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Chapter 21 Evan D. Sherden | Anyway, starting a side job (6)

Chapter 21: Evan D. Sherden | Anyway, starting a side job (6)

Evan D. Sherden | Anyway, starting a side job (6)

Evan was confident of the pharmacy’s success for some reasons: first, he was able to receive full funding from his father, the Marquis. Secondly, he already knew how to distinguish all the different herbs and was an alchemy Master so he could make all the potions. Third, he could use all kinds of knowledge he had gained after completing Yo-Ma Great War 4

It was because of this that he was familiar with the commonly used recipes in this world.

“Herb’s cultivation potion…? You’re telling me that the medicinal herbs which are put in this potion will grow, yes?” Bernard inquired.

“Of course, this method is not perfect. The downfall of this method is that the more advanced herbs are added to this potion, the longer it takes for them to grow. In addition to that, if you repeat the process indefinitely, the efficacy of the grown herbs decreases. So the potion has to be constantly remade to maintain the excellent effects of the growing herbs.” Evan explained.

“Oh! The number of possibilities we can achieve with this potion is endless…”

“This potion makes it possible to have a proper production system for all kinds of herbs and grow them in masses.” Evan declared confidently. While looking at the herbs growing in the potion, Bernard Garcia suddenly burst into laughter as if possessed by something.

“How does a recipe like his exist? I dare say I thought that all potions were the creation of my own hands, and, since then, I was convinced nothing new could exist and surprise me…. This potion you concocted opened my eyes. You amaze me.”

“You’re welcome,” Evan responded humbly to Bernard. Then he pushed some sheets of paper towards Bernard. “So, now sign it, Grandpa.”

“Yes, what is this?…. A 50-year contract!?”

“You already agreed that if I showed you alchemy that you didn’t really know before, you’d be my helper for 50 years instead of 5! Not 5 but 50 years!” Evan repeated the lines Bernard had spoken before, right down to the last word without a mistake.

After hearing this, Bernard’s complexion became extremely pale. Evan did not stop there, he muttered.

“No way my Grandpa would lie to me. That’s impossible.”

At this, Bernard took the contract from him. His hand trembled slightly when he signed it. Evan stared at him with innocence in his eyes.

Bernard wanted to shout at him, ”Since when I am your real grandfather?”. But after he remembered his own words, the pride of the world’s best alchemist did not allow him to go back on his terms.

“Okay, okay.” Bernard made up his mind finally and picked up a quill.

“So it’s done. Unfortunately, this old man will have to work for you for a long time, even at this old age.”

“Hahaha.” Evan laughed.

“Huh, huh.”

Evan received the signed contract from him. He was so excited! Evan thought he would take it to the noble family and the temple. He would get it approved by both of them and would vow to put it in a frame with permanent protection magic.

In this way, Evan had gained one of the most popular characters of Yo-Ma War 2, Bernard Garcia. At last, he had succeeded in making Garcia his companion! Although he was limited to the production field.

“Then let us start immediately in earnest. First of all, we will be raking all the herbs in this city. Of course, the range of the lands we scour will gradually increase in the future. Adventurers and explorers coming out of the Dungeon who have trouble selling herbs because of not finding an outlet will also be welcome. We will also offer sample potions to those who come to sell medicinal herbs.” Evan told them.

“Well, it’s settled then. There is no such customer who will fail to be surprised after drinking a potion showing their Grandpa’s ability.” Bernard smirked.

“If we can also distribute inexpensive, reliable, and long-lasting potions in this city on a large scale, the risk of explorers and common people dying due to the lack of priests will be greatly reduced, I guess,” Evan responded.

“Of course, no matter how cheap we sell it, we will definitely make a profit. Basically, it’s a new tactic, completely separate from the temple. But, if the Brotherhood Pharmacy grows to such an extent that it completely takes over the responsibility for the distribution of all the potions in the city, the net profit will be absurd!” Evan thought. “This pharmacy will be an ideal tool to help me in my poison training. However, the temple will not remain quiet for a long time. Everyone already knows that we are starting a business, so they won’t leave us alone, at least not without any restrictions.”

“Grandpa, the name of the pharmacy is Brotherhood Pharmacy. It is represented by both me and my brother, who is the successor of the Marquis. Of course, we will not be at the forefront of the operations, but the pharmacy’s name is enough to convey the message. You can’t go to war with the temple unless the temple is stupid enough to start it.” Evan warned Bernard.


