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Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Epilogue? Yo-Ma Great War XXX service launched!

Many people sat around the round table. The chairman turned out to be Evan, and Arisha and Belois took the seats beside him. Serena and Mirole, as well as Maybell, attended as members of Astray. As a young representative of the witches, Selune, the witch of water, also attended, and Ctheasil, the witch who managed the magic circle that covers the world, took a spot.

Other members of Astray gathered, and even Leo’s party, the legendary hero, was present. Louise, now the head of Merdin, the continent’s largest empire, was also present.

“Today, we’re here to talk about what’s going to happen.”

As Evan calmly declared so, Bernard tilted his head.

“What’s going on? More weddings?”


“And who else is pregnant?”

“You guys can get out.”

Even if they were Evan’s teachers, he tried to kick out the Leo and Bernard couple, but Belois stopped him, so he decided to let them off just this once.

“You know I’ve been working on the dungeons lately.”

“Our Lian says you’re fixing the dungeon. Is that real?”

“It’s real.”

Leo’s eyes shone even more as Evan spoke with a serious look on his face.

“Really? What’s possible in the dungeon? Can you fight with the Devil?”

“Grow up, man.”

Bernard hit Leo on the head.

“There is a dungeon backflow every three months, and if we create an infinite number of powerful monsters, mankind will perish.”

“It’s no problem if I catch them all!”

“Bull-crap, you can’t even beat your own student. How will you beat the Devil?”

“That’s the real crap. You had to borrow your student’s hand to make the Elixir!”

“Grandpas, stop it.”

Evan was serious about the arguing of the heroes who saved the world. Looking at the two, he could realize that it was true that their minds became more ignorant as they aged…no, it’s just like how it used to be.

“Master Evan, is Redine not coming?”

Selune, who served as the head of the witches, asked cautiously. Evan nodded calmly.

“Mother will never come to the forefront anymore. But if it’s really dangerous, she said she’d help.”

“Whoa, she’s not coming anymore…”

Selune was relieved somehow. Evan could see how much influence Redine had on the witches of this city.

“And there’s Sharay.”

“Yes, I can borrow her sometimes when I need her strength.”

If the already strong Sharay brings Redine or Arpa’s magic, she would be able to exert as much as half of Evan’s magic. But even those who gathered here didn’t realize how great it was yet, so they could pass the words that had just come out lightly. Compared to when in front of Redine, even the trembling Selune took a fairly comfortable stance against the witch’s ancestor, Sharay, who looked younger than herself.

“She’s fine. Hehe.”

“Why are you so afraid of my mother?”

“That’s because she’s going to be my mother-in-law! On the contrary, Sharay is my colleague in pursuit of Master Evan!”

Selune seemed to have a different sensibility from the other witches.

“No, I’m not in pursuit! I’m just grateful for god’s grace…”

“Oh, yeah, Sharay doesn’t have to go into more detail.”

Evan agonized over whether he could get through these guys, but he couldn’t shake off Selune or Sharay when Diona seemed to accept them. It was very annoying to see Bernard smiling next to him and making a face like ‘Look at that.’

“Hmm, Evan. You’re bringing people together to talk about the dungeon’s reorganization?”

Arisha, who became calmer after becoming pregnant, due to working hard with Evan for some time after the wedding, organized the situation as the Vice-Commander of Astray.

“It’s only a small part of it. But let’s talk about the dungeon first.”

Diona was dressed in a suit and wearing a rabbit headband. When Evan signaled, suddenly, complex images appeared on the screen hanging on the wall. What would he hide? Evan turned on the projector he brought from the modern Earth.

“What’s this!?”

“This is the structure of the dungeon we’re going to make.”

“Not that, but that magic tool!”

“Of course, it’s a secret.”

Evan had the best personal computers, printers, projectors, and everything else. But there was only one of each, so he didn’t mean for Bernard to covet that. If he went to Evan’s office, he was willing to let him play the PlayStation.

“Look at the screen, not the magic tool. Once we’re done organizing it, it’s up to the 20th floor.”

“How about the difficulty of the dungeon!?”

“Yes. Of course, Sherden, Pellati, and Merdin all have different monsters, but we’re going to share the difficulty in detail.”

Evan slowly explained his plan. The dungeon had been divided into 200 stages, including 100 easy floors, 70 normal floors, and 30 hard floors. When entering the dungeon for the first time, they will try to measure the level of the challenger so that they can choose the appropriate level of difficulty between easy, normal, and hard difficulty. No matter which dungeon you try first, the total amount of blessings you get when you clear all the dungeons is the same.

