Nidome no Yuusha

Chapter 2

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When I opened my eyes, what I saw was the target of my hatred, that’s why first of all I hit her.

My fist was aimed reflexively to the stomach with all my strength, the princess, Alesia Orlean retreated a few steps while her silver hair was swinging, then she crouched with her hands on her stomach.

The truth was that I wanted to aim to her face, but, my fist wasn’t able to reach her because of the height between us, and as a result of not being in a posture where I can use my full strength, it was a half-assed punch.

「「H-Her highness!!」」

Without understanding the situation in front of them, the knights who were surprised in a hurry they rush over to the princess. In panic they start chanting a low grade spell, heal, and a faint light enveloped the princess.

While seeing that scene, I was full of satisfaction.

Even though I haven’t used a weapon, and it was even a half-assed punch without strengthening, I didn’t understand how she can receive my straight punch and result only to this amount even though she didn’t have magic strengthening, a blessing or equipment.

Although I have a doubt about the present situation too, I let it go right away.

「H~m? What is this, a dream? Or a revolving lantern?」

Even though I was supposed to have died, when I look to my body I don’t find anything strange.

I don’t find either the figure of the [Treasure Sword Undead Slayer] pierced on my chest, and neither the clothes that I was wearing before.

I’m wearing the clothes from when I came to this world, 4 years ago or more.

I, Ukei Kaito was wearing the uniform of my school.

「You, what the heck are you doing!!

「Even if you are the hero, harming the princess!!」

The knights who rushed over are pointing their swords to me, and although they are letting their hostility and their intention to kill, for the me before going out to the battlefield who didn’t know anything, now although it doesn’t have meaning is like a gentle breeze.

For now I ignore it quickly and I strive to grasp the situation.

Looking around this place was the room for summoning that was in the castle.

Until now I was in one of the deepest and unexplored parts of Ryuudouden, It was the room of the territory of the dragon corpse.


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If I think about the distance, It was supposed that the place was separated for about 10000 km from here. Even if you use teleportation magic, you have to use it more than ten times, and even for the Maou who has an unmeasurable amount of magical power can’t reach in one go.

Then, it’s has to be a revolving lantern that you see after death. No, I’m not just reliving this scene, but also I can think clearly, this can’t be a revolving lantern.

Considering that it is a dream, things like hitting and the hostility towards me, I perceive them clearly.

If this is not a dream or a revolving lantern, then I can’t imagine a reason to explain this.

「Oi, you are listening!!」

「I’m not listening」

「Wh-!? You!!」

Like a slap in their face, those annoying knights had their cheap pride damaged with a half-hearted answer, maybe that was their limit? The quality of hostility changes and their pulled sword now has a serious thirst for blood.

At that moment, their thought that I was losing strength for their half-hearted thirst for blood betrays them, my body react and rush over them.

「Eh? Gupera!?」

I trample down his foot, the one that he would use to advance, and placing my body weight in it, I hit him with my elbow on the larynx.

I was summoned as hero for three years.

After defeating the maou and completed my purposed, I was chased for one year as sacrifice for the post-war recovery.

If I perceive hostility without hesitation I let out a fatal hit and if is not fatal they will not live long.

Furthermore, the knights who are seeing this spectacle this time again they stopped to move. The one that came to beat me now was thrown to the wall, with his throat half crushed, from his mouth foam was coming out, and from their side what seemed to have happened was that he let his guard down and committed a mistake.

「Eh? His neck didn’t blown off? His neck was protected by spirit strengthening? No, I didn’t feel that type of magic, or rather, my body feels heavy? Hmmm~?」

In the room amid the silence, only his voice echoed.

No matter how I think, he didn’t seem to be an expert or a strong person, although he is a typical knight, and I didn’t use a weapon, is difficult to think that my blow didn’t have any effect.

It was supposed that his neck turned around, but in the reality that didn’t happened.

「R, Rohlen!!」

After a few second at last, like it was removed their petrification, the knights gather near the other knight on the wall, in panic they started to chant the spell, heal, and they decided that with only that they will not make it in time so they bring out an intermediate level potion from their waist and sprinkle over the hurt part.

「Th, there was, something that you didn’t like it, Hero, -sa, ma…」

With a pale face and somewhat recovered, the words that the princess let out, arrived to my ears, and unintentionally my thirst for blood leak out and stopped all movement of every person here.

「It’s nice how can you say such a thing, Alesia. It’s obvious that anything and everything displeases me, that voice, those eyes, that appearance, your soul, I can’t stomach all of it. It causes me nausea that the word hero came out of your mouth」

The knight who is trembling remember the sense of danger and although he has changed the place with the princess to protect her, nothing has changed.

