Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins

Chapter 30

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Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Chapter 30

Li Yue’s eyes were red because he had cried just now. Although his voice sounded rough, it trembled a bit and the red palm prints on his swollen face stood out clearly. Cheng Nuo thought of the boy's physical disability and when he looked at Li Yue's pitiful, bloody appearance, he couldn't use his knife to stab him. He swallowed the sarcastic words he wanted to say.

Although this teenager is more terrible than the devil, now it looked no different than an abused child.

Nevertheless, Cheng Nuo took gave him a warning look as sharp as a knife and said: "Be obedient and don't try to play any tricks on me!"

He carefully explored Liu Guang’s forehead. Fortunately, Liu Guang’s body temperature has begun to drop and his slightly painful facial expression has eased. The heavy stone in Cheng Nuo’s heart finally fell to the ground. His knees gave way and he sat down on the ground, hands trembling.

Liu Guang’s body temperature finally fell until Cheng Nuo was able to touch him. Cheng Nuo held Liu Guang's head in his arms tightly, a smile on his face. Cheng Nuo's eyes hadn't been lost and Liu Guang was okay. They had fortunately managed to survive despite their misfortune. Distressed, he swept Liu Guang's hair from his forehead and wiped the solidified salt particles from his brow. Liu Guang looked as though he had been in the desert for many days. His lips were frighteningly dry and cracked. There were no signs of him waking up.

Cheng Nuo thought of something and quickly asked Li Yue: "Will Liu Guang's condition right now be repeated in the future?"

If that's the case then he will have to think of a way to tie up to secure this mobile blood bank, Li Yue, thought Cheng Nuo, who wasn't a person devoid of malice.

Li Yue shivered and said, "That I don't know. He needs to control his emotions. Otherwise, if he dies, who else can he blame but himself?"

Cheng secretly promised himself that until Liu Guang was fifteen years old, he wouldn't allow him to fight like this again.

His canteen was empty but Liu Guang needs water. He wanted to take Liu Guang away but what should be done about Li Yue?

Li Yue noticed that Cheng Nuo was looking at him and immediately guessed Cheng Nuo's thoughts. Li Yue said: "The blood curse contract that you signed requires that you don't kill me. I've been badly injured and weakened by you that if you just leave me here then I'm afraid that I'll die. Do you really want to violate the terms of the blood curse and die?"

Cheng Nuo suddenly laughed out: "Aren't you afraid of death?"

Li Yue glanced at him and said, "Of course, I want to live. Your proposal was good."

Cheng Nuo puzzled: "What proposal?"

Instead of answering his question, Li Yue muttered, "You can take him away, but put the medicine on my wounds, leave me in a safe place, and… put my underwear back on!"

When he said the last phrase, the expression on his face was extremely distorted, as though he could no longer hide the extent of the humiliation he felt.

Cheng Nuo looked at Li Yue's bare ankles. Realizing that he had pulled Li Yue's skirt down but hadn't put his underwear back on, he hesitated for a bit then carefully put Liu Guang down. He picked up the underwear and quickly put it back on Li Yue. Li Yu's body turned stiff and his face turned red.

After Cheng Nuo finished, he saw that Li Yue was staring at him with cold eyes. He tried to comfort Li Yue, saying, "Anyway, one is better than none. At least you can pee."

Cheng Nuo deliberately said something tactless because he couldn't help but be angry with this f***ing pervert child who wanted to collect his eyes!

Li Yue bit his lower lips and clenched his fists. His whole body trembled. Cheng Nuo was felt too sorry for him to bully him again. After all, this pervert was still a minor and his past was probably extremely tragic…

Cheng Nuo couldn't help but exhort Li Yue: "You should stop digging out people's eyes. Try to act kinder, okay?"

Li Yue just sneered.

Cheng Nuo knew that he didn’t have the ability to save this lost lamb so he stopped talking. He didn't give the storage bag to Li Yue because he was afraid he would try something. He moved away beyond some trees before opening the bad and didn't approach until he was sure that it was safe.

Inside the interspatial storage bag were many rows of cabinets full of strange utensils and tools, as well as various types of dolls of different sizes. Thinking of the dolls with human skins, Cheng Nuo glanced at Li Yue in disgust.

Without the least sense of remorse, Li Yue said: "Give me three of the healing pills from the blue bottle from the second cabinet in the top row."

Cheng Nuo got the bottle out and took out three pills. He roughly fed the pills to Li Yue. There was no water so Li Yue choked a bit before swallowing.

"Lift my hands." Li Yue looked down at his dislocated arms.

Cheng Nuo immediately refused. Firstly, he didn't want to lift his hands. Secondly, wouldn't that be the same as courting death? Although the contract specified a truce, what if Li Yue went crazy again? He could easily use one of those dolls to start a fight.

Li Yue said impatiently, "You must put up an energy grid around me. If there are any wild animals around, how can I protect myself?'

The sky was getting darker by the second so that much as reasonable. Cheng Nuo looked around for a good place then dragged Li Yue into the corner of a tree's roots. He arranged the silk thread as Li Yue directed him to then stuffed the bottle of healing pills into his clothes. However, Cheng Nuo had no intention of returning the storage bag to Li Yue. He threw it down the mountain as far as he could.

Li Yue restrained himself and showed no expression on his face. After he had rested for one day he should be able to regain his strength. Then he would manipulate a doll inside the storage bag to bring it back to where he was.

Cheng Nuo finished his task and clapped his hands. Looking down, he saw that Li Yue's long hair covered his face as he lay there curled up with his arms hanging down. He looked extremely pathetic yet hateful.

Taking a bit of dried food from his baggage, Cheng Nuo carefully reached through a gap in the silk threads to place it near Li Yue's lips. "You need to shape up. You must know that however strong you are, there is always someone stronger. If you continue to act like this, sooner or later your fate will be worse than this. Others have made you suffer but you needn't make innocent people suffer for it."

Once Cheng Nup had finished his sermon he turned away and didn't look back. He carefully picked Liu Guang up and walked up the mountain. He had been traveling with Liu Guang for some time so now he knew how to find water and food. The land around here was quite humid, therefore there should be a small stream nearby.

Li Yue looked at the millet pancake in front of him and snorted coldly.

The ground was very cold. In fact, after a long time, he had become used to the cold temperature of his human skin dolls but somehow he couldn't stop shivering. An extremely familiar feeling of pain rose up from the pit of his stomach.

"Little One, Little Two, I feel so bad…" He bit his lips and groaned. His legs curled up but he couldn't even be comforted by that extremely cold embrace.

Li Yue gnashed his teeth. He's going to make more dolls. A doll that's warm.

That person who made him so miserable and found out his secret must become part of his collection.


Reika’s Notes:

"…his past was probably extremely tragic…" – the raw literally said, "more tragic than bok choy" which was too weird to use.

"Try to act kinder, okay?" – 多积点德吧 (duō jī diǎn dé bā) Literally "accumulate more virtue points."

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