Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboeteinainoka?

Volume 3 Chapter 1


A solemn ancient tree was standing upright.Being several hundred years old, the tree had grown so much that it seemed to be piercing through the heavens.It had countless branches; its thick leafs were still fresh, emitting a wild fragrance.

Elven forest...At the place where this ancient tree several hundred years old was standing, the scenery was captivating in all directions.

"I've been mindlessly walking through it up until now, but calming down and taking a proper look, this forest is great."

Said the young man who was sitting on the tree's roots.With the black bayonet "Drake Nail" by his side, Kai was squinting at the dazzling sunlight filtering through the leaves.

His name was Kai Sakuravent.He was a young man of age 17, with hair and eyes of dark ultramarine colour.He was wearing MDA's battle suit, mass-produced garments for soldiers to fight against other races.Under it was a body that had undergone training for countless days, radiating a definite strength.

"As one would expect from Io's unexplored region..."

The forest where Kai was currently in, was the territory of the race called foreign gods.They comprised of elves, dwarves, fairies and angels.Far wiser than humans, and in possession of magic tools far more powerful than human weaponry.Often called as a [better version of humans].And on this land, humans had been dominated by foreign gods for over a hundred years.

But right now...Foreign gods showed no hostility towards the humans who had entered the forest.Across the forest could be heard the chirping of birds, and there were no signs of ferocious animals.It was a calm and relaxing place.A true tranquillity.

"Kai, you've been resting here?"

He looked beyond the thicket.A silver haired girl, clad in light armour, peeked at him from within the animal trail.Her name was Jeanne.She had a beautiful and dignified face.Her long silver hair was tied behind, and together with her tall figure, she looked a bit boyish.While being just seventeen, as Kai, she was the leader of a whole Resistance Army.

"Didn't you say that you were going to look for Reiren?It's not really good to laze around here, while everyone is busy preparing for our next expedition."

"I'm waiting for Rinne, she is the one who went to look for Reiren."

He wasn't lazing around.Saying so, Kai jumped up from the root on which he was sitting.

"Eh, Rinne? I'm kinda worried if she hasn't gotten lost..."

"Don't worry. When it comes to Rinne, wherever I am, she can quickly..."


"...She'll come back for sure.Rinne has already gotten used to exploring this forest."

Kai wondered how Jeanne would react, if he'd just said that Rinne could pin down Kai's location with her nose.

The girl named Rinne, was in fact non-human.She had a mix of blood from various human enemies.But among humans only Kai was aware of this fact.

"By the way, Jeanne, weren't you supposed to attend a meeting in the village?"

"That's right.Together with the angels...Anyway, the elven elder got tired of waiting... just where is our Reiren?"

"Well then, how about I go fetch her?I remember which direction Rinne took."

He pointed towards bushes deep in the forest.

"Jeanne, are you going back?"

"No, I'll tag along.I've been sitting the whole time while in discussion with the foreign gods, now my body feels stiff.So I feel like taking a short walk."

They walked through the animal trail,moving forward with withered grass under their feet.

"Just now, I heard quite a surprising story from the elves."

He wanted to ask what, but before that Jeanne heaved a sigh and continued.

"So for the foreign gods it might be normal to sit down for about a month without eating anything when they have serious discussions.They tend to carry on, without sleeping or even a single drop of water."

"I cannot imagine."

"Yeah, hearing it made me shiver.And we were fighting against the race that could calmly talk about something like that."

A bitter smile appeared on the female commander's face.

"Until now humans were not able to stand up against them.We're fundamentally different when it comes to our vitality.After all, our lifespan is tenfold shorter.To be honest, I'm really relieved that we were able to manage the ceasefire."


As Kai agreed with her, it reminded him about the exchange he had with a single demon.It happened far north.In vast Urza, which is controlled by demons, shortly after Kai was able to take back the capital.All of a sudden, the succubus queen had appeared.

[Don't get carried away.It was miracle after miracle that you were able to defeat onee-sama.If the three of us would still remain here at the capital, you'd have no chance of winning.]

She was the succubus queen Hinemarill.And number two among demons.Her pressure was close to that of Vanessa's.

After a fierce battle Kai was able to defeat the dark empress.So he had hoped it would finally reverse the scale between humans and demons.But at that very moment he realized that he was wrong.

"Without a doubt, we got lucky.It might really be that we barely won."

"...Right. Things have been going too smoothly up until now."

Jeanne's expression stiffened.

