decisive Battle had seemed to reach an inevitable outcome. Ann would be a peak Higher God Level military force. Although she was unlike Distortion Demon Master and the rest, her survival strength was second to none. After absorbing the God of Time and Shadow’s Divine Persona, she had reached an unprecedented peak in the survival aspect.

Thus, she had accidentally discovered another key aspect despite not participating in the Great Decisive Battle.

Garen’s current powers had already approached Ann’s immeasurably. Their relationship was also redetermined as Ann now treated Garen as a cooperative partner.

“Garen, aren’t you planning to greet your old friends since they’re already here?”

Annie opened her mouth suddenly to remind him. As a Dragon Guard who had been following Garen all along since the beginning, she was the only one who could speak to Garen more casually.

“You are… Boris, Leona?!”

“Long time no see…” Boris had no alternative but to stand up while Leona smiled and got up as well. Both of them were basically still shrunken versions of White Dragons. They clearly did not achieve Level Nine Arcane Art grades.

“You guys didn’t even inform me that you were here.” Garen’s expression softened immediately.

“We wanted to inform you but the problem was how do we do it?” Boris pursed his lips silently. “We were dragged here this time to come and beg for leniency for Snow City.”

“You’re both at Snow City now?” Garen was surprised.

“Yes, we were initially in the Empire’s kingdom. However, when the Empire was breached three days ago, a large fire burned all of the buildings. The fire has yet to be extinguished even now.” Leona sounded slightly gloomy.

“Your contractors are fine, right?” said Garen while furrowing his eyebrows.

“They’re fine.”

“That’s good. Since you’re already here, you should stay with me. Don’t leave.” Garen made the decision immediately and prohibited the other two from refusing.

When he saw the hesitation on their faces, he continued, “You can bring in those who have good relationships with you. As long as they are less than a hundred, I’ll accept all of them.”

Only then did Leona and Boris sighed in relief.

“We were waiting for you to say that,” said Boris unabashedly.

“It’s better to be frank. There was no reason to wait.” Garen was speechless. “Alright, I still have matters to attend to. You can settle down nearby. Arrange their accommodation for them, Annie.”


Garen led Andrew towards the outside of the cave. Although the Great Decisive Battle was still ongoing, Garen’s current state of mind was not there anymore. The situation was clear but he was worried about something else.

The local world would not fully collapse so easily…

This was not referring to the creatures here but the others…


Bang! Bang! Bang…

Inside the white city that resembled ruins, an enormous black humanoid monster that was made up of numerous skeletons and weapons walked with heavy footsteps. It hunted all the living creatures that had a possibility of existing in this local world.


Two white silhouettes descended from the sky and landed on the top of one of the ash-covered buildings before they transformed into Garen and Andrew.

The enormous monster walked past these two people but did not even seem to bat an eyelid at them.

“Destruction Corpse Giant, it’s a monster that is born from Void Energy that has been fused with the auras of death and curses of the local world. Monsters like this can be seen everywhere now,” explained Andrew while glancing at the monster.

“Where’s Ann?”

“She’s underground here.”

“Let’s go.”

Both of them walked towards a deep hole-like crevice speedily.

The giant monster on the ground had happened to find a hidden living being. It grabbed it and shoved it directly into its mouth. The living creature was a male human. Both of his legs were struggling outside his mouth. There was a cracking, biting sound before the man stopped moving and blood flowed out of the corners of the monster’s mouth. It seemed as though the entire world was shrouded in a hopeless aura.

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