Nidome no Yuusha

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Appetite of Hell

As the sword in Minnalis’ chest gave off a strong light and faded like faint spores of light melting in the air right after.

It didn’t leave any wounds on her body, and the clothes she wore should definitely have been pierced, but there was no tear to be found.

「Ah, I see. So that’s the reason for your vengeance?」

「What I saw just now… was that my master’s reason?」

Having our paths bound together by the 【Holy Sword of Vengeance】, I understood that mine and Minnalis’ personal revenge had been changed and became intertwined into one.

What happened was the vivid experience leading up to our reasons for revenge flowed directly into each other’s brain.

It was so realistic that it felt as if it was my very own memory. The insides of my body began to burn intensely as I raged at the feeling of pain and despair that fueled Minnalis’ pledge for revenge, as it slowly engraved itself into my being.

But the dark zeal she possessed was not at all inferior to my own.

Minnalis, having felt my reason through the oath of vengeance as well, was completely mortified.

And little by little, our desires for revenge intertwined together, more deeply and more purely until they became one.

When the last spores of dark light from 【Holy Sword of Vengeance】 faded away, all the feelings of revenge that Minnalis harbored became mine, and all the feelings of revenge that I harbored became hers.

「Well, even though I went through with this, it doesn’t mean I fully understand it. It’s more like a joint ownership of our desires for revenge.」

When I looked around, the slaves all looked like targets for revenge, and it made my blood boil, so I naturally began leaking bloodlust.

The slaves who had lifeless eyes also felt the sudden threat to their lives and huddled up in fear.

【System Message: Title 『Master Avenger』 acquired.】

【System Message: The individual Minnalis has become a 『Subordinate Avenger』.】

Because of the System Message, I precisely confirmed the effects of the 【Holy Sword of Vengeance】.

Turning to Minnalis, it looked like she’s a little perplexed after sharing the oath of our vengeance, yet she too possessed a somewhat excited face.

「Amazing, is this the power of the sword from before? With this- ah, ahh, to think that it could be even more amazing!!」

Minnalis’ face flushed when her imagination sent pleasurable sensations up crotch her back, and in some respects, it was like orgasmic pleasure, causing the corners of her mouth to twist.

「Status Open • Minnalis」

Minnalis | 16 years old | Female | Rabbitkin

HP:160/208(416) MP: 189/206(412)

Level: 18

Strength: 105 (211)

Stamina: 111 (222)

Endurance:85 (171)

Agility:139 (278)

Magic Power:123 (247)

Magic Resist:95 (191)

Inherent Skill: 『Poisonous Demonic Phantasm』

Skills: 『Illusion Magic Lv3』『Pain Resistance Lv2』『Collecting Lv2』

Condition: Weakened

I was relieved when I found that I was able to examine her status properly.

Obtaining the effects of the 『Holy Sword of Revenge』 and earning the title of [Subordinate Avenger], I gained the ability to examine the status of the designated person.

In addition to [Subordinate Avenger], it seemed like there were a few modifications to her status. They were mainly adjustments due to her thirst for vengeance which were mostly because of the joint-ownership of each other’s revenge and the addition of the title.

While assessing the status of Minnalis, it was as I thought, beastmen have high stats. Despite being in a “weakened” state and having her stats reduced to half, it was comparable to a human’s status.

Given that I haven’t used the Appraisal Spirit Sword before, I have no idea what abilities it has, but it seems like you could acquire a skill from it. But it seems that only the owner of the skill themselves will come to understand how to use it without any issue.

「So, what will you do next? If it’s too painful, you can just take a break and leave it to me, alright?」

「Through hearing things like this, I understand that my master is really this kind of a bully. It’s no good to try and settle it like that. Because this is the start of my revenge, please allow me to do it.」

「Is that so? Then it’s better for you to prepare for the time being. As for that person who ran away, I’ll bring him back.」

Saying that, I handed over the remaining MP potions to Minnalis. Though from her earlier tone, she might try to use her Innate Skill. I think it’s more than likely that those MP potions will be consumed.

So I chased after the man who tried to escape through the streets.

The slave dealer immediately escaped from that place after the suspicious customer in unfamiliar black clothes, who was supposed to only be buying a slave, suddenly took out an ominous short sword.

