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Chapter 17 Evan D. Sherden| Either way, starting a side job (2)

Chapter 17: Evan D. Sherden| Either way, starting a side job (2)

Evan D. Sherden| Either way, starting a side job (2)

Evan is nine years old. How would the Marquis react if Evan approaches him and says: “I’m going to start a business!”

Would the Marquis allow him?

Of course not.

Therefore, Evan had planned for a suitable scenario. For that, he needed help other than Maybell.



Evan’s elder brother, Eric D. Sherden, who has grown quite tall at age twelve, opened his arms and hugged Evan tightly as soon as he saw him enter his room.

Of course, it was the expected reaction.

Eric was not only energetic because he had to keep appearances, but because he loved Evan fiercely.

“Sit here.”

Eric carefully lifted Evan and seated him on the bed. Evan was almost half his height, even though their gap was only three years!

He held Evan as if he was a fragile thing. However, Evan was already familiar with this treatment.

It wouldn’t even feel strange to him before he recovered his memories.

If you think about it, he thought, this was the problem.

The problem was the people in the Marquis’ mansion were spoiling him too much!

Everyone listens to what he says, and once he laughs, every mistake he did is completely covered up.

Life was beyond easy mode for the young Evan!

I think my mother is a bit strict, but that’s it. If they don’t see you for about three or four days, family members will visit you. The world seemed too easy for Evan; everything was in my hands even if I didn’t make any effort. I wouldn’t have thought of doing something by myself.

Well, it would have been the perfect environment for a pathetic man to be born.

Of course, some people who grew up close to their family grow up wonderfully, but Evan in the game was unable to do it because his personality was weak.

“Evan, is something troubling you?” Eric asked anxiously. Evan shook his head with a bitter smile.

“No, brother. I’m okay.”

“Evan… you’ve been quite busy, right?”

“Huh. Yes.”

It was not a sin to lavish blind and absolute love for family members.

However, it matters for Evan’s future. He had to build some iron, not like the fragile Evan in the game.

“Yes, I heard about you, too. You’ve been working hard. Whatever it is you’re doing, it will definitely pay off.”

“So, brother… I have a request.”

“Wait, before that, there must be a reason you brought Maybell with you, right?”

Evan nodded.

“Okay, then let her come in.”

Maybell walked in and greeted Eric with proper courtesy. “First Master, excuse me for a moment.”

Wow! The scene didn’t make sense to Evan.

Eric, who had delicate nerves and polite manners that are incomparable to Evan, and Maybell who appeared as an established and courteous maid!

She was totally different when she was with him!

“Then, tell me now, little brother. What is it you’d like to ask?”

“Brother, you have an assignment from father…”

“Assignment… inspection?”

Inspections were a task that the Marquis of Sherden gives to his older children.

Going directly to the city, see what’s going on in the city, what people are thinking… it’s an experience that helps a nobleman’s son to grow into the right leader for the people. It was an obligation.

“Yes, I have just passed the first inspection. You know well.”

“Yes, I want to help with that, too. I want to be with you.”

“But Evan, isn’t it too early for you?”

“Actually, I have a thought… …

Evan opened the record book he had brought and opened the page he had folded in advance.

He kept the pages open enough for Eric to peep in his child-like handwriting.

As soon as Eric saw the heading, it caught his attention.

Eric was very intelligent, and on top of that, he was an apprentice magician who had a tremendous talent for magic. In fact, he’s a regular character that is powerful enough to join in raids led by the protagonist in the future, not like Evan, who was just an extra!

Eric was amazed when he saw the contents of the page. His mouth hung open.

“Evan, before anything else… did you hear this from someone?”

“No. I only thought about it and wrote it down.”

“Okay… just like that.”

Eric was surprised and scanned the page again.

What was written in it was the massive incident that took place in the city for half a year, and countless other incidents that occurred in the aftermath.

For each incident, there was a list of expected demand products.

This is not a simple record of phenomena, Eric thought.

