Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins

Chapter 78.2

Chapter 78.2

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It was simply not human suffering ah!!

Laozi wants to break up with you ah, you burst my chrysanthemum’s soul!

Fuck, although Laozi was also a man, men are no good, when they say it won’t hurt it hurts to death ah ah ah ah…!

Bai Rui pressed Cheng Nuo’s waist and couldn’t help but gasp. He endured for a long time, and his lower abdomen was already hot as if it was about to explode. The hot and wet back cavity tightly wrapped him, making him clearly feel that Cheng Nuo belonged to him, and this feeling was several times better than he had imagined.

It was just Cheng Nuo’s screams that startled him. He stopped abruptly while panting, and gently stroked Cheng Nuo’s waist and legs and whispered, “Does it hurt?”

Cheng Nuo’s lips trembled a few times, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he was stiff and didn’t dare to move at all.

He could feel himself being supported with Bai Rui’s pulsations buried in his body, one after another. The heat and hardness made him flustered. Obviously the pain was severe, but somehow, Bai Rui’s gentle voice made him blush, and his body was soft and weak.

He looked at Bai Rui. Bai Rui’s forehead covered with sweat with a few strands of beautiful silver hair sticking to it. He was obviously also struggling with patience, but his appearance was extremely beautiful.

A drop of sweat flowed from Bai Rui’s forehead to his chin, and from his graceful chin to his jade-white chest… Cheng Nuo licked his lips hurriedly and found that he was extremely thirsty.

He shook his head like a fool and his heart beat violently.

Bai Rui was relieved, so he held Cheng Nuo’s waist and began to move forward. He didn’t stop until their bodies were close together. He gasped and checked to make sure there was no bleeding, then he was slightly relieved.

Because of the severe pain, Cheng Nuo’s eyes were going lax, and his legs hung weakly on Bai Rui’s waist, holding Bai Rui’s arms tightly and trying to relax his body. He was in so much pain now that he couldn’t heal himself, and it would still hurt even if he healed himself, right?

Bai Rui warned himself not to be too fast. He lowered his head and gently sucked Cheng Nuo’s lips. His hands went around his bottom and grabbed the one outside and started rubbing it together with Cheng Nuo’s shriveled one*.

(*TN: the author is like really vague with the nsfw but just in case u don’t get what’s going on here, bai rui is rubbing his pp that’s not inside cheng nuo along with cheng nuo’s limp pp)

Cheng Nuo thought to himself, those two special ones are so cruel*!

(*TN: 特么两根好猎奇 yea I have no idea what is being said here…)

He panted hurriedly, put his hand around Bai Rui’s neck, and tried to respond.

Laozi will die in bed today…

Bai Rui could feel Cheng Nuo’s changes, his body warming up again, and the thing in his hand slowly moved. He was happy in his heart; he gently moved his waist and hips, pumping clumsily a few times. It was difficult at the beginning, but it slowly became smoother.

Despite this, Cheng Nuo was still in pain, and his body shrank back involuntarily.

Bai Rui pressed his waist and tentatively pushed it around, looking for a place where Cheng Nuo could feel good.

When the tip rubbed against a bump, an electric current-like strange pleasure quickly spread from his coccyx to his whole body, Cheng Nuo’s tense body suddenly softened, and he hurriedly let out an ambiguous moan.

This moan shocked both of them. Cheng Nuo was even frightened by the strange pleasure, and his heart was even more embarrassed. How could he make such a strange and embarrassing voice?

Bai Rui was overjoyed. He exerted his waist and slowly accelerated the speed of his thrusts, continuing to attack that place.

The pain was slowly suppressed by the overwhelming pleasure, Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but make some tiny sounds, and couldn’t control his reaction at all. He grabbed Bai Rui’s arm in horror; how could he be like this? He was not really a female, how could he still feel it…?

As if perceiving his uneasiness, Bai Rui’s powerful waist moved slowly. He lowered his head and whispered in his ear: “Nuo, I like you, I like your voice…”

Cheng Nuo’s face flushed suddenly, don’t speak so carnally ah! But strangely, that nervousness also disappeared. His legs were unconsciusly wrapped around Bai Rui’s waist, and his hands were randomly clutching at Bai Rui’s back.

Bai Rui looked at Cheng Nuo intensely, looking at his flushed cheeks and gasping lips, knowing that he was pleasing him, which gave him more satisfaction than physical satisfaction.

He endured it to the limit until now, so he indulged a little bit, pushing his powerful waist vigorously, and gradually indulged in the kind of ecstasy and bone-eroding pleasure. He couldn’t wait to connect the two of them together and never separate.

