Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins

Chapter 81

Chapter 81

uwwoooghhh seggsssss (towards the end)

Bi Feng’s power had been suppressed for too long. Once released, it flew faster than the wind.

Because Cheng Nuo was ashamed of the place where he was injured, Bai Rui carefully wrapped the washed white sheet that came out of the seal on his body, to cool down his butt and avoid the wind blowing.

They were still in the area of Snow City. Although the Bai family probably determined that the two people would die if they fell into it [the sealed land], they still needed to be careful. Bai Rui sat cross-legged in front of him to observe the terrain, while Cheng Nuo lay down behind him to read the book left by Tao Mo.

He read for a while and closed his book silently. In the book, there were only simple theoretical knowledge and practice methods. Many things still need to be explored by him to find the most suitable move for him.

The joy of survival gradually faded. He was so upset that he couldn’t see it at all. Bi Feng kept advancing towards the position of Liaoji City. Cheng Nuo looked at Bai Rui who was in front of him and felt relieved. Anyway, they must find the Liu Guang first.

Just thinking of what to say after meeting Liu Guang… Cheng Nuo’s mind went blank. He is a complete scum… Any words were pale and superfluous, even thinking of those clear lake-green eyes, there was a feeling of suffocation in his chest.

After rushing for three days in a row, Cheng Nuo’s injury improved a lot, but he still had to lie there.

Bai Rui suddenly frowned and patted Bi Feng on the neck to stop it above the clouds to hide its figure.

Cheng Nuo asked in surprise, “What’s the matter?”

“It should be the passing Snow City Flying Beasts Team, don’t worry.” Bai Rui turned into a half-beast, his sharp golden eyes observing the team’s situation through the clouds.

There was a total of more than a dozen people in the team, all of whom were covered in blood and embarrassed, as if they had encountered a strong enemy. Bai Rui was a little surprised by the person who fell behind the last break. It was the Dark Guard Yi Yi who escorted Cheng Nuo out of Snow City that year. The beast he was riding should be the Bi Feng he was going to give to Cheng Nuo that year. Bai Rui changed his mind and relieved the ability to conceal his breath.

The two Bi Fengs had grown up together since they were young and were later domesticated by Bai Rui. At this time, they had a sense of each other, and the one riding Yi Yi suddenly yelled and flew up regardless of anything.

The other beasts were not as high as Bi Feng. They thought it was the enemy’s attack. They were on the way back to the Snow City. The formation was immediately disordered, and the frightened beasts screamed and flew forward.

Yi Yi’s ability was not enough to control Bi Feng. Bi Feng took him through the clouds with one breath. When the two Bi Feng met, they both screamed with joy. When he saw Bai Rui, he showed a shocked expression, and then quickly saluted, his voice trembling slightly: “Subordinate sees the Little Master!”

“I’m not a Little Master anymore,” Bai Rui said calmly, “From now on, I have nothing to do with Snow City.””

Yi Yi was startled, lowered his head and said, “Yes! Back then, it was unfavorable for this subordinate to escort Young Master Cheng, but please… don’t punish!”

Cheng Nuo lay there on his side and smiled: “I’m still fine now, thank you then! Please take responsibility for what you do.”

Yi Yi hurriedly said, “It’s best for the Young Master to be unhindered. Sixth Young Master, on the border of Snow City three days ago, the Eldest Young Master was caught in the trap of a bandit* and was taken away. His subordinates have sent the messenger bird back to Snow City, and the sixth young master is also requested to help!”

(*tl note: so the word used here is 歹人 which according to various dictionaries means evildoer, bad person, villain, bandit, etc. I wasn’t sure which one sounded better, but I went with bandit… thoughts?)

Cheng Nuo was taken aback, and subconsciously glanced at Bai Rui. Something happened to Bai Mu…?

He doesn’t know who was stronger now, Bai Rui or Bai Mu, but among the people he met before, Bai Mu is definitely one of the best masters. How could such a person be kidnapped?

Although Bai Rui has no feelings for Snow City, he obviously still has brotherhood with Bai Mu, otherwise he would not call Bai Mu his eldest brother…

Bai Rui’s expression remained unchanged, but his eyebrows were a little gloomy, and he said solemnly: “What kind of bandit?”

Yi Yi spoke eloquently and described it carefully. Cheng Nuo was even more surprised. It turned out that there were only two bandits!

Yi Yi said quickly: “Both of them are wearing black cloaks and peach wood masks on their faces, so they can’t be seen clearly. One of them is a fire-type ability user with red hair and tall; the other is a gold-type puppet master with long black curly hair. Both of them were extremely vicious. The Flying Beast Team couldn’t resist sending out a distress signal, and it happened that the eldest young master happened to be nearby and rushed there. The two of them asked the City Lord to send people to use Dingcheng Pearl as exchange on Muwei Island within a month.”

Cheng Nuo’s brain buzzed when he heard the first half, and his heart beat wildly. A red-haired fire-type ability user person, was there anyone else in this world?