"In Urza, thanks to Kai we were able to take back the capital alone.But the rest of it is still under the control of demons.As for Io... Well.It was only because of Alfreyja's rampage that we ended up cooperating with the foreign gods.Either way, both remain strong."

Both demons and foreign gods.Even though their respective heroes were lost, they were able to retain their strength.

With demons we got only the promise of non-interference for arbitary time.

With foreign gods we attained one year ceasefire agreement.

Both had their own merits and demerits.The non-interference promise with demons could continue for several years, but no one knew when it was going to end.With foreign gods they were able to conclude a concrete ceasefire agreement, but it was only for a mere year.

"Let us not lose our focus.Up until now it has been going so smooth, that my subordinates are starting to feel restless.But overconfidence is going to get us hurt."

"I'll leave that to you, Jeanne.Let's see, I think it is this way."

They went after Rinne, who still hasn't come back.Going deeper into the forest.Even though he told her not to venture too far away.

"Rinne. Hey, Rinne, where are you?"

Jumping over the roots which were reaching his knees, Kai carried on the animal trail.

TL Note: Reiren POV

The forest with the ancient tree.This forest became a dwelling place of the elves 200 years before.Originally the dwelling place of the fairies, the elves came and settled here after the dwarves.In the spring flowing with crystal clear underground water...


Water splashed.In this transparently clear water, the single figure of an elf was floating face up.Her figure looked like that of small human girl.With her eyes closed from the dazzling sunlight filtering through the forest, her beautiful azure hair was vividly spread on the water's surface.Moreover her almost transparently white skin made her even more beautiful.

TL Note: I think we need some illustrations here...


"Aah! Damn, what's with this!"

Ruining this beautiful scenery, the elven girl got up all of a sudden, while her angry scream echoed throughout the forest.

"I'm the elven shrine maiden!More than a few hundred years I've been performing rites in this forest.Even though I've been called with reverence by my brethren as [shrine maiden-sama], why ought I accompany humans in their expedition!"

A big splash of water arose.The elf revealed her anger and started hitting on the water's surface with both her hands time and again.

"...Huh...Huh...Uh...N-not good.For me of all people...I came to bathe to calm myself, and instead my heart became even more agitated."

It had the completely opposite effect.She came to soak in the cold water in order to clear her head, but instead she had a vivid recollection of her memories.

"Compose... Compose yourself...The reason behind a rift among us...Alfreyja-dono is the reason behind it after all..."

The main cause of everything is what happened few weeks ago.For long living races like elves, it is not much different from just memories of yesterday.She was able to clearly recall it.

[Everyone except me.First I ought burn down all corrupted foreign gods who walk the ground.]

Who could believe that these were words spoken by the foreign gods hero.It was obvious that at that time heaven lord Alfreyja had lost his mind.Whether it was brainwashing or confusion.Reiren couldn't possibly know details behind it.But she had an idea about who could be the culprit.


Her long azure hair spread throughout the water like a stream.Putting her hand on her moderate chest.The elven shrine maiden clenched her teeth.

TL Note:深い森のなか奥歯 I don't get this one

"...Patience. I have to accompany these humans for the sake of vengeance for Alfreyja-dono.I already resolved to make this detestable beast to realize the gravity of his crime."

The one who caused the heaven lord Alfreyja to change.It was highly likely that the culprit behind it was the [Fang King] Rath=IE.And it was a duty, bestowed upon Reiren, to ascertain it with her own eyes.

"That's right. It is a honourable mission for the foreign gods.So accompanying humans, so to speak, is a honourable duty to become the elves' representative...Right, if I think about it like that..."

TL Note: Talk about escaping reality...

"Hey, hey?"

"Hh-yaa!? W-what is it!"

It almost made her to scream, and then Reiren turned over.Cold hand, wet in water, which reached her back now touched her cheek.Of course she raised her voice because of the sudden touch from the cold hand, rather than being surprised.

"...Mu. As I remember thou are Rinne."


Reiren wondered when she came to this spring.Before her was a golden haired girl, her body up to chest being under water.Her clothes could be seen on the bank of the spring; it would seem that this girl swam all the way here.

"It feels so good.This water is spring water, right?Cold, but so pretty.And there is even small fish swimming around."

"U-umu.It is filtered water from within underground after all.With an abundance of clear water, this is a watering place for every living creature of the forest...Wait, no, that's not it!"

She waved her hand and pointed towards Rinne in front of her.

"W-why are thee here!?"

