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Chapter 30 Evan D. Sherden. Learning (5)

Chapter 30: Evan D. Sherden. Learning (5)

Evan D. Sherden. Learning (5)

Evan came to experience the summer when he was ten years old. The heat that came with it during this year was terrible. Even though it was only early summer, the pedestrians walking the streets all wore annoyed expressions on their faces.

When the existence level rose, resistance to heat and cold also increased with it.

But Evan, who was growing day by day, realized that he was still far from reaching the point of hot and cold weather resistance.

“Evan, I think there might be a problem concerning the pharmacy.”

“Is there anything wrong with the operation, Grandpa?” Evan arrived at the Brotherhood Pharmacy to meet its staff. He brought along a sizeable fruit-shaped ice-cream made by a wizard residing in the Marquis’s mansion by preserving, freezing, and performing two different kinds of magic.

Evan had made it a part of the inspection that he was conducting. Even if it wasn’t, Evan made it.

“There aren’t any problems with the operations yet. The supply and demand of the medicinal herbs are enough now, so we don’t have to rely on our own cultivation. We have an adequate stock of potions too, which means the overall sales profit of the potions won’t decrease.”

“You don’t have to tell me about the profit or loss in the net income. I just read them a while ago, and I already know the figures. As long as the Brotherhood Pharmacy continues to grow like this, it will be enough for now.”

“Yes, you’re right. By the way, why does the maid, who keeps following you everywhere, constantly keeps telling me to watch my language while speaking to you? Anyways, I went through the records too, and they are also well arranged.”

‘I’m too good, that’s the problem. I’m just too good.’ Evan cursed himself.

Evan had started learning arithmetics, humanities, and liberal arts. The biggest shock came to him when he realized that he was able to absorb the concepts and learn them easily! It was unnatural for him, seeing as he was just a 10-year-old boy but still!

“Anyway, everything is fine and better than last year. But the thing is, this uniform is really hot.”

“Oh, is that the case?”

“Yes, boy. Let me tell you that it’s blazing hot with these uniforms.”

Evan was still eating the ice-cream. Then he looked back at Bernard who looked at Evan with envy, but then glanced away.

But Evan saw no sweat on Bernard. He wondered if he should say it or not but finally pointed it out, “My Grandpa is so strong that he doesn’t even sweat. It’s not that hot for him.”

“You should also know about the… Hmm, I’m not talking about myself but the other employees. Constantly working and sweating around in this heat, don’t you have any feeling of mercy for these poor souls?”

The success of the Brotherhood Pharmacy’s main branch led to the opening of two additional branches in the dungeon city during the backflow. They had started hiring people again today.

Four pharmacists, including Sis Hannah, were sweating profusely. They were mixing different herbs and drugs or serving the customers without paying much attention to them.

Evan thought Bernard wasn’t doing much work and still complaining. He decided to point it to him.

“If they are doing so poorly, then you should also help them, Grandpa.”

“Oh, boy! Isn’t that a fundamental solution to this scorching heat! An alchemist can only make potions by continuously moving and not restricting himself. I’m talking about the uniforms, the uniforms!”

“But why aren’t you sweating then, Grandpa?”

“Okay. It’s because I wear my winter clothes, also in summer. I’m already accustomed to heat much more than that. This is the reason I’m not sweating like them!”


After hearing it, Evan realized it was true.

All the employees at the Brotherhood Pharmacy were accustomed to working in a pleasant environment. They had created a uniform made of refined material, with a lot of expenses. So those who started working at the pharmacy would feel refreshed and comfortable. But unfortunately, they hadn’t taken the changing seasons into account.

“I’m thrilled! No way Grandpa is so much of a deep thinker!”

“What do you mean by that, boy? What do you even think of me? I don’t know how I was found by you, but I’m still the best alchemist on this continent. Compared to minor issues such as the temperature and people complaining about it, being an alchemist is the most sensitive job!”

“Oh, alright. I just thought you wanted to see Hannah wear thin clothes.”

“…Oh my!”

Bernard, who was swelling dangerously, bit his mouth with a loud groaning sound. His breath was even sharper than Evan’s ice-cream icicles, which felt like he had just fractured one of his lungs.

Bernard didn’t raise his head and looked at him with a pathetic gaze. Evan struck once again. “You can be honest with me.”

“What are you even saying, boy? Have you lost your head? I would never go around and peek at that young girl. I’m not a pervert!”

A terrible pervert was talking about how bad perverts were, Evan chuckled to himself. Then he looked towards Bernard with a salty expression, while scooping up some more ice-cream.

“You’re also handsome, Grandpa.”

It was not something fans would discuss a lot, but Bernard was very handsome. His picture wasn’t on the cover of Yo-Ma Great War 2 alongside the protagonist for nothing.

When Bernard was young, he was breathtakingly handsome. Even when he got old, he couldn’t be easily beaten in looks by younger men.

“It’s not that you aren’t handsome enough, but you lack the ability to socialize and form friendships. I’m still wondering why you aren’t in a relationship yet…”

“What did you say, boy?”

“I was just talking about your clothes.”

Evan narrowly avoided Bernard’s hand that was supposed to land on his head.

Due to his high level in alchemy, he could use his hands swiftly, which possessed tremendous power.

Evan twisted his body and avoided the blow. It would have been impossible for him if it had not been for the martial arts training added from this year.

“This boy was able to evade this?”

