Never Die Extra

Chapter 8 Evan D. Sherden, Gets People (2)

Chapter 8: Evan D. Sherden, Gets People (2)

Evan D. Sherden, Gets People (2)


It’s a unique concept that emerges in the Yo-Ma Great War, and is a newly emerged human subspecies that was ‘God-chosen’. Therefore, this word describes not only a new person but an entirely new race.

They were mutations of ordinary humans. Slowly, they are spreading little by little amongst the average humans, but their existence only started to get attention in the latter stages of Yo-Ma because…

They are weak.

No, let’s correct it. Rookies have a naturally weak body. Their physical growth was slower than the average person. There was no physical advantage over normal humans at all.

However, there were exceptions who became ridiculously strong, such as the Bloody Witch and Silent K/Night.

By the time of Yo-Ma Great War 4, the protagonists are rookies, and they alone had the power to reach the peak.

Those who have gotten strong despite being born in a weak body. What these rookies have in common is that by luck, they have survived in a dungeon, and received a dungeon level rise.

This is their mutation. They receive twice the level of blessing in their dungeon levels.

The deeper they go, the higher they climb, the more these rookies become monsters.

This is why they were called the God-chosen race.

The weak physique they got when they were born was their penalty, to somehow balance the ridiculous buff they receive once they are capable of surviving inside dungeons.

Evan thought the penalty was stupid.

Because of that penalty, the majority of rookies die before they can even get to a dungeon!

Also, the buff only starts to get ridiculous when a rookie clears the 5th floor. How would someone with a weaker body survive the first floor?

In fact, the majority of the rookies who discovered their potential went inside dungeons, only to die terribly on the first floor. Only a very small number of outstanding rookies can make it.

It was as if God’s purpose was to screen the rookies to get a few with fantastic abilities, at the expense of the lives of the others.

Evan thought before that it wasn’t a fair rule for rookies.

Now, he’s living the game as his reality.

But I have reached this far, he thought. I can’t give up now.

In the game, it was hinted that the Bloody Witch and Silent K/night suffered countless difficulties. Detailed explanations are omitted, however, so Evan could only guess. In the game, considering the ‘countless difficulties’ they went through, the Bloody Witch made the whole world her enemy, and Silent K/night also had a lot of blood on his hands.

In the game, these children suffered so much… it will not happen this time.

“I’ll take both of them,” Evan told the head of the exchange.

“Are you sure, Master Evan? Of course, both kids are only looking good because…”

“Here.” Evan handed his wallet to the head of the exchange, even without asking for the purchase price of the two.

The head of the exchange took it, looked at the contents, and opened his mouth in shock.

This child is the son of the Marquis, so I knew he had a lot of money, but this! This is beyond my imagination! He thought.

“No, Master… these children are worth half the price of the other… this is too much, too much…”

“I have no intention of discussing the value of these children with you. But if you think that way, then I want you to grant me two small requests.”

“I’m listening, Master.”

Evan chuckled at the head of the exchange, who became politer after being given a huge sum.

“First, children born innately weak like these children… when you find such children, I want you to let me know. Oh, and I’m not asking you to kidnap them.”

“You mean bad products… No, apologies, Master. It was the wrong word choice.”

The eyes of Evan quickly turned cold when the head said ‘bad product’, forcing the head of the exchange to immediately apologize and step back, even if he knew that it was a nine-year-old boy in front of him.

Was this presence passed down from generation to generation in noble families? Impressive, the head of the exchange thought.

Meanwhile, Evan continued speaking.

“Secondly, this is our own secret. You should not tell anyone, not even my father. Are we clear?”

“All right, Master. I will keep that in mind. I’ll do that.”

“Really? Then, I think we can be good friends.” Evan reached out one hand.

The head of the exchange was surprised at a 9-year old boy offering him a handshake after a deal is closed, but he took it and bowed slightly.

“Then, I look forward to seeing you again, Master Evan.”

“Sure. We’re going.” Evan turned to his companions and the two children. “Follow me, you two. I’ll tell you more in detail later.”

And so, the sale was completed satisfactorily. Maybell looked dissatisfied as she followed Evan, while Dyne looked somewhat emotional.

Maybell whispered to Dyne. “Two boys… what do you think Master is?”

“I can hear you, Maybell,” Evan spoke without looking back. “And the little one is a girl.”



Both Maybell and Dyne were surprised. They immediately looked at the child closer.

“Whoa, it’s strange that I didn’t notice,” Dyne said, bewildered. “She’s so pretty.”

“I thought she was just a pretty little boy…” Maybell said, near tears. “A maid to replace me, huh.”

“How many times should I tell you that’s not what I’m going to do.”

Evan let Maybell climb into the carriage. Dyne hesitated where to place the two children, but Evan didn’t seem to care and let the children climb up the 4-seater carriage with him.

“As well as a maid to replace me, it is good!

“How many times do you say that you’re not going to do it anyway?”

Evan went on the wagon right after quieting Maybell. Dyne wondered what to do with the two boys, but Evan did not hesitate at all, and they also went into the carriage.

The children’s bodies and clothes looked cleaned because the head of the exchange had them cleaned thoroughly. They had some bruises, however.