"Cuz I searched for you. Kai was looking for you."

"...Mu. That guy?"

Which reminded her that there was indeed some talk during the ceasefire agreement about deciding on some minor details of their cooperation.She was so absorbed in her bathing, that she had completely forgetten about the time.

"Understood, I'm coming.Hey, thee too come out of the spring."

"Can I swim here?"

"No way."

Her answer came instantly.

"This is a bathing place for elves only, therefore other races are not allowed."


Rinne was pouting.

"I hate such things.Things like race, I don't like it."

"Race is race after all. It cannot be helped..."

She started saying, but stopped.The reason for Reiren's hesitation was seeing Rinne's white and silk like skin, that wouldn't lose to her own.Her skin looked like that of elves.

On her back could be seen tenma wings, which were usually hidden.At their roots the wings were black, but closer to edges they became more white.Roots were that of demons, while edges were of angels.Even though she had already heard about it, it was actually her first time seeing it with her own eyes.

"...Oi, Rinne?"


"Bear with me for a moment."

She nervously extended her hands.Touching these wings gave a similar feeling to that of angel wings.It didn't just look like angel wings, but now she thought it was exactly the same as angel wings.

"A-ahaha, stop, it is ticklish!"

"Mu... the colour is good, touching feels the same. They are exactly like that of angel."

Both angels and elves belonged to foreign gods race.So she wondered if that's the case then wouldn't the girl with elven skin and angel wings belong to the same race.But the answer was no.Reiren noticed a few other scents from this girl.Of demons, of spirits, of cryptids.Furthermore there was something else.

She was an unidentifiable girl, a mix of various races.


While touching girl's wings, she continued gazing at the girl.

"This is quite a good opportunity.Tell me honestly, just who are thee?Why thee tags along with Kai?"



"Just who am I?Even I don't know that.And Kai told me to [come together] so I'm with him."

The golder haired girl, who answered with that, brightened up.Reiren wondered whether she'd be angry or upset about the question.But contrary to her expectations Rinne gave her answer while placing her hand on her chest with pride.

"Kai told me [it is fine to be together] himself too.Regardless of who says what I don't care."


"That's why it is fine for me to swim in this spring. It is my freedom!"

"Such leap of logic is just too much, don't thee think!?"

Reiren grasped with her hand the hair of Rinne who was swimming.

"Ai? W-what are you doing damn elf!"

"I just told thee, this is the bathing place for elves only.No other race can use it."

"It is fine! I got some elven blood in me."

With her hand on her bouncing bossom, Rinne objected.Indeed Reiren could see from the pure white skin, that Rinne had some elven blood in her.But...

TL Note: For some reason sensei started to put some accent on these peculiar details about girls chests :)

"Hohou?Then what about this!This uselessly big chest and ass!Elves do not have such obscene bodies."

Reiren pointed her finger on Rinne's left breast.Almost as if it was sinking into softness, it gave a profound and heavy feeling of flesh.

"Kya? W-what are you doing!"

"Just look at it!Thy chest is not like that of elves.Our, elves, bodies are far more modest for both woman and man.It is our virtue."

Figures of both male and female elves tend to be slender, with a little apparent difference.Males hardly develop big muscle mass, while females never have big hips or chest like human women.

From Reiren's point of view, Rinne's body was [too ripe].She suspected it might be the influence of human blood, or maybe from demon succubi.

"How obscene!"

"I-it is not obscene! You damn elf just got it [non-existent] that's all!"


The one who claimed to be modest, got her quite modest chest under Rinne's gaze.This time it was Reiren's turn to shrink back.

"What are thee saying!It might look like that, but I'm quite confident about my body.My body, which has no unnecessary meat, is in fact the best!"

"It is flat!"

"What is wrong with being flat!?"

TL Note: Oi, Rinne did you get bullying license on our flat goddess!?

ED Note: She's not wrong though... :eyes:

Rising both of her hands above her head, she poured spring water onto Rinne's face.

"You, now you've done it! You damn flat elf!"

"Are thee still going on about that, thee damn mixed race!Thy body is just too obscene!"

While soaking into spring water, they were glaring at each other.Then, the bushes shook and both girls quickly caught onto who it might be.

"Hey, Rinne? Reiren, are you there?"

Pushing aside brushes, appeared a young man with ultramarine hair.

"Ah, there you are. So you've been here all this...."

Appearing out of the bushes in front of the girls while searching for them, Kai showed relief on his face, but his smile froze immediately.He looked back and forth between the clothes of two girls on the bank side, and the girls themself soaking in cold water.