From the beginning, even if they were suspicious, as long as they possessed money and have the intention of purchasing some goods, then all would be well. The commercial price of the slaves in there were as low as four gold coins at most. Those dealing with large quantities there were the inexperienced ones. So he thought he’d try selling the customer one of the high-priced slaves, but the only one the customer was interested in was the rabbit beastman he had planned to scrap.

Because the cost of food was nothing to scoff at, he kept that beastman tied up in chains until the day came to rid of her, so when a customer showed interest in her, he hesitated on whether or not he should try selling him an expensive slave instead.

However, when he took the moment to consider that it would clearly be profitable if he were to sell something he’d planned to throw away, he then stated that the price was 10 gold and unconsciously smiled.

Things started to go in a strange direction when the customer started talking about forming a contract with the slave. The slave dealer thought it was strange that he forced a dying slave to drink a surprisingly expensive potion. Then, a dangerous conversation he didn’t understand all that well started. When the man that was a customer took out a small ominous black and red sword, his sense of danger was triggered.

He understood that that was bad at first glance.

That well-honed instinct that he sharpened in order to trade in the slums was loudly screaming in his head. Gold and slaves, was his life worth all that?

Moved by his instincts, the man cautiously ran away so as not to draw their attention. He jumped out of his own shop carrying only the gold he had stashed for emergencies, hidden in the counter at the storefront.

He rushed towards the hideout that he had prepared beforehand without turning around.

The door to his hideout entered his line of sight after his moving feet was almost entangled while taking multiple detours.

「Oi, oi! Where are you going, leaving your customers like that?」

The man that was his customer appeared right before his eyes with a smile.

「!! Ah, n-no, wait, there’s an urgent matter…」

The slave dealer paled and spat out those words in an instant. Then, he began to run at full speed and jumped into an alley on the side of the street.

Of course, there was no reason to let that man who was a target of his partner’s vengeance to escape. He struck him with a single blow to the back of the head to make him faint. If he didn’t pay close attention in order to not kill him, the man’s neck probably would have been bent in the wrong direction.

I can’t afford to let my emotions control me and steal Minnalis’ prey before she starts taking her revenge.

For the time being, my intention is just to assist Minnalis, leaving her to claim her own vengeance. I guess I should thoroughly understand her feelings before lending a hand.

The 【Holy sword of Vengeance】 only showed us the memory which was the catalyst to our revenge. The rest of the partner’s memory remained unknown.

If we do not properly talk about it, regardless of how she was tormented, I won’t fully understand her suffering. I would just instantly kill them due to the burning hate.

I raised up the man who fell down and returned to the slave dealer’s building.

There, the slaves had already been relocated into the largest cell, and Minnalis was doing something at the back, in the kitchen. The cell was already housing about twenty slaves, but there was still a lot of unused space remaining.

「Hey, I brought him.」

「Ah, thank you very much, my lord. I have my hands busy in the meantime, so could you throw him in that cage?」

「Hmm? Alright.」


I took the cell key that was hanging on the wall and then threw the man into the vacant prison cell and hung it back. He seemed to have woken up from the impact of being thrown onto the solid stone pavement, and he then proceeded to look around, trying to figure out his situation.

「Argh, oi, you! What are you trying to do…!?!」

「It’s done~! Ugh, Uuuuu, what is this, I’m getting dizzy…」

Drowning out the man’s voice was another one from the kitchen which possessed a mood unfit for this kind of situation. No, it was a voice in high spirits.

Hearing the voice, he faced the kitchen. Minnalis, who was a little erratic was there with a lovely smiling face wrapped in joy.

「It is because you consumed so much MP all at once… Here, take another MP potion just like the one I gave you a little while ago, drink it quickly.」

「Yesss. Kufufu, hey my lord, could you give it to me mouth-to-mouth?」

「I won’t.」

「Eeh~, why not?」

「Because I’m not thirsty enough to accompany a drunk that has become lost in a high after losing their MP.」

Once you lose your MP, you become drunk due to the magic in the air. If it’s not too much, then the drunkenness would just be a bit of lightheadedness… but in more severe cases, the effect would be similar to someone in high spirits as if they were drunk. Furthermore, even if their MP recovers, it does not mean that those who become drunk will sober up immediately.