He looked at Bai Rui in shock, Bai Rui frowned and said, “Maybe it’s just a coincidence…Only curly hair is relatively rare, a gold-type puppet master…”

“Could it Li Yue?” Cheng Nuo was even more surprised, and couldn’t help but blurt out, feeling confused for a while, could it be that Liu Guang was now with Li Yue? This is simply impossible!

He struggled to stand up. Bai Rui held him down and said to Yi Yi in a deep voice, “I know this. You don’t need to reveal my whereabouts after you return to Snow City.”

Yi Yi said without hesitation: “Subordinate obeys orders!”

As he said, he released a flying beast from the spare beast bag, jumped up and said, “This Bi Feng was temporarily raised by this subordinate for Young Master Cheng, and now it is returned to its rightful owner. Young Master Cheng, please don’t disappoint the Sixth Young Master’s heart.”

Bai Rui’s face flushed slightly, and he said in a low voice, “You speak a lot.”

He was going to send Cheng Nuo away that year, so he went to the back mountain of Snow City and spent a lot of effort to subdue this pair of Bi Feng. He sent back one of them with Cheng Nuo, with a thought in his heart: Cheng Nuo would think of himself when he saw the beast.……

Cheng Nuo was startled. Yi Yi and his party had already ridden the beast and landed under the clouds after a salute. He remembered the scene of Yi Yi escorting him that day, as if it was still clear as yesterday, and he felt a little emotional for a moment.

He cheered up for a moment, and then found that Bai Rui was looking at him, as if letting him choose the destination.

Cheng Nuo bit his lip and said, “Let’s find out where the Muwei Island is. After all, Bai Mu is your brother. If that person is not Liu Guang, it’s not too late for us to save Bai Mu and go to Liaoji City.”

Although he doesn’t like Bai Mu very much, he can’t ignore Bai Rui’s mood.

“Okay.” Bai Rui did not stop at all. He quickly jumped on Bi Feng at the other end and ordered the two Bi Feng to continue on their way.

Cheng Nuoyang said, “What is Dingcheng Pearl?”

Bai Rui said calmly, “It’s a jewel passed down from the ancestors of the Snow City era. I’ve only heard of it. But these people have made a mistake. Bai Jintian will not trade it. He hates being threatened most.”

Cheng Nuo was shocked. He had learned a little about the relationships between the Bai family. The relationship between father and son was really indifferent…

The two inquired about the whereabouts of the two masked people all the way, but they didn’t get anything. However, they knew the location of the Muwei Island, a famous island in the West Sea, and a very important transportation hub. The island was mixed with good and bad, and bandits from all walks of life. According to Bi Feng’s speed, they could get there in half a month.

Maybe those crazy thoughts were put aside for the time being. During the journey, Cheng Nuo continued to concentrate on his spiritual cultivation. It was a small success, and his injury was almost healed.

He is sure that even if he couldn’t beat the opponent now, he would not be a hindrance. The hidden ability of shape-changing is to run away from the holy weapon, subtle steps ah! As long as there was soil and plants, he could evacuate safely.

Although Yi Yi described it that way, he still felt that the possibility of one of them being Liu Guang was zero. After all, although there weren’t many redheads in this world, Liu Guang was not the only one, and there were even more fire-ability users.

It’s just, someone who could catch Bai Mu…

He frowned and thought it was still impossible. How could Liu Guang be with Li Yue? Everything could only be determined after meeting.

After five or six days, the two men had arrived at the edge of the West Sea by Bifeng. Anyway, there was still more time. In order not to attract attention, they put Bifeng in the beast bag and changed their appearance. After all, Bai Rui and Bai Mu were alike. He was afraid that Bai Rui’s appearance would cause the other party to be alert.

After Bai Rui disguised himself, he was an ordinary person with gray hair and gray eyes, and Cheng Nuo was only more ordinary after being matched with that silly hairstyle. Both of them were dressed as men, and Cheng Nuo also wore a domineering simple knife on his waist like other big men, so that they would not attract attention.

It was still long before the agreed time, and it was impossible for the other party to wait at the trading point so many days in advance, so they calmed down and stayed in the coastal town for a few days to replenish resources, and then set off with a boat to Muwei Island .

The boat was built very large, but the ticket was extremely expensive. Fortunately, Bai Rui had collected a lot of rough energy stones in the sealed land before, refined the magical artifacts and sold them for energy coins.

Cheng Nuo had never been on a boat before, so he was a little dizzy from the bumps, so he took a elixir for clearing the heart and mind, and stuffed one into Bai Rui’s mouth as well.

These days, he was in a hurry to travel, and Cheng Nuo was recovering from his injuries. The two hardly had any intimacy.

Cheng Nuo felt a flexible and soft tongue licking his fingers, and a numbness spread along his fingers to his brain. He hurried withdrew his hand.

Bai Rui looked away as if nothing had happened, with a very serious expression on his face.