Evan smiled sadly as he looked at the children who was avoiding his gaze. Silent K/Night and Bloody Witch… they were always the characters voted with the highest charisma in Yo-Ma Great War!

They seem so different from how they looked in the game, Evan thought.

Of course, both of them have just lost their parents. It was as if the sky collapsed on them.

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you,” Evan spoke as gently as he could. “I just want to know your names.”


“Yes, first name. How should I call you?”

Surprisingly, it was the Blood Witch that responded first. Evan nodded, and she mumbled in a tiny voice.

“Belois… they called me Lua.”

The other child found his voice, seemingly encouraged by Belois. “I’m Shine. It’s the first time I heard her speak since she came to the slave market.”

Shine! His name was Shine! Evan almost laughed. It’s a completely unfitting name for his character!

Evan restrained himself. If he laughs now, it will be over! He will lose these children’s trust.

He held the gentle smile he had worn when asking for their names.

“I’m Evan D. Sherden. Call me Evan, please, Shine and Belois.”

“Can I ask you one thing?” Shine spoke once more. Evan thought it was good that he started speaking, but when he looked at him, Shine looked angry.

“Why did you buy defective products like us? You’re the same age as I am, you should be old enough to know. Did you buy us as playthings you can tease and harass?”

The flame burning in Shine’s eyes was intense. Just by looking at it, Evan could guess how the other children have treated them inside the slave market.

How will I do this… Evan closed his head and composed himself. From now on, he has to choose his words and actions carefully, if he wanted the Silent K/night and the Blood Witch to trust him.

Evan opened his eyes, and both Belois and Shine looked intently at his purple eyes.

“The world is not fair, Shine. right?”

“I know… I’m tired of it.”

“Fortunately, I was lucky to be born as the second son of the Marquis. I am happy because I am blessed. But how would you feel if I tell you that you are also blessed?”

Suddenly, Shine snapped at Evan. “Are you kidding me?! I… I am nothing like you! I was born poor, with this weak body. What blessing are you talking about?!”

Evan remained calm and responded casually.

“Talent. You have talent that no one else has.”


“You can keep ignoring what I say if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. But will you be satisfied with that?”

“…nonsense words…” Shine kept grumbling.

However, a tiny voice joined in.

“What talent? Do I also have it?”

Belois’ wide red eyes stared at me as she spoke.

She’s so young! So cute!

Evan remembered that he wasn’t supposed to laugh, but he can’t help but smile at her appearance.

“Both of you have it. It’s a talent that makes you two ridiculously strong.”

“… … But my mom said that she was sorry for giving birth to a weak child like me…” Belois looked down, almost crying.

Shine also butted in. “My mother and I- “

Evan cut them off. “Your mothers don’t have to be sorry for having you. Your talent is not so easily recognizable, but I can assure you, you are stronger than anyone else in the world. You are weak right now because we’re still in the process of preparation.”

“That… … How do you know that? How can you recognize my talent while I don’t even know what it is? Even my mom and dad didn’t know – how?”

Shine clenched his fist as he replied. His eyes were filled with tears as he remembered his parents.

Evan sighed and responded. “I have a talent, too. My talent is to recognize genius. I promise you; you are special.”

“A talent to recognize genius…” Shine seemed to consider it.

Of course, Evan lied. He couldn’t tell them that he had seen the future.

But the innocent Belois bit his bait. Her tiny hands, which had been clutching Shine’s sleeves, held Evan’s clothes this time as she asked him.

“Do I really have it?”

“Of course. I can prove it. Well, we need to train for about three years. I can prove it to you if you follow my instructions in those three years. If the results are disappointing, you can just leave my side.”

“We can’t do that. We’re slaves.” Shine reminded him in a sulky manner.

“In the name of Evan D. Sherden, no one would stop you if you choose to leave me after three years. However, if the result is as I said, then you two should stay by my side and follow my will. I’m not a philanthropist. I have a purpose for buying both of you.”

This time, Shine seemed to have lost his words and stayed silent.

Belois still clutched Evan’s sleeves.

“So, what do you want to do? Will you believe me and follow me? Will you give me a chance to prove your talent? Will you walk your fate with me?”

Belois nodded without hesitation, while Shine gave a small, quick nod.

“Believe… Let’s see…” Shine muttered, with his voice cracking. “I want to believe it…”

I want to believe it. They always told me they were sorry. They always told me they were sorry… Dad, Dad always told me…

Shine was overwhelmed by thoughts and felt tears welling up.

Evan tried to soothe him with a firm voice.

“Three years from now, your parents will be proud. They will be grateful. You will get stronger and stronger, and they will be happy that they gave birth to a special talent. I am certain!”


“Really… … Really, then it would be great…” Shine couldn’t endure it anymore and started crying. Belois did, too.

Evan looked around helplessly, but Maybel turned away.

When we arrive at the mansion, I promise I’ll take revenge on Maybell, Evan thought, as he put his arms around the children.

The two began to cry harder as if they have been waiting for his arms to hold them.

“Huh, uh, ee, ee.”

As the crying went on, Dyne stopped the carriage to check what happened.

He was amazed at what he found. Evan was smiling bitterly with his hands around the children, comforting them.

I was successful in getting these two, Evan thought, but right now, they are the ones who needed my protection.

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