ED Note: Here comes the most cliché event of all time!

"..Ah, s-sorry! I didn't mean..."

"Kai, how is it? Did you find them?"

Following Kai appeared the silver haired girl Jeanne.Under sunlight both girls were exposed stark naked, and then there was Kai, who was standing in close proximity to these girls.


Jeanne's gentle face soon became clouded by a heavy glare.

"To think the reason you wanted to come to look for them...Was to peek on them while they were bathing."

"Even for a misunderstanding, isn't it a bit too much!?"

Deep within the elven forest.The lone scream of a falsely accused young man echoed.

One day, the world had been [overwritten].Before Kai's own eyes, the history itself had been re-written by [World Reincarnation]...

Kai remembered it.In his true world, a hundred years ago five races fought to a bitter end over world domination.It was known as the Five Races Great War.And the victor in this war was humanity, with [prophet] Sid as their leader.Sid had crushed the four other races and sealed them away in remote regions.

However...That history disappeared all of the sudden.Instead it became the opposite.It became a history where [humanity was defeated in the great war].

Hero [Dark Empress] Vanessa, who led demons, wielders of powerful magic.

Hero [Heaven Lord] Alfreyja, who led the foreign gods alliance, comprised of angels and elves.

Hero [Spirit Sovereign] Rikugen Kyouko, who led spirits, ghost-like existences.

Hero [Fang King] Rath=IE, who led cryptids, enormous and ferocious beasts.

Four races now controlled the world.And mankind, who barely managed to escape the eyes of these four races, was now struggling to survive by hiding in remote regions, ruins of old buildings or underground.This was the current state of the [overwritten] world.

Only Rinne and I remember the true world.

No one remembers it apart from us.

Then there was Kai himself.In this over-written world, he himself, as well as the hero no longer existed.It was unclear whether his parents or relatives existed there.And both his superiors and colleagues from his previous world no longer remembered him.

Being in such a hopeless situation...

"I do not mind it at all though?It doesn't bother me to show myself naked in front of a human."

"I'm fine too. If it is Kai, I can show him anything."

"Umu, not intending to treat Kai as somewhat special, but I'm of a different race.For humans it is perfectly fine to see a naked dog or cat, after all?"

They paid no heed to Kai's suffering.Reiren and Rinne just talked carefreely.

"Jeanne, are thee going to be fussy over such a trifle matter?" TL Note: Reiren

"...Listen, put on some clothes already.It is a matter of how you look.The elven body is quite similar to that of humans."

Kai had turned away to not watch them changing.And Jeanne kept watch on Kai to make sure he did not turn back.

"Also, Reiren, give me a bit of your time once you finish changing.I have something to talk about.I'm sure you know what about?"

"Of course, it is regarding the expedition.I came here to cleanse myself in order to prepare for that."

Reiren, who finished changing, was now in her seven layered silk garments.It was an elven magic tool.Once activated, each of the layers could act as powerful protective barriers.

"I'm going to accompany thee as a representative of foreign gods.And in order to avenge Alfreyja-dono we're going to attack western country, where cryptids are.Right?"

"Yeah, but..."

Looking back at the elf, who was looking up at her, the female commander of Urza Resistance answered with all seriousness.

"We're heading to the South, not the West.We're heading to Yurun country on the South, which is currently the domain of the spirits."


It was a completely different story for her.But before shrine maiden could raise objections, Kai continued after Jeanne.

"That's why I came here looking for you.To let you know what elven elder said."

"I heard nothing of it though?"

"Someone was enjoying her bath, while we were discussing it.And it already got decided."

"...Mu. That's... Well..."

"I'll tell you the reason on our way, let us return quickly."

He gave a silent cue to Rinne, who had finished changing.Kai pointed towards the animal trail, that led to the village, and walked deep into the ancient forest.

Io Federation...It is a big country in the eastern part of the continent, and at the moment it was under control of the foreign gods.Humans, who lost in the war, had to reconstruct ruins into cities and live in hiding, somehow scraping by.Each of the 18 human cities is guarded by Resistance soldiers, who serve as defence for the people from the foreign gods invasion.

The headquarters of the Resistance was in 8th ward Cassiopeia.It was at the site of what was once a large scale factory, and in one of the areas there...

"Jeanne-dono is about to depart... right?"