This is a carefully observed record of the flow of events in the city, and from them, derivations about the demand for goods. Moreover, proposals for new production items. This… This is really great. We produce new products that our city needs now, with easy-to-obtain materials… Why haven’t we thought about this simple and clear thing?

Of course, as it was written by a 9-year-old, it contained somewhat absurd content, but otherwise, it is the work of a genius.

It was surprising. It wasn’t because Evan was his younger brother. No matter how objectively it was judged, the information on this page had a value that could not be ignored. It was comparable to proposals from merchants who had been rolling in the market for decades.

“With this level of vision, if you were a merchant, you would be very wealthy… Evan?”

“I want to try one little bit.”

“You mean being a merchant?”

Evan nodded his head.

“I want to earn my pocket money.”

“Are you saying we should open a store, instead of doing inspections?”

“You will definitely get to know the city better in the process of running a business.”

If you create and manage a trade association, of course, you will be able to obtain information that is incomparable to an inspection.

The problem is that it is hard enough, but if Evan, who is only nine years old, had such a view, it might not be that difficult.

If Evan had been a commoner, Eric thought, he might have been the top merchant or a great inventor.

Of course, Evan is aware of the history and market trends of the Yo-ma Great War series, and at the same time, he was able to prepare such data because he is a savvy gamer who is also proficient in production.

“Do you think this is possible, brother?”

“Sure. At least, I think so. So, you brought Maybell?”

“Maybell is good. Enough to be my proxy.”

“I knew you had great potential, but wow. I didn’t know Evan was so smart!”

Eric hugged Evan, took the record book and turned a few pages, then gave it back to Evan.

“Let’s go get permission from Father. He will know what to do with this; he has to see this document.”


It was a success! He got Eric’s help!

The three children went to see the Marquis.

The Marquis looked puzzled when Eric stated their purpose, but as he read the contents of the record book Evan gave him, his face shone with admiration.

“Fantastic… A very sharp insight. We won’t know about production items until we actually experiment, but we understand demand very well. In addition, data supply and analysis on the level of purchasing power of demand groups… It’s amazing. Where have you learned this?”

“I just put myself in their position and wondered what they need. I heard a lot from Shine and Belois.”

Everyone in the room knew that this data could not be extracted to this extent with just that.

However, there was no other possible answer they could think of, so they let it pass.

“Just like that, huh. Evan, it seems that you’ve already been practicing to see the world. Eric, you must have been very surprised.”

“Yes, father. It is a precious talent. Pity he’s a noble and could not be a merchant.”

Then, the Marquis shook his head with a bitter smile.

“But Evan… it’s impossible to handle all of these transactions in many such fields. Moreover, new facilities are required for new production. These are not the level of small businesses that you can handle.”

“Yes, I think so, too, Father. So, I just want to do just one of them.”

“…just one?” The Marquis’ eyes widened again.

It was the reaction that Evan predicted.

“Yes. Only the pharmaceutical part. I hope the rest will be taken over by the Marquis.”

Evan’s words struck the Marquis. Certainly, even if they cover only one part, it would be on a small business scale and receive ample profits.

However, the reason he was surprised was that Evan had not only grasped the practical capabilities quickly, but he seemed to have expected this outcome from the beginning.

“Were you thinking of negotiating with your father?”

“I just wanted to show my father my determination.”

Evan said as he pretended to be a child and clenched his little fists.

However, both the Marquis and Eric looked away from his cuteness. The river he wants to cross right now is too wide and too deep, so they could not afford to be deceived by his movements.

After a few moments, the Marquis opened his mouth and asked Eric.

“Is this my son?”


“It’s the same thing I want to ask. Is this my brother?”

“Maybe… probably. He is.”

“If my father thinks so… then he is my brother.”

After that stupid question and answer exchange, the Marquis booming laugh rang inside the room.

He took the record book again and declared with his eyes twinkling.

“I have to hold a private meeting. We have to understand the scale of commerce we would do on this test. In time, we may need to grow it further.”

Evan’s plan succeeded!

The Marquis may think that his luck is on the rise with implementing the business plans, but in reality, Evan only wanted to start practicing poison tolerance!

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