Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboeteinainoka?

Volume 1 prologue

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The young girl looked like an angel.

Yet she alsoresembled a demon.

Springing fromher back was a pair of wings, with their base being pitch black as acrow's feathers. However, moving toward the other end, those wingswere colored in pure white, reminiscent of the snow; a gradation fromblack to white. The wings resembled the characteristics of bothdemons and angels. And her appearance, to compare it to something,was,

……a fallen angel?

No. Such a race doesn't exist.

Both angels anddemons, in the world that the boy knew, should have disappeared longago.

Then, who was that young girl in front of him?



The sound of thechains binding the girl called the boy, Kai, back to his senses. Tobe precise, the young girl was crucified onto what appeared to be apillar. Both her arms and legs were bound by the chains, clearly toconfine her to prevent escape.


The young girllifted up her hanging head. Even her eyes were covered by the chains,but she still seemed to be able to sense the approaching boy.

"…You there…Who are you…"

What came out ofthe girl's mouth was human language. Then the young girl, whoundoubtedly was not a human, turned her head towards the boy.

"Who, you ask…"

Right back at you.

—Or so he wanted to respond, but histension forbid him. And, while the boy was swallowing his breath tolook up,


"…Rinne? Is that your name?"

The young girlanswered with a nod. Right at that moment, a small drop of water randown her cheek.



"……Save me. Please, take thesechains off…——"

Before she could finish her words, theyoung girl lost consciousness, her head hanging down once again.

Save her?

A nonhuman isbegging a human for liberation?

In the world theboy was an inhabitant of, history told of other races such as angelsand demons, whom brought forth a fierce battle. An interspecies war,so to speak. More than enough reason to assume that in the moment hesaved the young girl, her attitude would suddenly change, with herattacking her saviour.

Prioritizing hisown safety, the boy would be better off leaving the young girl aloneuntil he could make out her true identity.

…Or so it should have been.

"—I understand."

Tightly gripping the sword in his righthand, the boy approached the young girl.

Even if this was a trap.

I'm sick ofbeing all alone in this world.

Approaching thecrucified girl, deciding on the path of his blade, so that it wouldnot hit the angelic, demon-like winged girl, he swung his sword.

—The winged girl was freed.

With the countless fragments of thechains dropping unto the ground, the freed girl tumbled down as well.

"…What is going on here. Where is this place, and, who is this girl."

He supported thegirl in his arms. She was surprisingly light, and while the softfeeling of her skin brought forth a bit of faltering, the boy,forgotten by the world—

Kai, gritting his teeth, shouted ingrief:

"Why does nobody remember the realworld…!"

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