“You can say that the 10,000 level has expanded to 200,000. When you enter the dungeon later, your level will be adjusted accordingly.”

“Everyone here knows what the level is, but…Master, can you afford to do this?”

Shine’s question was sharp, but Evan nodded.

“We can relax because with the death of the Devil, the left-over magic of the world that was being used to bind him was freed. Plus, there’s a lot of faith out there. We’re trying to pull it all together, we’re creative…so there’s nothing wrong with the dungeon reorganization.”

That wasn’t the only thing. The large quantity of the Elixir that Evan invested also greatly nurtured the world. Of course, the total amount of magic that the world could bear had increased, but magic production increased even more than that. Originally, the remaining spells stuck together to create bad weather or terrible monsters.

Evan was investing in the dungeons with that very magic.

“No, that’s…”


Everyone was looking at Evan with inhumane eyes. Of course, they knew that his strength reached the end of the sky at the point of beating the Devil to death, but what Evan was discussing now was beyond the realm of just sheer destructive power. Everyone was shocked again.

“If I don’t attract it, the world will overflow with magic and create strange monsters. I have to gather it in the dungeon and control it. Don’t you think it’s the right move?”

“You’re a god. You always take care of humans.”

While everyone else felt dumbfounded, Sharay said so with a bright face.

Cattleya, who liked him, had no resistance to Evan’s divine appearance as she nagged him.

“When can I get into the dungeon? I can be stronger, right?”

“Huh? You’re a Demon.”

Even if you enter the dungeon, you cannot experience God’s blessing or level-up. Of course, since the level-up was a blessing given by the gods’ willingness to survive and overthrow the Devil. Knowing that, Shine didn’t forget his duty and made a proper retort, but Evan shook his head.

“I explained the structure of the level-up, didn’t I?”

“You did.”

“Who do you think gives that blessing now?”


“Then is it possible or impossible to bless the person I want?”


That alone was enough. Now there seemed to be no more surprises, but Belois calmly turned to him.

“Master, what are you going to prepare for the future dungeon? If you’re just trying to make humans strong, that’s too much.”

“As expected of Lua. I was going to explain that part from now on.”

Evan flipped the screens of the presentation one after another. Everyone was shocked to see pages that explained the monster’s level and the unit of blessing given, from easy to hard difficulty, flicker by. However, everyone was forced to tilt their heads when they saw the phrase on the screen.

“Reality level? What’s this?”

“There’s a level after hard difficulty, Evan?”

“Exactly. Once you’ve cleared all of the hard difficulty levels of the dungeon, you’ll be able to challenge the reality difficulty. And this level of difficulty is…”

Evan went over one more screen. Unlike the other materials, which had been very meticulous in setting up, there were many question marks. He didn’t know up to what floor, and he didn’t have a clear list of the monsters’ levels because it’s something he couldn’t set up.

“Unlike the monsters that I create or manage, which appear from easy to hard difficulty…these guys are going to capture and release those who will appear on our continent in the future.”


“It’s not good if the monsters can destroy a city at any time. So, from now on, we’re going to capture them with the dungeon’s power and lock them in the dungeon.”

That sounded very innovative to the others. Although it was shocking to capture and summon monsters appearing on the continent with the power of dungeons, if he did what he said, they wouldn’t have to go through the terrible things that had happened in Middle Earth due to the cracks in the world. Furthermore, the intention to grow humans was well understood.

Only when many people have cleared hard difficulty dungeons and developed their abilities would they play against these truly dangerous dungeons. However, all of this can only be established on one condition…

“Evan, wait a minute.”

Mirole responded with anxious eyes.

“So what Evan’s saying is…the crack between Middle Earth and the Spirit Realm on this continent will appear again.”

“You mean the crack in the system? Yeah, it’ll show up. Think about it; it’s never been solved in the first place.”

“Well…? But you killed the Devil…?”

“What are you talking about? The crack wasn’t created by the Devil, right?”


At that moment, the whole conference hall froze. Among them, only Evan continued to talk calmly.

“At first, I thought I was the key to this crack, but I wasn’t. Because I was connected to the past, to the Devil, to the curse of the world, I was only stimulating their appearance. Then, I wondered if the Devil became the key. But it wasn’t that either. Because he just wanted to use that crack to get his hands on Middle Earth.”

“Well, then…what about the cracks in this system?”

“That’s because the magic that sealed the Devil contained the cracks in the other worlds. But the seal has already lost effect, and the crack is about to reappear.”

No, it was already showing up. In the dungeon of the reality difficulty, there were several horrible creatures that could tear down cities and countries.

