Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 2233.2(END): Getting Married and Having Kids, Then Watch Long Aotian’s Hatching

Chapter 2233.2(END): Getting Married and Having Kids, Then Watch Long Aotian’s Hatching

“Lu Yun!!” Qing Yu shook and threw herself into Lu Yun’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. The little fox was the same way as she clung to Lu Yun’s waist with a death grip.

Given how far the world of immortals had developed, no one knew how long he’d been gone this time. Lu Yun’s heart was breaking. The yearning that’d wrapped around his heart all this time unfurled with fervor and burst forth.

“I’m back… I’m back… I’m never leaving again!” he murmured. While he would inevitably return to that world of immortal dao civilization, he was bringing Qing Yu and Tushan Miao with him! He would never suffer the torment of being apart again.

“Just leave this tomb and the will of nothing it nurtures to me.” A cold sneer played on his lips.

The Seal of the Multitude became one with the world of immortals as soon as he returned. The adoration and faith that all living beings held toward the immortal dao draped around Lu Yun. Under the treasure’s influence, he became something akin to order. All of his immortal force, rules, and everything vanished—replaced by a hazy true me. However… his emotions, thoughts, and everything that was human and alive about him also receded at the same time.

According to the expected pattern, Lu Yun would now become selfless and without desire. Safeguarding this world would be his only duty. And yet, he held two people in his arms. They were his heart, soul, and entire world.

The receding emotions instantly returned because of Qing Yu and Tushan Miao—Lu Yun became a living being again.

“Congratulations!” A merry Hongjun flashed out of the air. “I once sought to become the heavenly dao so I could protect this world, but I failed in the end.”

Hongjun had striven to integrate with the rules and become the heavenly dao in the great wilderness. However, he failed at the last possible step because to become the heavenly dao was to lose his emotions and no longer care about the survival of living beings. He would conform with the natural flow of development and even facilitate the nothing to devour the world.

The heavenly dao of the other world protected its denizens and accepted Lu Yun due to the mistress, Dao King, and God affecting it. Their influence remained even after the three died, and Lu Yun’s motives remained due to the two in his arms.

“You have me now.” A smile floated onto the young man’s face. When he turned to the great tomb, a frosty glint exploded out of his eyes.

All of the powerhouses in the world of immortals rose to the air to regard the newly returned Lu Yun. The Darkness city lord’s lips trembled, but he didn’t say anything.

“Uncle.” Lu Yun smiled at the man; he answered in kind.

The world that Lu Yun had gone to and briefly been part of as Yushi Moli was the city lord’s history. Nothing about it had changed with Lu Yun’s intervention because the karmic tie and Lu Yun’s appearance was already set in stone.

The city lord took a deep breath and murmured, “Do you… do you blame me?”

“Not at all.” Lu Yun shook his head with a smile. “Everything happens for a reason.”

If it wasn’t for the city lords refining shards of the worlds in the nothing and turning the denizens into ghost zombies, the current immortal dao wouldn’t stand as strong as it did now.

The city lord heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to take care of that thing now.” Three draconic shadows appeared in Lu Yun’s eyes. The Dragonquake Scripture!

The three dragons represented the mistress, Dao King, and God and were the summation of their great dao. These dragons were solely meant to eliminate the tomb in the nothing.

Lu Yun stood outside it, not intending to make his way inside. He immediately obliterated all Saviors and ghost zombies around the tomb when he flung a punch at it.


Fissures appeared in the void. To the nothing, these fissures were existence. A loud snarl echoed from the tomb as a creature with red fur walked out of it. It seemed to be a combined vicious spirit, ghost zombie, and akasha ghost.

“Mowang…” Lu Yun’s eyelid twitched when he saw the figure. He didn’t experience Yushi Moli’s life after he left, but he possessed the boy’s memories up to thirteen years old. There was certain affection there for this younger brother.

Ouyang Du’s lips trembled as well, deep sorrow shining in them.

“What a shame that you’re no longer Yushi Mowang. You’re just the will of nothing.” Lu Yun took a deep breath and activated the Dragonquake Scripture again.

Concentrated power of heaven and earth unleashed from his body. Reinforced by the Seal of the Multitude, the hazy gray dao character in his dantian released boundless splendor.

Lu Yun was the heavenly dao in this moment, a heavenly dao with emotions and desires.