Because, there is no one there who can see my movements.

「Kyaa, ga, gu」

Although I feel that my body is heavy I started to run slipping between the knights, and with one hand I lifted the body by the neck and pressed into the wall.

「For your own convenience you summoned a hero, a person without any sin and to make it a sacrifice, then you force me with the role of hero and after I defeat the maou you are going to push every sin on me, and betraying me while laughing」

「Wh, What do you mean, ka, ha」

What a shameless, I’m never going to forget it.

As soon I defeated the maou, you turned the world against me.

The saint recognized me as the world’s enemy, and the kingdom confirmed it, and every sin that all of you committed behind the scenes was pushed onto me.

The bonds that I thought I had formed with my companions, without exception they became the pursuers.

Without doubting, with only the word help, saying that they are saving them, those guys who I saved, they threw me stones, I was insulted and spitted.

This princess is one of them.

After defeating the maou, everyone in world has become my enemy, I didn’t know who was my ally.

Among them, the princess approached me pretending being my friend. She says “let me help you” and “I’m going to give you shelter” but was a lie.

Exhausted with the sudden changes and with my life on the run, I believed easily in those words. And while laughing, she betrayed me.

While saying that it was a refuge, after I was taken there with a teleportation gem, where I could use magic to get there, but not to get out, it was a trap room from dungeon.

And while I had escaped barely with my life, I was severely wounded and for that wound to heal it was going to take considerable time.

「Aah, when you set me up, your ally, that time you told me 『I didn’t betray you, from the beginning I wasn’t your ally』. In the first place a person from a different world is not a human, was not that what you told me?」

「Really, I don’t know what are you…」

They treat me like an idiot, really. And the truth was that I was an idiot.

Dismissing the word trust I realized that if I doubted it properly, I would have noticed her hostility and then this would never have happened.

Because now I can feel clearly in her confusion and pain, inside her the malice that she conceal.

With a little gesture, gaze, breath, her facial expression changed.

In order to be able to estimate the power and the speed of the opponent in the battle those that were not used, convey the existence of the malice which they can’t hide.

「Ha, you truly have a thick mask under your skin. Well, although I do not understand the situation, this doesn’t seem to be a dream or a revolving lantern but either is fine. I will leave for later the difficult things」

Aah, I let out my voice unintentionally.

「I do not know for how long this bonus time is going to last, furthermore I have sworn it」

My voice starts to overflow with delight, my expression was twisted with joy and my heart started to pound faster, causing that my arm that was impatient began to ache.

「Aa…, U…」

Then, the hostility that I sensed from the princess started to fade.

I removed my hand from her neck with which I was strangling it, causing that she fell over her back while looking me with eyes full of fear. Her eyes reflected my figure, and certainly my expression was terribly deformed.

But, is good. That is good.

I wanted to live in a beautiful world forever. And that is easy to understand, because this was a world where I could become the hero.

The result was that the world betrayed me, and I was placed as a sworn enemy, I became the laughingstock.

I can’t be the only one who is clean anymore. Such myself was broken a long time ago.

I swore it, that I was going to take my revenge.

Surely this has to be the ideal face full of madness that I must show to them.

「H, help me, please… 」

「I don’t want. Suffers as much as possible, Alesia」


Right, left, right, left, I beat her face in such form so that she doesn’t lose her consciousness, and so she can taste the pain.

「Bastard, ga!?」


「Look, look, look, look!! Your important princess is being hurt and you can’t do nothing more than that!? AAH!?」

Caught in the situation where the princess is in fear, the knights who were unable to move, in a hurry they come dancing to me, but only 5 or 6 surrounding me doesn’t make a difference.

I send my elbow to their bottom of their joint, destroying their center of gravity and pushing down with the most painful way and because of the burden on them, their bones twists and break, their eyes are crushed, ears are wrenched, and the nose is taken out in pieces.

「Aha, Ahahahaha!!」

As usual, my body feels heavy, but I didn’t use the Spirit Sword.

It’s too good for them to be killed by the sword. I don’t want only to kill.

I want revenge.

I want them to suffer.

I want them to suffer as long as possible and at the end kill them.

If I don’t do that, I can’t clear away my heart/mind.


It has a good sound their scream of pain and fear, my excitement doesn’t stop.

That voice will not stop. Without making a mortal wound, when they are about to faint I forced them to wake up with pain.

Certainly it was hell for the knights. And certainly it was hell for the princess.

And for me this was where my wish was fulfilled, my Eden.

The loud laughter doesn’t end, It’s not finished yet.

The scream doesn’t stop, I didn’t stop.

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