“We’ve been doing it wrong since we defined the crack as an abnormal situation.”

Evan shrugged, looking tired. “It’s nothing more than that. It was supposed to come naturally in the course of the world.”

It hadn’t been long since he realized that what he had been thinking was a misunderstanding. He probably didn’t even know until he was recognized as a god. He believed, ironclad, that everything would be over if he just went back to reality and finished off the Devil. What made him realize the truth was… On Earth of his past life, it was time to identify the new scenario of the Yo-Ma Great War series.

“This part has already been discussed with Ctheasil. We have to use the witch’s magic to bring them to the dungeon.”

“Huh, I thought everyone knew but was it just Master and me? That’s embarrassing…”

“I knew it, too.”

Louise glared at Ctheasil, who smiled unpleasantly. Evan broke the hardened air in the conference room by clapping twice.

“You don’t have to be so surprised. That’s why I was preparing these measures. It doesn’t matter as long as the dungeon I planned works.”

That was why witches were the main characters in the new Yo-Ma Great War series. The story of the new Yo-Ma Great War series was to realize that there was something wrong with the magic circle, which had been prepared for the past, and to find the right answer and save the future. Evan has already fixed it, more or less at this point, to cut off unnecessary sacrifices. Devil Rune? That was just a middle-ground scenario.

The real mission of Default wasn’t just to calm the Devil Rune.

“I brought you together because of something else. You have to catch monsters, but managing people is a different thing.”


“In that sense, Default. I want to ask you something.”

“Yes, Master.”

Default roughly recognized the atmosphere of the conference room and replied stiffly.

“I want you to answer honestly.”

“I’ll answer honestly!”

“You don’t see anything like the Status menu, do you?”

“What’s that?”

As expected, Default didn’t know. But not long before Name left Sherden, he had unlocked it with the help of Save…who had already awakened the ability to identify other people’s status. In other words, Name, who was originally held by the Incubus King at a time when he was supposed to wake up, slowly began to open his eyes to the ability when he contacted Save, and only recently was he able to wake up as a main character.

However, Default wasn’t like that. Was it because it was too late to awaken his skills? No, it wasn’t.

‘Default wasn’t the main character.’

However, in some games, players could set their names without being the main characters. It was the partner character, the so-called hero.

“Do you know you could have been born a woman, Default?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden, Master?”

“The default setting is a man. That’s too bad. I wanted to see the female version.”

“Default is my name…what? Settings? Version?”

However, Default responded like he didn’t understand anything that Evan just said. Suddenly, the door burst open, and the escort driver Dain appeared.

“Master, there’s something strange going on in Sherden!”

“Ah…is it starting already?”

“Huh? What?”

“You’ll find out when we go out together. I wanted to explain this in advance.”

Evan sighed and led everyone in the conference room outside. Then it was visible to their eyes: the images of humans springing up in Downtown Sherden Square.

“Wow, is this the real Sherden?”

“The real Yo-Ma Great War environment…”

“Virtual reality, feel the air! It looks so real. This is the best company in the world…!”

“But why is this place so advanced? It’s so different from the game CG.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen this DLC.”

The people had various looks, but all wore the same strange underwear. Soldiers who came straight after hearing the news, heard them speaking strange words as they surrounded the humans.

“Oh, but I can’t log out.”

“You’ve just logged on, and why are you logging out…? Oh, I can’t log out either.”

“The hell? Call GM! GM!”

“Is this a death game?”

“Guys, there’s a lot of soldiers surrounding us. This looks dangerous…”

People in long johns were talking their way into the city. With everyone speechless, Evan held a resigned expression on his face.

“From now on, these people will flock to each Dungeon City. The setting is that the gods called them to fight against the crisis of our world…no, they’ve just been dragged in.”

At that time, people naturally turned to Evan. Since Evan’s party was also on the side of the that their eyes would be on Evan, the most beautiful of the group.

“Oh, it’s Evan!”

“Are you alive!? Evan!?”

“Oh, crazy, Evan is so handsome!”

“Don’t log out, you crazy people!”

“Is logging out important right now? Evan’s alive!”

“Oh, Evan is still alive! You’re alive, Evan!”

Belois turned her head unnaturally like a robot and fixed her eyes on Evan.

“Dear Master, are you acquainted with any of those weirdos…?”

“Lua, I’m sorry. I don’t know them either.”

He might know them because of his past life…but he decided to keep his mouth shut about the existence of Evan’s fan club. It was the day when the service of Yo-Ma Great War Online (VR) began.

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