Checking her status, a little while ago her MP was still at 90%, but now, it had fallen below 10%. By the way, the MP consumption of a basic Fire Ball that can be used in real combat was about 10 MP, so it can be said that a lot of MP has been used.

Not to mention that Minnalis obtained a powerful skill, her tension was welling up, and the passion of her hatred was on the verge of spilling out. When she returned to her senses, I’ll be considerate and leave her alone.

While thinking that way, I stuffed an MP potion into her mouth just like the first time, and the blue liquid was swallowed in an very erotic way.

「Fuu~, as I thought, my lord is mean.」

「Hey, hey, how long are you going to space out for, the main dish is waiting.」

「Yesss, kufu- kufufufuu!!」

It seems unlikely that the cheerful Minnalis will need any more help, so I decided to enjoy the subsequent play as a spectator.

Minnalis, as if having happy emotes floating atop her head, turned the gloomy atmosphere of the prison into one of excitement when she brought the prepared food inside.

It’s a massive amount of food that looked impossible to be carried in all at once that Minnalis had cooked with the ingredients stored by the slave dealer in the kitchen.

「Well, these are fresh dishes that I made. Enjoy them to your hearts content♪」

From the freshly-made cooking came an appetizing aroma. Naturally, the slaves and the dealer’s faces shook with wariness when they saw Minnalis.

「Hmph~, you might say that, but it’s not like you can eat it easily, right? Then I will have you, who looked at me and my mother with eyes as if you were looking at dirty filth until we reached the Capital, experience it first.」


Minnalis, while widely grinning, looked at the only man who had the shackles for slaves on with predatory eyes.

With her increasing magic power, most of Minnalis’ deep flaxen eyes began emitting a faint sparkling light, turning those areas hazy white.

「Mystify and devour 『Poisonous Demonic Phantasm』.」

It was like the whispers of a witch.

A gentle, sweet, hollow voice that would charm you.

「Hiii, hiiaaaahh, what is this, stop, aaaaaaaaaahh!!」

His voice along with his appearance became veiled with white mist.

The slaves around the slave dealer couldn’t do anything. Nevertheless, without being able to look away, the voice made his face turn pale in fear of the unknown.

「Guaah, aaaaaaaaah!! Food, hand me the food eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!」

After the white mist that was coiling the man disappeared as if inhaled by him, he started acting crazy.

As if he had forgotten being shackled, he tried to run, tripped over his feet and collapsed; unable to stand up, he started to crawl as if he were an animal. Stuffing the piping hot food in his mouth, the scene of him thrusting his face in the food is one that states that there weren’t a shred of human dignity left in him.

「Hmm, this illusion has a stronger effect than I thought. It seems like it did wonders in instilling a sense of hunger but regulating it is difficult.」

Minnalis observed the form of the man greedily eating the food while laughing.

That said, he was just eating the food. The target of Minnalis’ rage and hatred, who I had thought will be facing a far more miserable experience, and only being done something to this degree left me puzzled.

「Now, I’ll have the rest of you become the same. This time it will be alright, because I’ll instill in you a sense of hunger so you’ll slowly… very slowly lose reason…… Mystify and collapse 『Poisonous Demonic Phantasm』」

「No, khhhh」

「Ahhhh… Urgh…」

「Argh, ughhhhhh…」

Once again, the white mist appeared and wrapped around the people and entered them. But, this time it did not become a situation like the man losing his reason and rushing to the food.

Still, some began to extend their hands to the food timidly, after a while, their sense of hunger increased gradually until it couldn’t be endured any longer, and everyone reached out for the food. Though everyone managed to keep some reason at first, but before long, they began to be crazy about the food.

Minnalis smiled while observing the situation, looking with eyes full of affection. Her eyes, like from someone who planted flower seeds and watered the soil, a glance that awaits for those seeds to bud.

Those buds will soon sprout, just a little more…

「Uuh…? Agh, Gyaaaaaah!?」

「Aah, it’s budding♪」

And the one who sprouted first, was the one who she planted the ability on first, the man.

