Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 2018 – That Weak?

Chapter 2018 – That Weak?

Lu Yun sank into deep contemplation, not over what the immortal had said or why there were immortals here, but whether or not this world was real.

Formula dao could operate without a hitch and deduce the answers he needed, which was why he’d immediately learned the immortal’s language. But he still questioned what he saw as he’d experienced a realm of illusion moments ago. Illusion had lured him here and he’d dwelled within it without questioning anything. He’d also employed formula dao then—everything had been normal.

Just like things now.

He suddenly quite understood the feeling of being once bitten, twice shy.

“Forget it, I’m not thinking about it anymore. Since I’m here, I’ll just go with the flow. This is a place where I can come and go as I wish, so what if it’s a realm of illusion?” Lu Yun couldn’t be bothered with the particulars after thinking about it some more.

No matter what, the order of heaven and earth here was real. If all of this really was an illusion, then it wasn’t something that living beings had the power to create.


Seeing as the speed of cultivation in this world was nearly one thousand times faster than in the chief worlds, Lu Yun decided to stay for a while so he could cultivate. After giving a series of instructions to the Yama Kings, he sought out a cave to meditate.

It was only a matter of time before he became a grand supreme, he possessed everything he needed to take that final step. The time he needed wasn’t the passage of time in the outside world, but the amount of time spent communicating with the order of heaven and earth and the great dao of the world.

Even if the flow of time increased by millions of times in the outside world, the time of great dao and order still wouldn’t change.

This world was so strong that its orders and great dao reached unfathomable heights. Lu Yun didn’t need to consider the issue of time when he cultivated here. His initial calculations told him that here, he needed only the equivalent of ten years in the World of Immortals to ascend to grand supreme!

If he was still in the World of Immortals, he would need ten thousand years, or even longer! That was already an incredibly fast speed for ordinary high supremes, but too long for Lu Yun.

The two tribes beneath him clashed in heated battle. He observed for a little while before leaving.


“Did you get a good look at the person?” The immortal from earlier returned when Lu Yun left. A woman in black robes stood next to him; she frowned in the direction that the young man had departed in.

“It’s a very strange great dao.” The immortal dao wrapped around the immortal had disappeared—a tiny bit of it circled his fingertip.

He wasn’t a real immortal. He’d transformed into one to fool Lu Yun after analyzing the great dao on the young man through certain methods. It wasn’t a flawless disguise, so Lu Yun began to doubt the veracity of the world after detecting certain inconsistencies with the other “immortal”.

“I’ve never seen it before.” The hint of immortal dao faded from the man’s fingertip.

“An outsider?” The woman’s lips curved coolly. “So outsiders have come again. Do they have designs on our world?”

“Kill him,” the man said. “Our world is the only patch of purity in existence. Any outsider who dares come must die.”

“Should we notify the exalted grand supreme?” asked the woman.

“No, it’s just a high supreme, and one from the outside. The two of us can easily kill him,” the man rebuffed with confidence. “After him!”

He blurred into motion and caught up with Lu Yun, who was still searching for a place to cultivate.

“Eh?” Lu Yun noticed the disturbance behind him—the immortal from earlier. He wasn’t an immortal anymore, but an unknown cultivator. Lu Yun could feel his domineering killing intent coming from miles away.

“So he was just feeling me out earlier?” Lu Yun paused and balled his hand into a fist, punching out with Darkstar.


An enormous explosion ripped through the air. The man was hit just as he approached Lu Yun. He didn’t have time to make his move before he was reduced to dust and drifted apart on the air.

“He’s… dead? He’s that weak?” Lu Yun blinked. He’d pulled most of his punch because he just wanted to injure the other, not kill him. Who would’ve thought that the forcefully approaching man couldn’t withstand even one of his blows?

“What?!” The woman following close behind jumped with shock and immediately turned around, fleeing in a panic. 

The man was her senior brother and a peak high supreme. Someone who’d killed him with one punch was a true grand supreme, not a high supreme!

“Weirdos.” Lu Yun carefully probed the surroundings and discovered that the man hadn’t entered the Gates of the Abyss as an Infernum. “Is he a creature from the land of darkness? No… he’s not an endarkened.”

He furrowed his brows. “He rejects me from his very bones, the kind that would rather die than submit. What’s going on? Does he somehow hold a grudge against me? Or does he nurse one against the chief worlds?”

He looked around blankly, sensing a lack of repulsion from the local heavens and earth. So this world didn’t reject him on principle. Then what’d happened earlier didn’t make sense! Normally speaking, the endarkened didn’t become his Infernum because the orders of the Infinite Deorc compelled them so. If he was in the darkness, he would constantly feel that its major order—disorder—wanted to expel him from the fundamental particles of its being.

“What a weird world and weird inhabitants.” he scratched his head and continued looking for a cave.

All the same, he understood that he couldn’t remain here for long. Lu Yun had just killed a high supreme and one had gotten away. He’d been in for a world of trouble if they sent their patrons and backers.

Grand supremes were one thing—he could absolutely withstand one with his current strength. But if a peak grand supreme came? There wouldn’t be much he could do to save himself.

Thus, he called upon the Boundless Step and disappeared from the area.


“An outsider killed Yue Lu with one move?” A grand supreme dressed in gold considered the fleeing woman with an ominous expression. “So outsiders have come upon us again…”

“Yes! The outsider looks to be just a high supreme, but senior brother Sue Lu couldn’t take even one of his blows. He was beaten to death!” the woman answered with trepidation.

“I see now,” the grand supreme nodded. “Take me to him."

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