In the office for commanding officers.There were three man and woman standing in this room, with curtains obscuring the sunlight.It was the elderly soldier, standing in center, who addressed Jeanne.He was the staff officer, Tsekhman.The man who serves as the right hand to Io Resistance's Commander.

"Isn't it too early?" TL Note: Is it continuation of Tsekhman dialogue?

"Jeanne-sama made her decision.Our, Urza Resistance's, morale is at its peak.To suggest not to continue our expedition..."

Face to face with the old soldier was Farin, one of the Urza Resistance's top brass.Normally being by Jeanne's side as her guard, right now she had to separate with her master, in order to inform them.

"And the reason is...Defeating Vanessa in Urza and forcing demons to leave you alone.And now achieving a ceasefire agreement with the foreign gods.You do not want to lose your momentum here?"

"That's right. However..."

Said Commander's bodyguard Farin.And then Urza strongest female warrior continued with husky voice...

"Jeanne-sama is concerned.Up until now it has been going too smooth."


"Even with the loss of Vanessa, the demons remain strong.And then the ceasefire with the foreign gods too, wasn't the result of an actual victory in war, but instead they suggested it themselves."


"What an unlovely boring response."

Behind the old soldier, a plump man turned away from a window, slowly turning towards Farin.

"Reclaiming Urza's capital, and then achieving truce with foreign gods in this country...Despite achieving so much, he has no intention to relax even a bit?"

"Indeed. And I share the same opinion.And as for the remaining two heroes, we ought to remain vigilant."

"How wise of you."

Said Commander Dante, who looked like a bored child.This self-proclaimed emperor was known to be a lump of conceit and pride.He had ambition to become a hero, leading the mankind, but instead the foreign gods used it against him and let him taste humiliation of being taken a prisoner.And the one who freed this Dante was Jeanne.

Even though he was thankful to his rival for saving his life, but just admitting the achievements of his rival was an annoyance for him.And that was his current state of mind.

"It seems Jeanne is planning to head south, to Yurun."


"Spirits are quite a troublesome bunch.Even now we still have no idea how those eerie entities live,and also how to deal with them.Plus on top of that, we cannot talk with them."

What that meant... is that truce was not possible.They do not posses intelligence that would make them temporarily retreat like demons,or seeking peace like foreign gods.The kind of species that would fight until the very end.

"How are you planning to drive away those monsters?"

"South Yurun Resistance Army Commander is an acquaintance of mine."

Farin replied.And the staff officer, who raised his eyebrow at her words, said:

"Lion King Balmung?"

"Yeah, I've been indebted to him. Hopefully he still remembers me."

Farin faintly smiled.It was quite rare for this female soldier, who remained cold as steel, to show such emotions.

"I have no doubt that he is a great commander."

"Quite different from me, right?"

Once again Dante lamented.

"Me and Jeanne failed to establish cooperative relationships after all.So to avoid repeating this mistake, you decided to head to the country with a more reliable commander, something like that?"

"I wouldn't dare."

"Stop it. The only possible reason for you to choose Yurun as your next destination can be only it.This time you want to establish an allied front between two resistance armies and fight against spirits together."


"Jeanne, indeed, was able to take the demons by surprise.But now two remaining races should become more wary of humans.This time you will not be able to surprise them.However mankind would be at a disadvantage in a full-fledged war.The chances of victory are quite slim unless you ally with your fellow comrades."

Therefore they are planning to head to south, where they can find a reliable commander.That was Jeanne's plan.

"Am I not right?"

"...It is a pity." TL Note: This ……惜しいですね is a bit unclear, but I think she actually means that Dante's wits are wasted on him?

Farin chuckled.It was simply her way to express admiration for Dante's insight.

"Commander Dante, it might be rude, but I'd like to say one thing."

"Go ahead."

"You certainly have talent to see through the situation.If you'd be able to throw away your cheap pride and seriously behave yourself as a commander, then I believe you'd really be able to take the role of a leader for humanity."

Or even if not in a commander's role, but as officer, he'd be able to leave a mark on history.

"It is still not too late.How about using your wits for a real purpose?"


Plump commander turned his back towards her.

"Tell Jeanne this.If he gets the audience bored with this pretence of being a leader of humanity,soon enough I'll drag him down and stand on the stage myself."


"That will be all.As a farewell gift, I'll grant you provisions and ammunition."

Bowing towards Dante, who quickly finished saying his piece, and giving a small nod towards the old soldier, Jeanne's bodyguard turned back.

Two days later.Urza Resistance Army, led by Jeanne, departed towards the south.

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