Nidome no Yuusha

Chapter 30: Minarisu noticed the gold coins on the Black Orc


Black Orc Monster Male

Level: 54

HP: 534/2172 (1974)

MP: 121/221

Strength: 801

Stamina: 424

Endurance: 1712 (1465)

Agility: 314

Magic Power: 41

Magic Resistance: 33

Inherent Abilities:

『Black Skin』


『Enhance Vitality Lv2』

『Cure Lv2』

『Intimidate Lv2』

『Abnormal Status Resistance Lv4』

『Starvation Remedy Lv 3』

『Decayed Food Lv3』

Condition: Bleeding

“As I thought, as you can see from its build, it’s a Black Orc.”

“This is not the time to be joking, Respected Master.”

There is not even a 0.1 percent probability for us to get out of this safely,

If even the probability theory is considered, then there is no chance.


“Get down!!”

I shouted, and threw a right fist at the Black Orc. We escaped from the path created and moved to the sidepath.

A groan leaked out accompanied by a Gou and Baki Baki Sound, the swing caused an entire tree trunk to be crushed from impact.

“Che! The location is bad, lets return to the highway, zo.”

This is like the goblin with the cursed weapon, if you falter for a second, then it goes bad. The Minarisu of now can easily block these attack perfectly and can even withstand it for several blows, but the weapon cannot hold on that long.

Naturally, I would like to eat, but it's still too dangerous.

The Agility of the Orc is quite low and so is its the brain power. Therefore, dodging is not a problem, the surrounding trees are in the way though.

It's also the same for the Black Orc, it's unable to attack us with the trees blocking the path, and even we can’t ignore the trees and run around them. Then, returning to the highway will give us enough s.p.a.ce to dodge freely.

“Let's head to the highway where the group is, they will serve as quite the Decoy, which would be quite helpful.”


The Black Orc throws a left fist in a diagonal direction from the top down.

Minarisu avoided the fist and immediately countered by attacking the sides.

“At least act like a man~!!”

I take out a throwing knife from my Round Pouch and threw it toward the Black Orcs eyes. But, it only managed to its cheeks since it turned its face to dodge.


“Can't do much more than that scratch, I guess.”

I had applied Minarisu’s poison to the knife, but that has no effect.

Even then, I still threw more throwing knifes at it, while also using my skill, [Sword of Binding]. The Black Orc cleanly evaded the throwing knives and quickly came over.

Me and Minaris jump out and onto the highway.


As soon as we get out, the Black Orc follows us out of the forest.

“That, that is a Black Orc!!”

“Sh~it! Why are you coming this way!?!?”

Are they adventurers, or Mercenaries? I don’t really care, but I agree with that expression.

On the other hand, the Black Orc seemed to be smiling joyfully, since the number of prey have increased.

I turn to face the Black Orc while I held the [Blade of Adversary] in both hands.

The [Blade of Adversaries] had a similar look to the Tonfa design from my previous world.

The ends of the Tonfa design had bulging sockets where sickle like blades protrude outwards from the weapon. The blade glows with a terrifying gleam and has an extremely sharp edge, the sharp edge looks like it is ready to reap a soul. The blade has a size of about 1/3rd the body while the other 1/3rd lies at the handle.

The parts of the blade are blue and black scattered around, while the blade is vivid red. The blade seemed to be asking for prey.


A man who faltered in front of the Black Orc was knocked out instantly from its attack.

It seemed that all of the person’s bones were instantly crushed and he fell down motionless. From the looks of his face, he seemed to be an adventurer.

I had to reluctantly give up on the Black Orc drops and run away from there.

I could hear the cry of the Black Orc from the woods, and headed toward the settlements.


The Black Orc gleefully picked up the dead body of the man and proceeded to pummel the next one, another one, and kept moving around pummeling all the while.

“Ru-Run……..fuu, gyaha!!”

Just then, a Thief like man came from the back of the Black Orc, and while strengthening his arms and muscles using Magic Power, he threw a hit toward the right Shoulder of the Black Orc.

“Buru~aaaaa !! ”


Of course, when he approached the Black Orc, it threw a right arm as a counter and he was sent flying.

*Baki Baki* all of the Thief’s bones were broken and he fell dead in a state of which even his mother wouldn't recognize him.

Giving my thanks and now going for my harvest, I grasp the right shank of the Black Orc which was wide open and enter into its blind spot while it was looking at the Thief like man.


“d.a.m.n, it doesn’t work! The skin is too hard to cut into, what is with this physique!?”

The strike that I had planned for to cut into him deeply, had only remained to be shallow.

Even so, it noticed that I was able to leave a scratch, so the Black Orc took its distance from me.

Black Orc, as the name suggests, is one of the top species of Orcs.

Still, According to the adventurer’s guild, its rank is D+ A minimum party of Five D-Rank adventurers is required to subjugate it, while at least Two C-Rank adventurer’s are required if it was cla.s.sified as a monster that had priority to be subjugated,

This means it had the capability of reaching B-rank which is quite high, and while it was developing at D-Rank, you can see the strength right here..

By the way, the strength of leader of the Knights Order is about at C-Rank while there are Five more of them at the same rank. The Knight Order that I had escaped from all had E+ Rank strength.

The Strength of the Orc is slightly larger than a normal Orc due to it's inherent skill of {Back skin}. An average weapon only causes a slight graze due to its high defense physique.

There is however, a very low magic resistance when using pure magic, if this is used, it falls easily, hence its rank is not very high.

“d.a.m.n, by any chance, did I choose the wrong sword?”

We currently have no means of using magical attacks.

Although Minaris has the phantom poison, it's a magic which produces poison, and the poison on its own does not have any effect.

Also, this Black Orc has high status resistance.

