Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboeteinainoka?


The young girl looked like an angel.

The young girl too looked like a demon.

The root of the young girl's wings were jet black like a crow, while the edge of her wings were pure as white.

A gradation of black and white.

The wings on the back of the young girl held resemblance of both an angel and demon's traits.

That appearance, or so to say. A 'Tenma (fallen angel)'?

No, that kind of species does not exist.

As far as the lad knows, in his world both angel and demons have ceased to exist for a very long time. Then what exactly is this young girl?


*sound of chains moving*

The lad's conscious came back after hearing the sound of chains binding up the young girl.

Both her hands and legs were binded so tightly it would not be possible for her to escape.

The girl's hanged head then looked up.

Even her eyes were covered by chains, and nevertheless she knew of the lad's presence close by.

"…Who is.. over.. there…"

The young girl spoke human language.

The young girl which is definitely not human, faced towards the lad.

"Who you ask…"

I return that question to you, or so he wanted to voice out but unable to due to the nervousness and in that moment where he swallowed down his words.


"…Rinne? Is that your name?"

The young girl nodded in response.

In that instant, a drop of tear flowed down her cheek.



"….Save me. Please remove these chain-" Before finishing her words, the young girl’s consciousness faded away.

Save you?

A species like you, not human, asking for release from a human?

In the history of the lad's world, there was an immense war between the angels, demons and other species.

So to say, inter-species war.

The young girl changing her attitude shortly after being rescued out and attacking him is definitely possible.

If my safety is priority, then the girl's release would come after confirming her identity.

…Or it was supposed to be, but.

"… I understand."

The lad grasped the sword in his right hand and approached closer towards the young girl.

Even if this is a trap.

Being alone in this world more than this is my limit.

As he approached the crucified young girl, he set his sight to make sure his sword does not harm the angel-demon winged girl and swung down his sword.

The winged girl is released.

The chains fall into pieces down the ground, leaving the girl falling free onto the ground.

"…What is going on here. Where is this, what is this girl."

The lad as he embraced the young girl up.

Unexpectedly light, and the touch of her soft skin caused him to hesitate.

The lad forgotten by the world

Kai, he then gritted his teeth and shouted out his grief.

"Why does nobody remember anything about the real world…!"


天魔 (tenma) : literally means something like holy demon, so it’s an equivalent to fallen angels.

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