Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Too fast private lesson (3)

The Nano Machine was programmed to activate whenever the user was in danger. Nano considered Submeng’s act of sending internal energy was not dangerous as Yeowun had ordered to Nano, but it quickly began analyzing the effects.

[Detected incoming formless energy into the body. Analyzing energy. Found energy to be called qi or chakra. Proceeding to analyze the effect on the user’s body.]

Yeowun did not know this was happening as he was busy enduring the pain. However, Nano’s analysis would later will bring him a great fortune.

‘Did he really not learn anything?’

Submeng became curious. Yeowun’s body had no problems or dirty particles that blocked the flow of internal energy.

‘…Is it the work of the Lord?’

This was due to the fact that the Nano Machine had extracted all the dirty particles from the body, but Submeng did not know this so he only could guess of Yeowun’s father.

‘So, he did love Lady Hwa then.’

He was a guardian, so he had seen a lot of things aside from the Lord. The Lord never loved any of the ladies from the six clans aside from Lady Hwa.

Submeng then took off his hand. He felt exhausted from stirring the heavy internal energy and swept his sweat, “Ha… ha… so, did you memorize the flow?”

“Yes, I did!”

Submeng was taught with this reckless method by his teacher, and it worked best for students who did not know anything about internal energy.

“I’m sure that was painful, but it is the perfect method to teach those like you who have no internal energy.”

Submeng was pleased to see Yeowun endure the pain.

“The goal is to finish this in seven days. You will need to get the internal energy in you within that time frame. You got it?”

That was a bold goal for most people, but Submeng really wanted to accomplish this.

‘If I can get the internal energy in a week, I can take this pain.’

“I will make it happen, Teacher.”

“Good. This will be the end of today’s lesson then.”

Submeng then walked out of the medical treatment room.

The morning came and all cadets gathered at the training ground. The instructors also looked at their group members.

‘As expected.’

Instructors exchanged glances with each other as they saw bruises on many of the students. This was due to the fact that the students fought against each other overnight to set the ranks between themselves. The reason why instructors weren’t there overnight was to let this happen on its own.

‘So, are they the leaders?’

Without having to appoint a leader, the ones that stood on top of the rank stood in front of each group’s line. As expected, most of the heirs of the six clans were the leader of their respected groups. However, only one group had an unexpected outcome.

‘Did he defeat the 4th cadet?’

The 4th cadet was the heir of Poison clan, Chun Jongsum, and the boy in the front of the line was the 18th cadet. He had a long scar on his right eye and had heavy bruises on his face, hinting of a brutal overnight fight.

‘This is interesting.’

Lee Hameng became intrigued as he looked at everyone. Most cadets didn’t dare to attack princes who might become a Lord in the future, but the 18th cadet seemed to have the guts and power to do so.


‘Did he lose to a low clan boy?’

Other heirs looked disgustingly at Chun Jongsum, but he couldn’t raise his head up from embarrassment.

“You are all here, and we will begin.”


And the training began.

“We’ll move onto auditorium. From the first group, go!”


The training was divided into the morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, they all gathered in the auditorium to learn about basic war tactics and they were sent to the training ground in the afternoon to practice formations. And they were given free time before dinner so they could train on their own.

In the dormitory of the 8th group on the first day—

“AAAARGH! Dammit!”

Chun Mukeum was angered by what he heard from Instructor Impeng earlier. The other cadets were silent and afraid of Mukeum.

“How can he be in the hospital for two weeks?!”

“I don’t think the doctor’s call is a lie or mistake.”

There was only one boy who spoke calmly with the annoyed Chun Mukeum. It was 80th cadet who had short hair and a protruding chin. He was Jahyun, one of the members of the Loyal Clan. His mother and Mukeum’s mother were related and he had sworn his allegiance to Mukeum since very young.

“No way. I’m sure he’s faking it.”

Mukeum was annoyed that he wouldn’t get a chance to attack Yeowun for another two weeks.

“That damn dirty peasant lying in bed comfortably? It gets on my nerves.”

No one knew why, but Mukeum’s anger toward Yeowun was beyond that of the other heirs.


He kicked the furniture inside the dorm and Jahyun reassured him.

“Prince, calm down. Why don’t we do this?”


Jahyun then began to whisper, and Mukeum listened, his face turned to a smile.

Five days passed and it was about time for afternoon training. They had trained with wooden swords and shields until now, but they were now given real swords and iron shields for the last day of formation practice.

Jahyun looked at the 23rd cadet and asked, “Are you ready?”

The cadet nodded.

“Let’s begin the formation training! Keep your distance to each other! Form!”

With Instructor Impeng’s words, a red flag was brought up and the cadets began moving quickly to move into formation. Then suddenly…


Someone screamed before they had even gotten into formation.

“What’s going on?!”

Impeng quickly ran up and saw the 23rd cadet in pain from a sword stab him.

“You fools! I told you to keep your distance!”

Impeng spoke angrily and pushed Jahyun again who was responsible for bumping into the other cadet. Impeng then decided that the cadet needed medical attention and carried him into the building. Mukeum grinned as he watched.


Jongmeng was dozing off on his desk when Impeng burst in, startling him

“What’s going on?”

Jongmeng had been bored since he didn’t have any patients other than Yeowun until now.

‘Finally a patient!’

He hid his excitement and asked, “What happened to him?”

“He was hurt while training with real swords. I couldn’t pull out the sword since it might make him lose too much blood.”

Impeng was panting since he ran over here.

“Oh, let’s move him to the bed over here.”

Jongmeng then guided them to an empty bed and got his tools ready.

“Will he be okay?”

“It’s good that you didn’t pull out the sword. Hold it here.”

Jongmeng then ripped the cadet’s clothes and pulled out the sword. Blood began to pour out but Jongmeng quickly cleaned off the wound and stopped the bleeding.

“It missed the vital part. He’s lucky.”

Impeng then sat down on the chair and sighed with relief.

“Whew, so you do care about your students?”

“Yeah, they are under my care.”

Every instructor was responsible for any accidents until the second test. Two of his cadets were already under medical care, which meant he needed to draft up an explanation report.

“Well, he will need to stay here for a while. I need to sew his wound up.”

“Oh wow.”

The cadet needed at least three days in the medical room. And it was after Jongmeng left the office that someone got up from the bed carefully. It was the 23rd cadet who was asleep after being sewed. He glanced around to check if anyone was out there and returned to the doctor’s tool cabinet to take out a knife.


He then crept up to the bed near the window that was covered with a curtain and pulled it open.

There was a boy lying down on the bed. He was asleep. The 23rd cadet mumbled, “Don’t blame me. I’m only doing this to save myself.”

He then placed the knife at Yeowun’s foot muscle. He was going to cut it so that Yeowun couldn’t walk.

When he placed the knife on Yeowun’s leg, Nano spoke to Yeowun.

[Sensing hostile action on the user’s leg muscle. Activating self-defense mode.]

“W-what?! Nnngaaaaaargh!”

The 23rd cadet screamed from the powerful electric shock that came through the knife and fell down with all of his hair burnt. Chun Yeowun then opened his eyes and murmured as he looked down at the cadet.

“As I expected.”

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