Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins

Chapter 50.2

Chapter 50.2 - Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

The two of them walked side by side for a while but Cheng Nuo still felt a little uneasy. Liu Guang was clearly quite popular among the disciples of Qinghua sect. Wherever they went, people would greet him and call out "Shixiong." They must think that it was strange for Liu Guang to be walking side by side with a level three disciple.

Cheng Nuo tried to unobtrusively fall behind him but Liu Guang noticed immediately. Disgruntled, Liu Guang grabbed Cheng Nuo's arm to haul him back to his side. Since Cheng Nuo was afraid that this type of action would be even more embarrassing, he moved back to Liu Guang's side as casually as he could. After all, everyone thought he was Liu Guang's bosom friend.

Covertly observing Liu Guang and people's reactions towards him, Cheng Nuo decided that Liu Guang's looks and aloof attitude towards others made him exactly the type of cool and handsome person that would have attracted a lot of girls if they had been in a modern high school. Cheng Nuo was amused but also a little bit worried. Why was Liu Guang's bad temper the same as when he was a child? But Liu Guang had always had that type of personality which was difficult to change.

Liu Guang didn't leave his side until they were at the gate of the medical department. His eyes bright, he said, "I'll come to visit you tonight."

Cheng Nuo nodded his head to show his agreement. He was still trying to act casual. This made Liu Guang's eyes feel so hot that he could hardly stand it.

The medical team was at a place called Yongchun Hall which was close to the Hidden Dragon Mountain where the sect master's disciples trained. Thus, the scenery here was much better than that of Bai Cao Yuan and Du Yue Lin. There was a mountain on one side and water on the other. A lovely blue lake several kilometers wide was framed by elegant gardens and pavilions.

Cheng Nuo asked around for the person in charge then reported to him. As per the usual procedure, he was given a waist token, clothes, and a room to live in. Cheng Nuo was very pleased with his new place that was much bigger and brighter than the tiny room he had previously been given. There were all kinds of furniture, too. At night he would be able to enjoy the sight of beautiful moonlight on the lake.

The only thing that was lacking was the medical team's uniform. The bright red color of the top and pants just way too flashy for Cheng Nuo. They made him look like a chili pepper!

After arranging everything in the room to his satisfaction, Cheng Nuo went to the Treasure Beast Court to get a magical beast mount.

There were three types of magical beasts for ordinary disciples: the ox-head, horse-head, and leopard-head magical beasts. Most level one and two disciples chose the majestic leopard-headed magical beast. The Treasure Beast Court fed these magical beasts for the disciples but charged a monthly fee for taking care of them. The cost of raising a leopard-headed magical beast was definitely the highest.

Thus, Cheng Nuo picked an ox-headed magical beast for his mount. Although it wasn't as fast as a leopard-headed magical beast, it was much more docile and looked pleasing to the eyes.

It was already noon by the time Cheng Nuo finished. Cheng Nuo asked around among the disciples that he knew and found out that there was a total of twelve newcomers. Six of them, including Cheng Nuo, were from Du Yue Lin. Two other sects had also sent some of their disciples to train with them. Cheng Nuo had arrived late because of his injuries but the others had been here for some time. Their formal training would not start until tomorrow so he was just in time.

Since he had some free time, Cheng Nuo strolled around the path by the lake, trying to memorize the new locations and terrain. As he rounded a corner, he suddenly stopped in surprise because he saw several Lingyun Pavilion disciples in front of him. Li Jiu was with them.

As a member of the medical team, Li Jiu learned how to save people but he also knew how to kill people using his medical skills. He was someone who could use his flying needle to accurately hit the magical beast's weak spot with deadly accuracy. Even though this skill had been used to save him, Cheng Nuo still felt a little uneasy about it.

Bowing and making way for the group, Cheng Nuo waited for them to pass him by but Li Jiu stopped in front of him. It seemed that Li Jiu wanted to speak to him.

Cheng Nuo was forced to stop. Smiling, he said, "It turns out that brother Li Jiu is also a healer with the wood elemental skill."

Li Jiu said in a thoughtful manner, "I also didn't expect that you're the same as me. What a coincidence! What is Shidi's name?'

"Cheng Nuo." He smiled. "There are still a lot of things I don't know about medicine. I'm afraid I'll have to ask Shixiong for advice in the future."

Li Jiu smiled and said, "I'll have to try my best if that happens."

They spoke a few more words with each other before parting.

Cheng Nuo went with the other Du Yue Lin disciples to assist the elite disciples in refining medicine. They were busy with work until the evening. Gradually, Cheng Nuo realized that while the medical team was well-paid and made the fastest progress because they received the best training, their lives weren't easy. It was likely that they would be sent out on dangerous missions in the future. Though Cheng Nuo was inwardly worried, he secretly vowed to quickly improve his cultivation. He didn't want to be a burden on Liu Guang if they were ever sent on a mission in the future.