In that moment the edge of her mouth lifted up as if the wickedness that awaited to burst out was revealing itself.

「Guu, gaahh, goaaaegee!!」

The first change that appeared was in his arm, it started to shrink and the color started to be dyed green. Yes, it seemed as if it was a goblin’s arm.

The humans addicted to the food now stared petrified at the sight of what’s happening before them.

For a moment the man crouched down from the acute pain that ran through his body , he was perplexed by his arm that completely changed but immediately was attacked by the feeling of hunger and started to eat the food again

「Now, please eat more and more. The more food you eat, the closer to a goblin you will become, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Soon you’ll feel so hungry that such things no longer matters. Ku fu, ku fufufu ~.」

「No, noooooo.」

「U-ge ~ Ugeeeeee~ Gue~」

「Gofee~, oga~, goee~」

The majority tried to vomit the food in a hurry when they heard those words.

But that resistance was laughable, as the feeling of starvation grew like a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger.

「Aah, guu~, I mustn’t, but, Uguu~, I can’t endure iiiiiiittt!!」

「Ugh~, Gaa~, Ugu~; Whateveeeerrrr!!」

No matter how much they struggled, they weren’t able to withstand the hunger that has been reinforced with magic, and as if a dam collapsed they started to eat the food again.

Gradually the goblin transformation became more and more apparent.

「Ahh, how miserable, how ungraceful!! What are you feeling now, you all who have fallen below the beastmen you have scorned like monsters? How are you feeling right now? Hey, please answer me, isn’t it cruel to ignore me? Kufu~, Kufufufufufu~!!」


She tramples down the arm of the goblin that was in the cage that she was looking at, through a gap in the cage. It was the arm of the slave dealer.

However, even though he stopped eating for a moment because of the pain from his arm, he immediately went back to eat

「Kufufufu~, hey, are you that crazy about my food as to not let it go anymore? Come come, you can eat as much as you like, there is still more left.」

「Guga~, Gugyaaaaaaaa~」

The sound of them stuffing themselves in anguish and agony echoed loudly in the room.

It was the anguished voice coming from the changes happening to his body.

「Oh, it seems I have another perfect goblin, it’s so nice that they’re eating a lot of my food. Kukuku.」

The first one to sink their teeth into the cooking, was also the first one to have his body changed entirely into a goblin. Although he had been a man with an ugly face before, now it was even more grotesque especially after he had clawed at his distorted body.

「By the way, my food becomes a lethal poison which causes you to die in severe pain if eaten in large quantities you know? How does it feel to know that you will die but are not able to stop eating? Do you hear me, oh but even if you can talk you can only say gugyagugya though.」

Most of them quickly changed from human into a goblin, and all sense of reason had vanished, moving only to gobble down the food.

As they ate, they underwent the goblin transformation and as they turn into goblins, they felt pain from the poison.

At the breakneck pace they were stuffing their faces with food, it was impossible for them to stop even if they understood what was said. It was just impossible for them to stop. With what’s left of their sanity, instinct overrode all reason making it so only their hunger drove them further.

The appearance of the goblin-ified former slaves and slave dealer filled Minnalis with satisfaction.

「Kufufufu!! Die die die!! Suffer, suffer more!! Die after you cannot endure suffering anymore!! Like the time mother died after being defiled in a miserable way. Die in the most cruelest and disgraceful way!! Ahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~!!」

A goblin who had already completely lost his original form was still suffering, watching it having taken a deep interest in the food, Minnalis stamped down on the back of its neck and twisted her foot from side to side.

[Enzou: she’s like stepping on his neck, and pushing his face in the food like she’s putting out a cigarette.]

「Hey hey hey, there is still more to be eaten!! Hahaha, Kufuahahah!!」

Minnalis’ laughter was filled with ecstasy and for quite some time the laughter reverberated, accompanied by the sounds of the goblins’ screaming unceasingly, until only silence fell.

That day, the slave shop in the corner of the slums had been mysteriously destroyed, and the people inside vanished.

A few days have passed and a man came to steal from the slavers since the building was left unattended.

The man who came to steal saw a pile of goblin corpses giving off a strong rotting stench.

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