Cheng Nuo was embarrassed. What did that mean?

“Brother, can you sell me some medicine for seasickness?” A weak voice suddenly came from the right.

Cheng Nuo looked over in a daze, and then became even more astonished. He held the railing tightly with both hands, and subconsciously glanced at Bai Rui.

The person who asked the question had a pair of extremely gorgeous red eyes, and his hair was as white as snow. He was An Chen, the son of the Gu family, the young lady who Bai Rui was going to welcome in that day!

In fact, he had long forgotten about An Chen, but now he remembered it immediately. By the way, An Chen was still Bai Rui’s official nominal wife… Although Bai Rui said that they didn’t go to the bridal chamber…

Bai Rui’s expression did not change at all, he glanced at Cheng Nuo and said, “My dear brother, do you still have your medicine?”

Cheng Nuo nodded and said to An Chen, “This is not worth much, so I will give it to you.”

An Chen took the small bottle and opened it to sniff first. He had been with poison since he was a child, and he can tell whether it is poisonous or not. He smiled at Cheng Nuo and threw a small money bag over. “Thank you.”

When Ann Chen left, Cheng Nuo opened it and found that there were at least 1000 primary energy coins in it. The young master of the Gu family was really generous!

Somehow, he felt hot when holding the money bag. He was also angry. He couldn’t help putting it in Bai Rui’s hand and said, “Take it.”

Cheng Nuo said and walked back to the cabin he had ordered and lay down, and closed his eyes upset. His head was neither dizzy nor nauseated anymore, but the stomach felt a little sour. The food on board was seafood, always with a fishy smell.

He thought of the Bi Fengs in the magic beast bag and released them. Both Bi Feng were now small and the size of a sparrow. They looked a little cute and fluffy. Cheng Nuo suddenly remembered that he had not named them.

There was a soft know on the door, and Bai Rui came in. His face seemed to brighten up a little. Both of them had their own worries these days, and Bai Rui seldom shows such ease.

Cheng Nuo somehow felt even more awkward after meeting An Chen just now.

The bed was very small, and Bai Rui squeezed in and lay there quietly looking at Cheng Nuo. They were very close.

Cheng Nuo gradually became embarrassed. Although Bai Rui’s appearance had changed, his eyes were still exactly the same as before, and now they were even more gentle, making his heart beat a little faster. But now his appearance had changed completely. Didn’t Bai Rui feel awkward looking at it?

He turned his face naturally and said, “These two Bi Fengs don’t have names yet, what do you think they should be called?”

Bai Rui reached out and touched his hair and said, “You name them, anything is fine.”

Cheng Nuo was speechless. He is incompetent at naming!

He pointed to the slightly bigger one and said, “How about this one called barley and the other called wheat?”

“Okay.” Bai Rui looked at him and suddenly said, “I didn’t get married at the time. The eldest son of the Gu family likes my elder brother. This time he’s going to Muwei Island, he must have something to do with him.”

Cheng Nuo was stunned. This ship really went directly to the Muewi Island…

For some reason, his face became hot, and he lowered his head and said “Oh”.

Bai Rui casually stuffed the two Bi Fengs back into the magic beast bag, and his slender and flexible fingers began to untie Cheng Nuo’s belt.

Cheng Nuo froze, and quickly held down and whispered, “What are you doing? The partition wall has ears…”

“It’s okay, I will hide the sound so that others can’t hear it.” Bai Rui’s breathing was a little short, and his voice was even more hoarse, “Suddenly I want you very much, don’t you want to?”

It’s true that they’ve been innocent for more than half a month, but it’s still sunny outside. These boat is basically full of bandits, and the time and place are wrong… Bai Rui’s self-control has always been very good. Why is he so anxious all of a sudden ah?

Cheng Nuo said embarrassedly: “Shall I do it with my hands?”

Bai Rui soon regained his looks, and his hot and soft lips fell, and everything that followed was out of his hands.

Cheng Nuo lay on the bed, gasping non-stop, his eyes blurred.

Bai Rui’s lips gently kissed the newly grown flesh on his back, bringing bursts of slight numbness and itching, which made it feel a little unbearable. Bai Rui’s hands were also busy below, exploring gently and meticulously.

His bottom was suddenly opened. Cheng Nuo gave a short cry, and his whole body shuddered.

Bai Rui was obviously also very excited, holding his waist and moving quickly, bumping his whole body shaking, and his eyes were in chaos.

The bodies of the two of them were already in harmony. Bai Rui could always tease him so much that he can’t help himself…

The two of them lingered on that small bed all afternoon. Cheng Nuo didn’t know how many times Bai Rui had done it. He only knew that Bai Rui kept changing his posture. His two things took turns in battle, and he almost vomited blood and died without doing it. Later, Bai Rui leaned on him and finally stopped with a satisfied expression on his face. Cheng Nuo panted for a long time before he recovered.

Fuck, those two things are amazing!

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