Cheng Nuo’s body couldn’t help shaking when he was thrust into, and he felt that he was going to suffocate in the too strong pleasure! Following Bai Rui’s movements, the stiff thing left outside kept rubbing against his own…

In the confined space of the cave, the gasps of the two of them, and the sound of their flesh hitting and going in and out seemed to be amplified. Cheng Nuo’s heart was beating so hard and he was worried that the bed would be shaken apart!

The increasingly intense pleasure came and finally piled up to its peak. Bai Rui’s waist suddenly jerked and Cheng Nuo let out a tone-changing monosyllable, his body suddenly tightening, and he came again, the corners of his mouth overflowing with a some liquid.

Bai Rui carefully licked it for him, and looking at his dazed eyes and sweaty forehead, he slowed down so that he could have a break.

When the intense shuddering sensation had passed, Cheng Nuo realized that Bai Rui was looking down at him, and because he was still moving, his image was constantly shaking. That hot portion left outside rubbed against his lower abdomen, and the portion buried in his body was still incredibly hard.

He turned his face awkwardly. Well, it didn’t take as long as you. Is it normal to hold on for such a long time for the first time?

Bai Rui quickly noticed that he was running away, bit his mouth with some dissatisfaction, and then sped up again. After coming twice, Cheng Nuo couldn’t get it up for a short time, but he still panted when he was thrust into.

He collapsed weakly on the bed, feeling that he was about to be shaken to pieces! There was also a spicy pain in the pleasure. If they went on like this, he won’t see the sun tomorrow, although you couldn’t see the sun here in the first place…

“Are you finished, I don’t have the strength…” Cheng Nuo was very embarrassed, and couldn’t help but make a shameful urge, his voice trembling badly, “Hurry up…”

Bai Rui panted in a low voice: “Nuo, call my name…”

Cheng Nuo’s expression and reaction now made him feel a little out of control. He held Cheng Nuo’s waist and started moving vigorously.

Cheng Nuo’s voice was hoarse, and he blushed and said weakly: “Bai Rui, Bai Rui, hurry up…”

It was only after he yelled many times that Bai Rui stopped abruptly. A hot liquid in his body made him spasm, and his lower abdomen as hot and wet. The thing finally softened in his body, and the cavity was full of an ambiguous fishy smell.

The corners of his eyes twitched, fuck, so cruel, so cruel!

Jerk, coming in Laozi’s body!

Cheng Nuo looked over towards Bai Rui and was immediately stunned.

Bai Rui fell on him, his slender and graceful neck leaned back, his blushing lips gasped uncontrollably, his jade-carved body was covered with sweat, and his calm golden eyes were also glowing at this time.

His face turned red unconsciously. Fuck, so the cold Bai Rui was like a seductive vixen at this moment, absolutely unscientific! His grievances couldn’t be said.

Bai Rui was still reluctant to pull out, the warmth inside felt too good, but he also knew that Cheng Nuo was at his limit. He reluctantly retreated. When he pulled it out, there was a sound, and some liquid flowed out, and both of them were a little embarrassed. Bai Rui turned around with Cheng Nuo in his arms, hugged him tightly in his arms, and stretched out his hand to straighten out his scattered black hair.

He quickly scanned Cheng Nuo’s arm; the red dot really disappeared. This person now has his scent… He kissed Cheng Nuo’s forehead and cheeks contentedly.

His thighs were still sticky, and Cheng Nuo didn’t dare to move even though he was uncomfortable. He hung his head with red ear tips, too humiliating!

Obviously Bai Rui was much younger than him, but he forced him to be so embarrassed…

But Bai Rui obviously didn’t understand his embarrassment, and he lay on his ear and whispered softly: “Does it hurt?”

Cheng Nuo shrank in his arms and said, “It’s okay, I will treat it myself.”

In fact, Laozi was still in burning pain now! He wanted to cry when he used his healing technique there!

Bai Rui still thought that he was not stimulated enough, and whispered, “Then…did it feel good?”

Cheng Nuo had nowhere to hide his embarrassment. Would Laozi so embarrassed if he didn’t feel good? This kind of question was too stupid!

He closed his eyes and pretended to be dead, ignoring Bai Rui.

But Bai Rui asked persistently with a serious expression, as if he had to hear the answer. Cheng Nuo bit his chest angrily and said weakly: “It was okay.”

Bai Rui stroked his lower back thoughtfully and comforted in a low voice: “I won’t let you hurt again next time.”

Cheng Nuo suddenly blushed, and he looked at Bai Rui indignantly, only to find that those eyes were full of tenderness and that Bai Rui’s ears were also red.

His mood suddenly improved. It turned out that Bai Rui was not as calm as he said! He was not the only one who is embarrassed.

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