“Moreover, Brotherhood Pharmacy has just become operational. Please don’t expect any high income initially. You may be dissatisfied with the Marquis for doing business in this field, but since you do not know what the outcomes will be, you will not hinder your relationship with the Marquis or the temple.” Evan continued.

“And, we will gradually solidify our distribution structure and earn the trust of the explorers during the time we work here. By the time anybody has noticed the transformations of this pharmacy, we will already have grown to a scale that nobody will be able to stop us!” That was the future plan of Evan.

“Please, Grandpa. In this plan, it is essential to focus on talent to keep the pharmacy in the center of the herb trade and develop it accordingly. I know I can trust you Grandpa, for which I’m really relieved.” Evan said to Bernard.

“I’ve heard a lot of compliments from you, you cheeky little gnome. And I’m getting increasingly tired of it.” Bernard grunted.

Evan insisted, ”But I mean it, Grandpa.”

Even if Bernard couldn’t himself find the reason, he was sure that Evan was sincere. He also knew about Bernard already somehow. All this puzzled him. “I have never revealed myself to anyone, so how does he know about me? He has tremendous confidence in me when he has never seen me before, and he’s putting so much trust in me too…”

“Are you sure it isn’t transformation magic?” Bernard asked him once again.

“No, I’m really nine years old. The potion I made, well, I came to know about it accidentally…” Evan tried to speak, but Bernard interrupted him.

“Stop. Just stop. I want to ask a lot of things, but I’m done with you for now. Since I lost the bet, I will keep my promise. Anyone who doesn’t know the weight of the burden their horse is carrying will come under it one day and die.”

“Hey, thanks a lot, Grandpa!”

“Don’t laugh like that boy. It’s disgusting to see. I hate it.”

Evan was ready to refute Bernard anyway possible using his knowledge of Yo-Ma Great War 2 if he began asking questions again. Fortunately, it seemed like Bernard seemed to have trusted him.

“Of course Bernard will be of huge help… If I knew from the beginning that he existed in this world, I would’ve decided to bring him in a lot earlier without hesitation!” Evan exclaimed inwardly.

“Sis Hanna, you’ll also help us. You can do this by assisting Grandpa whenever he needs you and stay by his side,” Evan spoke to Hanna now.

“Yes, Master!” she exclaimed.

Hannah, who was watching their exchange until now, was full of energy. This was because she had already acknowledged Evan as his superior as someone who could distort the balance of such a business with his decisions! She had decided to be polite towards him and his Grandpa, who he revered so much.

“Evan is not an ordinary person! If there was a certain mean of self-certification than the elements of being noble or old, it was ‘ability’. And I see that ability in Evan,” she thought.

Hannah decided to work on her abilities. The idea of being a noble concubine or anything else had already left her mind.

“Grandpa, I can’t help you here every day, and you would need an assistant, right? Hanna would be perfect for you. In the meantime, if you would like to share your alchemy techniques with her, I would appreciate it.” Evan said, addressing Bernard.

“Hey, no way!” Bernard protested.

“Oh, yes, that would be great!” exclaimed Hanna.

It was no mystery, but even now, when Evan saw Bernard blushing as he glanced at Hannah, the perfect alchemist’s fatal drawback was visible: his weakness was women!

Hanna was staring at Bernard with a salty expression, but she knew that once she recognized him as her superior too, they could do well in the future.

Bernard groaned, nodded, and turned. Maybell was standing there, as always.

“And, Maybell?” Evan addressed her.

“Yes, Master?”

“As I said before, it will be hard for my brother and me to be at the forefront. So… you will play almost all the roles as the pharmacy’s representative in public. Will you be okay with that?” he asked her.

“From the moment I first listened to your words, I was prepared, Master,” Maybell said with strong determination while clenching her fists. “It will be an honor to carry your name on my back! Even if a warship is blocking the pharmacy’s road, I will destroy it!”

“No… I mean, yes, but it wouldn’t come to that.” Evan replied. He thought she was a little too excited, but she was scary, so he decided not to admonish her. More importantly, she will be in charge of the first and most crucial part of this business.

“Maybell, the management of the herbal medicine warehouse will also be your responsibility. It will be up to you to personally carry the ingredients for the potions we will be making. Now you do realize how important it is, right?”

“Yes, young Master…!”

Evan grabbed Maybell’s hands and spoke to her in a voice filled with affection. She was surprised by the change in Evan’s tone and blushed deeply.