“Oh, don’t hit me like that, Grandpa.”

“I had heard that you started training, but how are you getting stronger and agile so quickly?”

“Ah, no matter how young or weak I am, I can still beat an old alchemist. And if I start getting beaten by the likes of you, then I should just go and die.”

As they were still struggling, Hanna turned to them after tending to a customer.

“No! Were you trying to hit Evan? What the hell is even going on here!?”

“No, it’s nothing serious. Just that I noticed how he keeps getting stronger every time I saw him, so I was just lightly testing him…”

“What did you say, Bernard!?” When Hanna realized that Bernard had tried to hit Evan, she became furious. Bernard swallowed dry saliva.

“Sis Hanna, thank you for saving me.”

“Oh, my Master. Being innocent is a sin nowadays, I tell you. A sin!”

She hugged Evan with her arms. Evan looked at Bernard. He was savoring Hanna’s warm hug, and Bernard looked like he was envious of Evan.

Bernard was sulky. Looking at him, Evan sighed and spoke.

“Hanna, aren’t the uniforms too hot?”

“No, Master. The clothes are carefully crafted with expensive material. They are easy to wear and don’t wear out too much…” Hannah tried to hide her feelings but didn’t exactly say that it wasn’t hot.

“The uniforms are hot, alright. As soon as I return to the mansion, I’ll order them to make a summer uniform for you.”

Evan rebuked himself for his indifference and declared strongly. Hanna’s eyes brightened up at this.

“Really? Thank you, Master!”

“I’m really sorry for noticing it too late. Please tell me about all the improvements or suggestions that you would want to be done in the future. You can either tell Maybell about it or talk to me directly. I am still your employer, so it’s my duty, right?”

Hannah was amazed by Evan’s trustworthy words. She was surprised to see how much this little kid took care of them, and despite his age, he sometimes felt like an older brother to her. Other kids his age could barely play by themselves, let alone make potions!

“Bernard will also get one of the new uniforms. It must be hot for him too.”

“Yes, yes. I have reached such an age where it’s become hard for me to get through this heat.” Hanna laughed when she saw Bernard cheering like a child. Yes. People form consensus like this and become friends!

Of course, if she realized the real reason he was pleased, she would’ve been more furious than ever…

“Listen to me, little boy. In the future, come every once so often, for an hour or two.”

The perverted Grandpa was speaking normally again. After eating his ice-cream, Evan put down the bowl and tilted his head.

“And why is that?”

“Ah, I sometimes get bored here, so when I’m free, I’ll teach you alchemy.”


“I always keep my promise.”

Bernard was obviously a pervert, but at the same time, he was one of the legends that symbolized Yo-Ma Great War 2. He was the pinnacle of alchemy.

Bernard was going to give him classes, so he wasn’t going to teach him to use sloppy herbs. He was going to teach real alchemy!

Bernard had lived in seclusion all his life, so Evan had given up on him because he guessed that he couldn’t use him for more than running a pharmacy!

‘Up until now, I didn’t even think about learning alchemy. Alchemy is also one of the skills that affect the overall results in the Yo-Ma Great War series. More than anything else, it is one of the main passive skills that level up valuable magical status, which is gained just by learning it!’ While playing Yo-Ma Great War, he had memorized many recipes. Even if he started from the beginning, he was confident that he could quickly improve his alchemy skills.

However, when he started it, he found that his schedule was full due to the slime training, weight training, fighting arts training, and nobility classes, which he lacked a bit. He couldn’t focus on his alchemy because he was still learning the skills for his ‘immortality plan’.

“I know your condition is very deformed right now. You have the knowledge, but you are unable to control your body and power, right? So it’s useless yet.”

“Yes, Grandpa Bernard….”

“If you learn from me, you can resolve this imbalance to some extent. Even if you don’t have a talent for magic, alchemy is a discipline not only for some specially chosen people. Anybody can learn it.”

Alchemy was famous for improving both fighting skills and passive skills, regardless of aptitude. Every time your level increased, your magical powers also evolved.

However, there was a ridiculous amount of materials to prepare and things to do in the learning process. And there was also an overwhelming amount of information to learn…

Anyway, it was the most difficult passive skill to learn in the game, so people had different reasons for not learning this than the fighting skill.

Evan’s mastery of alchemy in his previous life greatly supported his impregnable will to save Evan.

“This is a very good pharmacy where all the ingredients from the dungeon are gathered. The environment is also advantageous, and you can easily rise to the advanced stages. The materials which are not available need to be obtained by the dungeon. Can you do it?”

“Yes, Grandpa Bernard.” Evan still couldn’t believe that the alchemy legend himself had suggested to teach him. If he was learning from Bernard, he could never have been wasting his time. It would also increase his skill training efficiency! Evan had to accommodate all this by reducing his sleeping time.

“Grandpa, I love you!”


“What are you doing, kid?”

Evan ran to Bernard and hugged him. At that moment, he didn’t even care if Bernard was a pervert.

Hannah was also confused, “Why does the Master like that old man so much?” But she didn’t say anything.

“Let me go, boy! Look, Hanna is looking at us both weirdly.”

“It’s okay because we both are weird!”

And now, one more training class was added to Evan’s routine, the busiest ten year old in the world.

A legendary alchemist, a disciple who had already mastered alchemy in his previous life and an environment where the support was perfect… One couldn’t help but wonder how everything would turn out.

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