Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The second test (1)

Chun Mukeum, the prince from the Loyal Clan.

His loss shocked the six students beyond belief. The boy who had no internal energy just two weeks ago now had a martial arts skill that easily exceeded theirs.

“Why? You want a piece of me too?” Chun Yeowun threatened the students and they all shook their head in unison. Yeowun just defeated Mukeum, whom all six of them combined couldn’t beat.

“Then take him with you.”

The six students ran up and grabbed Mukeum. Although Mukeum lost to Yeowun, they were still fearful of the Loyal Clan.

‘If I gain my own forces, will they fear me like that too?’ Yeowun thought as he looked at those students. Mukeum was lying down because of his pain and he was also embarrassed about being helped, so he shouted angrily as he pushed the students away.

“Let me go! I’ll walk myself.”

“But Prince!”

“DON’T! Make me say it twice.”

Students then let go of Mukeum and he shouted at Yeowun, “Why aren’t you finishing me?!”

Mukeum hated Chun Yeowun, but he knew Chun Yeowun had the same amount of hate since he was always in danger ever since he was young. However, Yeowun decided to not kill Mukeum by changing his chop to just pinning him down, and that made Mukeum feel like he was being sympathized.

Yeowun answered, “If the second test was not a group test, I would have crushed your head already.”

The six students became pale. It was an acceptable reason but Mukeum still couldn’t understand.

“Bah! A peasant with your reasons.”

“If you keep on going with your jabbering, I might just crush your head.”

“Then do it! You bastard!”


Yeowun looked at Mukeum with a disgusted expression and made his way back to the dorm. While he was on his way back, he didn’t look all that happy.

‘I can’t ignore the experience.’

He was able to fight well with Nano’s help, but he realized he lacked experience. If it wasn’t for Nano, he might have lost.

‘It will take time for me to gain experience and those six clans will not let me gain experience easily. Therefore, I need to know how to utilize what I have first.’

Knowing about the battle tutorial would have helped him if he knew that before the fight.


[Yes, Master.]

‘How many skills did I use from what you currently have?’

Nano kept showing him new abilities, but it was all due to the fact that Nano was only reacting to emergencies.

[Checking user data. Currently, Master has used 3% of the Nano Machine ability.]

Chun Yeowun was only interested in martial arts so his usage was bound to be low. Nano’s basic program was so vast that if all of it was used, it was enough to turn this age upside down. Nonetheless, most of it was locked in the program anyway, but Nano did not tell Chun Yeowun of this.

‘Three percent?’

[Yes, Master.]

‘I only used so little?’

[Official records indicate that most users utilize 30% of the Nano Machine on average.]

‘I’m sure there will be a lot of useful abilities.’

Chun Yeowun then realized he had not been using the Nano Machine to its fullest potential.

‘Tell me about all your abilities.’

[Understood. Transferring detailed user manual regarding the 7th generation Nano Machine to the brain. Will you accept?]


[It will accompany the transfer of the English language education program for better understanding. Will you accept?]

‘Is it the language that you sometimes use?’

[That is correct, Master.]

‘Yeah, okay.’

Nano then began transferring the information into Yeowun’s brain. It took quite some time since there was a lot of information, and when it was complete, Yeowun did not feel nauseous or sick anymore. It seemed like his brain had now adjusted to the information transfer. He was only a little bit dizzy. As the dizziness faded, Yeowun began to go through what the Nano Machine could do.

‘Can you do all these things?’

It was beyond his imagination. There were multiple ways to help Yeowun fill the gaps for his lack of experience. One of them was the repeated simulation ability.

‘So I can simulate battling others in augmented reality?’

Yeowun was now able to understand the English words and other futuristic words.

[Yes, but it requires the analysis of the opponent’s movements.]

‘Can I use Chun Mukeum’s movements?’

[There is a lack of information for the basic motion, but creating an avatar based on the previous battle record is possible.]

It wasn’t perfect but it was still better than nothing.

‘Okay. Let’s try it then.’

Yeowun then changed direction and went to a remote area with no one around. It was free time until nightfall, so he decided to train with Nano’s simulation.

[Activating Augmented Reality. Creating an avatar for battle simulation.]

Nano’s voice came and a light appeared in his eyes to turn into Chun Mukeum.


Yeowun became astonished. This Chun Mukeum was the avatar that only he could see.

[Adjusting the simulation information. Please set the damage percentage that avatar can inflict on the user.]

‘Damage percentage?’

[If you want it same as reality, you can set it to 100%, but you can set it lower to lessen the impact.]

‘I see. Then let’s set it to 100%.’

He thought it wouldn’t be too painful since it was still a fake. Yeowun realized the hard way that he had made a foolish choice.

[Beginning the simulation.]

Chun Mukeum’s avatar then smirked and yelled.

[Peasant! Let’s fight!]


Chun Yeowun was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect the avatar to copy even the speech. He knew the avatar was fake, but it still felt irritating.

‘I guess I can crush his head this time then!’

Chun Yeowun then attacked and Mukeum’s avatar attacked him back. It was the same attack that he encountered before. Yeowun thought of how he dodged it due with Nano’s tutorial and sidestepped it to follow up with a Butterfly Blade Dance Attack. And at that instant…

[You think such a puny attack will work?]

Chun Mukeum’s avatar shouted and twisted his body weirdly to dodge it. Then he kicked Yeowun’s stomach.


Chun Yeowun fell with the strong pain in his stomach. He didn’t realize it would give him such real pain.

“Ugh… how can it be this painful?!” Chun Yeowun winced and Nano answered,

[Nano Machine replicated the same amount of pain reception that Master felt earlier.]


It was foolish to set the damage percentage to 100%.

[Will you change the percentage?]

“…No. Leave it!”

Yeowun refused. He came to believe that such pain would make him weary of every move even if all of this was fake.

[Peasant! Come and get me!]

Mukeum taunted him with his fingers. Yeowun then charged at the avatar with his blade skill.

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