Level one and two disciples were often sent to perform various tasks but Liu Guang never discussed the specifics. However, despite the fact that Liu Guang never said a word about his missions, Cheng Nuo knew that they were dangerous. This was not a peaceful world. The martial artists of the different sects inside the city fought each other all the time.

Since Liu Guang had said that he was going to visit later in the evening, Cheng Nuo went to wait for him at the gate of the medical hall even though it was still early. Liu Guang arrived as soon as it was dark outside. Cheng Nuo smiled at him and the two of them walked together inside.

Liu Guang looked over Cheng Nuo's bright red clothes disdainfully. "How ugly."

Cheng Nuo shot a glance at the other person's head and said with a smile, "I think red looks good."

Liu Guang was taken aback for a moment then realized that Cheng Nuo was referring to his red hair color. He blushed.

Cheng Nuo thought Liu Guang's reaction was interesting. He would definitely have pinched Liu Guang's face if they weren't in public.

One of the benefits of being in the medical team was being able to bring meals back to his room. Cheng Nuo went to the dining hall where a dozen different dishes were available. He chose some of Liu Guang's favorites dishes and a plate of steamed buns, bringing back a large amount of food to cater to Liu Guang's enormous appetite.

When Cheng Nuo returned to his room, he laughed because Liu Guang couldn't bear to patiently wait for him to come back and was in the middle of the room practicing a new martial arts move.

Liu Guang rushed over to hug Cheng Nuo as soon as he put the plates down and turned around.

Liu Guang, blushing, took Cheng Nuo's face in between his hands and kissed Cheng Nuo's forehead as he caressed Cheng Nuo’s face with his thumbs. Those beautiful lake-blue eyes stared unblinkingly at Cheng Nuo.

Despite the fact that his heart was racing, Cheng Nuo pretended he wasn't affected and simply smiled, saying, "Aren't you hungry? Let's eat."

Liu Guang didn't answer. Rubbing his hot cheeks against Cheng Nuo, Liu Guang's nose wandered over Cheng Nuo like a puppy's, as if he was exploring Cheng Nuo's smell.

This tickled Cheng Nuo's fancy. He could imagine Liu Guang transforming into a little puppy-boy with dog ears and little canines… Would he have a tail…?

Was Liu Guang going to change into something like that when he turned fifteen? When that happened, Cheng Nuo would check to see if he had a tail… Wait, no how could Liu Guang really turn into a dog-eared boy? That's too unscientific!

At last Liu Guang let Cheng Nuo go and started eating dinner. After two big mouthfuls, he looked up at Cheng Nuo as if he wanted to eat Cheng Nuo up, too.

Liu Guang wasn't planning on leaving after dinner. He washed up then stuck to Cheng Nuo for a while before jumping into bed without his shirt on. This new bed was much larger than the old one that was sized for one person to use. Liu Guang lay on the edge of the bed, dissatisfied with the distance between the two of them. He reached out and wasn't satisfied until he had placed Cheng Nuo's head on his chest.

Cheng Nuo sweatdropped. When they were kids he never would have imagined that Liu Guang would grow up to be this clingy. Cheng Nuo wiggled his body into a more comfortable position until he was lying on his side. The two of them were now facing each other.

He reached out and touched Liu Guang’s face. His fingertips stroked Liu Guang's forehead, eyes, nose, and, finally, fell on his soft lips. Although it was too dark for Cheng Nuo to see, he knew that Liu Guang’s lips were very beautiful and the color was very inviting…

Cheng Nuo couldn't help but start to breathe faster. They had French kissed before but ever since then they only touched each other’s faces like pure, innocent young kids! He was certain that he wanted to kiss Liu Guang now and when Liu Guang was older, they could do something more…

As Cheng Nuo slowly moved his face closer for a kiss, Liu Guang drew back in fright and used his hands to block the space between them. Cheng Nuo immediately felt depressed.

Liu Guang was afraid that Cheng Nuo was angry. He blushed and explained, "No… the moment we touch… I'll want to kiss you…"

Now it was Cheng Nuo's turn to blush.


Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Reika of BC Novels and Creative Novels.
  • "…Liu Guang's bosom friend." – Literally "close, intimate brother" but I don't think the other disciples think that they are real blood-related brothers since Liu Guang and Cheng Nuo look very different from each other. It probably just means someone as close as a brother.
  • "There was a mountain on one side and water on the other." – This was once explained to me IRL as an ideal location to live. Something about really good feng shui?
  • Those two are so sweet!
  • It’s only been a few days since the Coronavirus quarantine but one out of four grocery stores that’s within walking distance of my house was already closed yesterday. I’m worried the grocery stores will all close and we’ll be left here alone and starving!
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