So, there is currently no method to pound the poison into it, and using poison gas is dangerous, as we are out in the open.

From the state of the adventurers and the mercenaries there, I was able to understand that there were no proficient magic users at all in this entire group.

It is easy for me to evade since its agility is quite slow, but since I am unable to deal significant damage, there is a problem.

“Respected Master, what shall we do?”

“It looks quite weak, this is wasteful.”

I don't what happened to the Black Orc right now, but it's really weak.

That figure illuminated by sunlight looked big, but had cuts all over, oi oi. The blood was continuously coming out of its wounds.

“d.a.m.n, this is not my place to die! You people, get yourselves together!!”

The man who raised his voice seemed to be the leader of the group. After hearing his voice, the people started running toward the forest away from the direction of the Black Orc.

“Oi, Client, we are running away, yo!!”

“Wa-wait!! There is so many goods in this carriage….tsu!!”

“This is not the time to be thinking about that!! You'll die, you fool!!”

That voice seemed to be the voice of the leader of the adventurers. Adventurers provide protection to the merchants who are their client's through the highway.

“Ok, you people too, run away!! Those swords are fencing swords right~, unless you're able to use magic, then your not its opponent.

Even though that was a pain to say, but still, he said it, and started to move towards the highway with his comrades.

That was a job experienced pattern, you get that only after many battles and will be able to a.n.a.lyze the situation quickly which leads you to be able to make a quick choice. He seems to be a veteran adventurer with quite a lot of experience.

“However, this is a regrettable to miss experience. As I thought, if I was able to go all out, then this wouldn't have been a problem.”

By looking at the Orcs status board through appraisal, I can see that the HP value that was at 534 had been reduced to 498.

As I thought, it's slowly losing HP due to its bleeding status.

“I am thinking of leaving it as it is and running away….”

“Have you ever heard that the meat of the Black Orc is very highly sought after in Alchemy and its price easily reaches a gold coin?”

“Respected Master, let's quickly take down this Orc, the money can be used for many matters throughout our journey.”

“............It's alright, we are not wasting money, and we have plenty left of it.”

“Then, let's bet, anything other than money is fine.”

“Well, ab-about that.”

I decided to keep quiet about since it seemed to be more of a miserly sense than of the economic sense.


The Black Orc heard us talking, and was alarmed while it immediately came at us while throwing a fist.

“Minarisu, I ask for your help, the characteristics of the Black Orc is black skin, a gigantic body, and high abnormal status resistance.”


Splitting in two, to the left and right, both of us proceeded to attack its blind spot.

Quickly getting into place below the torso, and attacking it continuously, each hit struck the same place as before.

“Burrarararaaruuuuu!! Buooo!!”

The Black Orc rolled backward trying to dodge the attacks, but Minarisu threw a knife at that moment striking its eye and changing its direction.

The Black Orc tried to deflect the throwing knife in the same way as it did before but,

“As I thought, it's an Orc after all.”


The second knife thrown had a small attachment by Minarisu which sliced into its eyeball in the same location as the first knife.

The small attachment had poison tied to it which was made from Minarisu. Although it doesn’t deal any damage, it stimulates the nose and eyes causing excessive mucosal secretion and tears which causes blurriness and air deprivation. Since it is not an abnormal status effect, then the Orcs {Abnormal Status Resistance lvl 4} doesn’t activate.

The Black Orc attacked with its right hand while covering its left eye. The Orc swayed and its fist hit the wooden carriage which was instantly crushed, with debris scattering everywhere.

“Even if you try to dodge away~it's still useless~!!!”

The randomly swinging fist is a problem, but it can be easily avoided. The point would be that it's holding its left eye while it swings its right arm.

Although I was aiming to lock its movements down by attacking its feet, but it was very helpful to attack its upper body.


I started to attack it using the tips of the {Blade of Adversary} which can easily puncture holes into its body, then I tried to scratch it and continued to puncture it left and right.

Under the black skin, red blood slowly began to appear.



Minarisu sticks a Butcher knife into its body.


The Black Orc raised a terrible cry and rips out the Butcher knife from its body and screams even louder.

“I was told that the Abnormal Status Resistance was quite high and used my strongest paralysis poison on that knife, but it didn't last a second. I’m losing confidence in my poison, tsu.”

“No, it's not like it's totally not working at all.”

The Black Orc has obviously pulled out the knife, but its movements are duller than before.

Seeing that, I casted appraisal, and I could see that there was a status effect paralysis (weak) added to it.

The HP left for the Orc is about 200.

“Alright, I guess that will do it….”

“The roar of the wind spirit echoes, {Green Thunder Flash}!!”

And then, all I could hear was *Baki Baki* and *Koki Koki* with a thud sound.

There was a flashing green storm that blew right through everything in its path.



Of course, it definitely can't be unscathed by going through such an attack.

The Black Orc, which was devastated by being hit with a magical wind attribute lightning based attack, was unable to withstand it and raised the last cry of the monster.

“This magic……..belongs to that woman……..”

“Respected Master, your wife has returned with much emotions, so please look toward here.

That voice, as I thought, my guess was right. Minarisu was already activating her skills with hostility.

“Ouuu!! Are you ok~~~, i came to help~!!”

I turn my head to the voice which was coming from the edge of the road.

Although she came at the perfect time, I was only surprised for a moment, and then immediately returned to my normal look.

“Ah! Could you forgotten my face after you came back to Elumia?”

I desperately held my face from showing my emotions.

Huu, finally, the first one.

I have come back for revenge on everyone who wronged me.

………………….The sorceress, Yumis Erumja.

Ahhh, there are a lot of things that happened and that should be done.

There is one thing that I determined to make sure to be done though.

Yumis, I will knock you down so bad that you shall feel even h.e.l.l would have been better, I will make sure that you shall never see the light!

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