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Chapter 14 Evan D. Sherden, Anyway, Let’s Devote Together (3)

Chapter 14: Evan D. Sherden, Anyway, Let’s Devote Together (3)

Evan D. Sherden, Anyway, Let’s Devote Together (3)

In every game in the world, there are tricks.

For example, how to finish a specific quest faster, how to find an NPC more easily, how to advance through a certain section of a dungeon, how to get an occupation easily.

Yo-Ma Great War was a game designed to give meaning to every action and turn everything together to something admirable. Skills are no exception.

That’s why people found out tricks. Players who learn how their main character’s behavior affects the acquisition or training of specific skills.

The effect of each action on a specific skill. Players began to document the extent of its effectiveness.

That’s how all the gamers who play Yo-ma Great War 3 began to change the course of the game.

“It is said that there are no royal roads in studying, but there are royal roads in becoming strong, Belois,” Evan started to explain.

“You need to know where you’re going and go comfortably. You can go faster; you can go farther.”

Evan put his hand on the lamp and poured magic into it.

However, the lamp was an old artifact, and the process of triggering it was uselessly complicated and difficult. Evan, who was dealing with the lamp for the first time, could barely ignite the lamp.

It took him a few minutes.

“Did you see it? In the future, this damn complex artifact will help you practice your magic.”


“I have to do it again; you won’t learn it in one look. Hold on…”

The lamp is a rare item that was hard to find in the game.

It has been a long time since it was made, and its efficiency has declined. However, it is still sold at a high price as an antique.

However, gamers who accidentally acquired this lamp through quests discovered one thing after repeatedly using it despite its declining performance and the complex condition of triggering it.

Using the lamp repeatedly counts as skill training value!

“It would teach you the most important skill in practicing magic. That’s ‘power management’. You can get this skill by simply operating this lamp repeatedly until you master it.”

“Power management.”

“Sounds so easy, right? It is a skill that affects spell chanting, spell power, mana recovery speed, and even the absolute amount of mana.”

Because the skill training efficiency that the lamp provides is so good, so he thought it would be enough training for Belois to practice power management just by using this lamp.

There was just a minor problem he had.

In the game, even if you complete the same quest, the probability of receiving the lamp as a reward is random. There were instances when some gamers did not get a lamp until they cleared the game.

But Evan is the son of the Marquis.

In this world, it was easy to get it.

It wasn’t considered an extravagant birthday gift request. He simply asked his father for it, saying, “I’m going to play with that!” and that was it.

“Everytime you use it, your fire affinity will increase a little… there is no limit!”

“Fire affinity?”

“The more you become familiar with fire, the stronger your fire would be until you’re capable of handling strong flame. This lamp is your training tool, Belois.”

“Flame… become familiar…”

Evan felt sorry for a moment as Belois bit her lips and reached out for it.

What am I doing to this cute little child?

“I’ll try.”

“Belois… is it really okay for you?”

“I’ll do it. I could.”

Beloi’s will was firm.

Reluctantly, Evan handed her the lamp. If it was before the chief maid’s special training, she wouldn’t have been able to lift that old, heavy lamp.

She hugged it in her tiny arms.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Yes. For now, you just need to try to put mana on the lamp. Concentrate on it. When that happens, let’s talk again, okay?”


Evan was slightly impressed by Belois’ cute appearance as she expressed her gratitude.

Shine then approached him.

“Master… Can I also get there? The royal road?”

“You know, Shine, I was also planning to teach you that, but…”

Of course, there was also a trick to quickly grow double sword aptitude.

However, it is an action that seems to be possible only in a game system.

Growing magic skills through power management make sense in reality.

Using mana to light the lamp can easily be understood to grow magic skills.

However, for weapon skills, the way to go through the loopholes of the game system is bizarre.

Among them, the skill of the double-sword swordsmanship was more bizarre than most.

“Skills grows by coping with various methods when encountering various conditions in various situations against various enemies…”


Shine interrupted Evan’s explanation.

“Honestly, everything that you say and ask me to do – I don’t understand how it works. So you summon a slime and pop them saying it leads to strength; turned a lamp off and on to help magic skills grow; and asked us to learn the skills of maids and servants to strengthen our bodies.”

“I don’t know how that works. I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but… it’s been a while since I met you. I didn’t believe you before, but now I do. Perhaps, this time, Master will be right again. No matter how strange or ridiculous, I’ll do what you say,” Shine finished with a bow.

“Ha!” Evan felt so proud that he had to stop himself from smiling.

“So master, please let me know what you know. I am curious to know how to grow a double sword skill. If it doesn’t work, then it’s not too late to start over again.”

“Shine, you’ve already helped me a lot.”

“Thank you, if you think so, Master. The butler said it is also a virtue if we could provide our masters good advice.”

“Okay, I’ll let you know. Can you lend me the swords for a second?”

Shine’s eyes sparkled as he handed Evan the two wooden swords.

Belois, who was clutching the lamp, watched him curiously.

Meanwhile, Evan is very excited about holding the two wooden swords.

He smiled bitterly after he didn’t feel the strong aptitude that Shine felt.

He wanted to find his aptitude desperately.

It was clear that his aptitude is in the warrior line.

As soon as he knew it, Evan tried to touch all the weapons he could find, but he could not find his aptitude.

The strongest response was from a giant battle hammer, but it was not as strong as he would have liked.

I hope it’s not bare fists, he thought.

Fostering Shine and Belois is important.

However, he wanted to become stronger himself if he could.

The best way was to learn bare fist fighting if he cannot find his weapon aptitude.

He decided to think about his aptitude later, and gripped the swords.

He placed one foot forward, grasping the swords in both hands lightly.

He looks forward, bending his knees slightly as if to prepare to jump or step back at any time.

Evan has played Yo-Ma Great War hundreds of times.

He can draw the basic stances for each weapon with his eyes closed.

Moreover, since he’s physically inclined, even without the aptitude of Shine, he was able to take a good posture.

“This is the basic stance of the double-sword technique. It hurts a little to hold this position, but take note,” he explained.

“I will, Master,” Shine said in a serious tone.

“Cool!” Belois admired it with a little gasp.

“Then, I’ll show you the stances in order from the beginning. If you don’t get it, ask me to do it again.”


Evan slowly performed the basic movements of double-sword fencing.

Shine, who has a strong aptitude, looked sharp and determined.

It took a long time to demonstrate because he had to show all the techniques he remembers.

Shine remembered each and mirrored it perfectly after one look.

He never asked Evan to repeat a stance.

Rather, he was excited to learn more.

“This is the most important thing now! Make sure to remember!”


Evan focused. He crossed his double swords in front of his chest, then jumped in the air, firing several attacks.

The sound of wooden swords swinging in the air with all the power of a nine-year-old filled the room.

“Hoo! Did you get it, Shine?”

“Yes, Master! Then, that’s the fastest way to grow the double-sword fencing!”

“You’re half-correct.”

“… … Yes?”

Shine looked confused.

Evan posed again.

Two wooden swords, crossed in front of his chest, knees bent in preparation to jump.

“You got this so far?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, look.”

Evan released his posture and went back to the basic stance.

“The technique is called ‘Break the Beehive’. The moment you take the position of crossing the swords and bending your knees, the training value is already achieved. So, you can just cancel the action and get back to the basic posture.”




In games, it is possible to cancel your current action by entering a specific command, or by suddenly putting in another command.

In RPGs and other types of games, there were a lot of tactical advantages that could be gained by canceling an action.


“Shine, didn’t you say earlier, you would believe everything?”

Evan laughed as he returned the two swords back to Shine.

“Then, believe and do what I tell you to do.”

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