“DIE!!” he roared and punched outward again. Endless strength blasted the ancient zombie.

It threw its head back with a howl but remained unmoving. The young man’s aura made it feel very uncomfortable. Waving its arms around, it shrieked with finality and charged Lu Yun and the world of immortals behind it.

Sneering, the Seal of the Multitude appeared in the young man’s hand. Lu Yun cocked his hand back like he was throwing a brick and threw it at the zombie.

Power from the heavenly dao coalesced around Lu Yun and bloomed with rays of light. Fear surfaced in the zombie’s eyes. The will of the nothing around it instantly weakened and began to disperse when the power of heavenly dao rushed it.

Sensing impending doom, the ancient zombie turned to run.

“Heavenly dao combat art… Petrification!” Lu Yun suddenly roared. The power of heavenly and earth circulated over him and focused in the form of the Petrification combat art, freezing the zombie.

No matter how it struggled, it could only howl and snarl impotently.

With that, the Seal of the Multitude transformed into a sword—the Sword of the Multitude.

Heavenly dao combat art… Sword Manipulation!

Under this combat art, the Sword of the Multitude flared with terrifying might. One ray of sword light split open the void and crushed it to pieces. It contained the will of the multitude and represented all life!


The ancient zombie and the ancient tomb behind it were slashed apart.

“The subjective affecting the objective?” Lu Yun howled. “One person’s subjectivity cannot affect all of objectivity, only the subjectivity of the multitude can move this vast and unbounded objectivity! DIE!!”

He levied another stroke and ripped the ancient zombie to pieces. It dissipated into the nothing. Lu Yun slashed again and again, filling the void with sword qi and eviscerating the nihil.

Control the nothing?

He changed his mind in this moment—he didn’t want to control the nothing, he wanted to end it!


The nothing collapsed beneath Lu Yun’s sword qi while the boundless will of the nothing keened. Lu Yun hacked it to pieces and threw it into the cycle of reincarnation. A magnificent expanse of the cosmos slowly rose around him. Dots of celestial splendor exuded vibrant vitality…

This was the night sky of the immortal dao, the night sky of life. It was clear skies after the storm.

“Is it over? Is it truly over?” The Darkness city lord, Weilan city lord, and others sobbed silently on their knees in the void. Had the nothing that’d tormented them for countless eons finally been destroyed?

“It’s not over.” A pale Lu Yun shook his head. “Existence follows the cycle of reincarnation and all things will eventually end… Today, I destroy the nothing and create a boundless world. There will come another day in which this world ends and returns to the nothing.

“This is the objective rhythm of things and cannot be averted.” He took a deep breath and smiled. “But there is no longer any influence from something like the will of the nothing.

“Additionally, I am the heavenly dao. All things have a chance of survival beneath the heavenly dao. Those who grasp this chance will break free of reincarnation and escape their fate.”

Radiant starlight scattered over his body as Lu Yun drifted to the ground. There was no special aura or presence about him; it was as if he was an ordinary being.

“Oh, right!” His expression changed drastically and his tone grew urgent, “There’s something important I’ve yet to do!”

“What is it??” Everyone around him grew alarmed.

“That bastard Marquis Skyglory pissed me off, I need to get back and beat his ass!” Lu Yun clenched his fists with a frosty glint in his eyes. “I’m no saint, whoever struts around in front of me will have it coming for him!”

The crowd: ……

Did this sound like what a damned heavenly dao should say?

“Wait” Lu Yun thought of something else and happily clasped Qing Yu and the little fox to him. “That’s not that urgent, he’s not going anywhere. We should go home and make some children first!

“I have a dragon egg over there and Long Aotian’s almost ready to hatch. My dearest wives, let’s go make some children and take them to play with Long Aotian!”

Qing Yu and Tushan Miao, the overseers of the immortal dao and sovereigns of reincarnation, blushed bright red amidst the strange gazes of the crowd.

“What are you two being so shy for? We’re old married couples already!” Lu Yun grumbled.

“What old married couples?! We never got married!!” Qing Yu berated him.

“Oh, eh, then let’s get married first and then make babies. Then we’ll all go see Long Aotian hatch!”

“What about Marquis Skyglory?” the little fox asked naively.

“Right, let’s beat the crap out of Marquis Skyglory first and then go watch Long Aotian hatch!”

Qing Yu smiled. “Whatever we do is fine so long as we get married first!”

The End.

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