Seeing her like that, Evan thought for a moment, ”Ah, that was a great sight. She looks stunning.” Evan decided to work hard on his abs in the future.

“Anyways, I have started working on Immortal Project Number Three. Overall, it most certainly is a good way to avoid death,” he thought. “ But it’s still in the preparation process right now as compared to his other plans. Although it is hard, the results will be better and more promising than the other plans,” Evan nodded to himself, looking around Hannah, Maybell, and Bernard. This was the moment when the Brotherhood Pharmacy began.

And he got outstanding results in just a week!

“Will you really buy this one? It’s a medicinal herb picked on the 3rd floor of the Dungeon. It looks quite poisonous…”

“If you don’t want to sell it, then leave.”

“Ah, I’m totally fine with selling it…. Of course, I want to sell it. It will be exchanged for a healing potion, right?”

“Yes, seeing as the level of your herb is pretty good…. Hannah give this guy three small bottles.”

“Here they are, three minor healing potions as requested.”

“No, why minor potions?”

“First drink it, then speak, boy.”

With the Marquis’s support, the Brotherhood Pharmacy announced throughout the Dungeon city of Sherden that it would purchase all kinds of herbs, including the poisonous ones too. They also announced that if the herb was of good quality, they could exchange it for a potion. This tactic worked excellently as they had a wide variety of potions.

Even if you were an explorer with a priest brought for your own reassurance, you were accepted in the pharmacy. It was now possible to enter the Dungeon even on days when the priests were not available.

“Hey there, was it really a minor potion that you gave me last time? Are you sure?”

“Have you ever seen an alchemist joking around when it comes to potions?”

“But how was it so effective that it was even better than the priests’ healing? How is even a minor potion like that extremely effective?”

“Hey, drink it first, then you’ll come to know. It’s different from the ones usually found in the treasure chests!”

The potions created at the hands of the old alchemist, Bernard Garcia, were even better than the commonplace potions, no matter how carelessly he made them.

It was no wonder that the number of adventurers who visit the pharmacy day by day was increasing day by day. It was impossible not to have heard of the pharmacy due to its excellent reputation.

At first, the accumulation of the herbs in the warehouse increased, but after a few days, the money started pouring in.

The profits made were huge even after paying off the wages of Hanna and Bernard, which Evan had set considerably high….

“….Is this the total cost?”

“No, actually… these are the net profits excluding the material and labor costs.”

“Evan did this? My son can change the world….”

“Marquis Sir, are you alright!?” a maid shouted after looking at his expression.

A month after opening the pharmacy, the Marquis was most ambitious than ever before due to the highest sales ever recorded of any new business!

“Hi! I am a newcomer here to work at Brotherhood Pharmacy starting from today. Please take care of me!”

Evan was surprised as the pharmacy was on a successful track faster than he had expected. In the meantime, he asked the slave trader to bring two more pharmacists. It was at this point that the pharmacy would actually start its business.

All the herbs found in Dungeon city were brought to Brotherhood Pharmacy. It went on naturally.

In that short period, herbalists and alchemists from all over the country visited the former Dungeon city despite the heavy taxation of the temple. This was also a source of income for the temple if it could be called that.

“Master, are you really going to eat that…!”

“Maybell, you know I have hidden alchemy skills. Its nothing. It’s okay.”

Evan thought it was possible to start his training much sooner than originally anticipated. This training was to practice poison tolerance by drinking a poisonous tea made by properly blended poisonous and medicinal herbs, matching the optimal mixing ratio in the Yo-Ma Great War 3 skill guide.

“Oh, my throat is sore. I should take a break.” Evan gasped.

“No! Is this how my Master will die?”

“I’m not dying, Maybell. I’m actually drinking this to… not die.” It was ironic, Evan thought.


With the success of the Brotherhood Pharmacy, Evan had started his poison tolerance training in earnest.

Watching him, Maybell’s pupils constantly shook in fright. Noticing her, Evan thought that at least she would not attempt to poison him is she later tried to kill him.

“Shine, why are you looking at me like that? Would you like to drink?”

“Young Master…. Do I have the right to decline?”

“I’ll drink it,” Belois announced.

“Stop it Belois! We will die if we follow everything the Master orders us to do! Your body can’t stand it!”

Time passed, and it was March, right before Evan’s 10th birthday.

A year has passed since Evan awakened in this world with the memories of his previous life.

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