Nightmare’s Call

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 002

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Most of his classmates were already there as the class was about to begin. The teacher had just walked into the classroom and was getting his teaching materials ready.

Lin Sheng quickly walked to his seat and sat down. He looked up at the lectern.

The foreign language teacher adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and slowly flipped open the teaching materials while he occasionally cast his eyes over the students, who subconsciously behaved and remained in their seats. Lin Sheng was no exception.

Today, however, his elder sister’s words kept ringing in his head. Lin Sheng reached for the meager ¥200 in his pants pocket, feeling a little depressed.

His grandfather had a sudden cerebral infarction and needed to borrow money for treatment. Lin Sheng’s family had exhausted all savings, and his elder sister was forced to work as well as study at the same time.

When that came to mind, Lin Sheng sighed softly. “It may be a difficult time, but it’s not too bad.”

He snapped out of his daze, and suddenly, the nightmare from last night crossed his mind again. That dream was so realistic.

The school bell rang, and Lin Sheng put the thought to the back of his mind. He took out the textbook from his bag to concentrate on the lesson.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried to concentrate, the nightmare, his grandfather, who was about to undergo surgery, and his family’s financial situation kept creeping into his mind.

Each lesson came and went, and the final class was about to end.

“Lin Sheng, are you okay?” The girl sitting in the front row tapped Lin Sheng’s table.

“I’m fine.” Lin Sheng glanced up calmly.

The girl had a slightly oval and stretched fox-like face as well as slender eyes that did not fit the attractive category. Her loose and puffy school uniform covered most of her body, and the only striking feature about her was her fair skin.

Her name was Shen Yan, and she was one of Lin Sheng’s few best friends in the temporary class. Shen Yan often borrowed erasers, pencils, and similar stuff from him.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” Shen Yan was somewhat boyish, and she liked anime. She rarely mingled with girls, and most of her best friends were boys.

“Nothing.” Lin Sheng shook his head.

Shen Yan reached out and patted Lin Sheng on the shoulder. “You look a mess today. I know that there’ll be a gymnastic session later. Let me bring you there to feast your eyes!”

Lin Sheng forced a smile.

“What’s with that reaction? Don’t you guys like to go to the gymnastic club to see chicks… Ouch!” Before Shen Yan could finish her sentence, Lin Sheng pinched the back of her hand.

Then, Lin Sheng retracted his hand.

This best friend of his had a problem; she liked to swear.

“Lin Sheng, are you out of your mind? Look out, here’s my Invincible Sacred Palm!” Shen Yan got to her feet, and her hand went straight for Lin Sheng’s face.

But Lin Sheng managed to grab a book and block her move.

She was too predictable and such a simple-minded crazy lass.

“Why do you treat me like this when I show you kindness by taking you to see the good stuff?” Shen Yan did not back down. Instead, she continued her attack.

Unfortunately, Lin Sheng blocked her every move.

A few classmates looked on with interest and laughed.

The history teacher at the lectern was inured to the farce. He glanced at them, rubbed his bald head, and pretended like he did not see anything.

They were in the last few months of their third year in high school. Most teachers would close an eye and let the students have some fun as a reward for their hard work.

Soon, the sound of the bell rang in the air, and the class was over.

“Xiao Yan, are you going to look for the new cassette tape at noon?” A girl came up to Shen Yan and whispered into her ear.

“Of course. Why not? I need one last tape to complete my collection of Zhang Enai. This time, I have to get it…”

The two girls started jabbering.

Lin Sheng cast his eyes on the girl with Shen Yan.

The girl was wearing a school uniform, but it was paired with a pure-white denim skirt, under which a pair of long legs were exposed. Her skirt barely covered half of her thighs.

While she had safety pants on, her long legs still attracted a lot of attention from the boys.

Lin Sheng was no exception, but he had pretty good self-control. He just took a glance and looked away.

However, the more he refrained from looking, the more girls with long legs sashayed before him. They sat with their legs crossed, sometimes wiggling around.

Their skin screamed of youthfulness under the sun. Their seductive curvy bodies and delicate skin were arousing.

“An Ling! You crazy b*tch! How dare you grab my boobs!” Suddenly, Shen Yan screamed. She jumped up and chased after the long-legged girl, who turned around and ran.

Laughter filled the air, but it also gave Lin Sheng a headache.

An Ling, nicknamed Coco, was a little beauty in their class. She always tied her hair in a ponytail, and she had gifted breasts as well as a near-perfect body thanks to all-year-round gymnastics practice. So, she was kind of a red-hot girl in their class. It was said that some boys from inside and outside the class had fought each other over her.

“Boring.” Lin Sheng shook his head, packed his books, and put them in the desk drawer before he went to the cafeteria.

The food in the cafeteria was appetizing.

In a sea of relatively empty rows of metal tables and chairs, Lin Sheng sat and ate silently.

Scrambled egg with tomatoes and two taels of rice were all he had for lunch. It was simple yet fragrant.

Lin Sheng kept a daily routine. He would go to class every day, and once he was home, he would do his homework and revision of past-year exam papers until late at night before he hit the sack.

He would get up the next day and repeat the same routine.

His parents usually went to work early in the morning and came back late. His elder sister, who was also a student, was about to return to her college soon. She came home only because her grandfather was seriously ill.

“This is really boring.” Lin Sheng scooped up a spoonful of rice and stuffed it in his mouth. His gaze traveled as the students in the cafeteria came and went, but things were mostly uninteresting.

Coming from an ordinary family, he had no super talents or extraordinary IQ and EQ. Even at school, his academic performance was only average and unremarkable.

This was because he lacked passion. But it was also for this reason that he could remain calm no matter what happened.

The second reason was that he was a weirdo who had awakened memories of his past life. Nearly thirty years of past-life memories had made him almost nonchalant of his current life.

The college entrance examination in his past life was not much different than the current one. To him, it was only a number game, and it was dull to go through everything again.

“The level of technology here is only similar to a newly-formed China. Cars, airplanes, and tech gadgets have become common, but it’s still a far cry from the most prosperous period of my past life.” Lin Sheng sighed quietly.

After tasting the convenience of mobile payment and fast internet, now he was back to an era where computer games were still pretty primitive.

He was not in a good mood. Nonetheless, adaptability was his biggest strength.

After more than ten years, he had long become accustomed to the life of an ordinary student.

Lin Sheng knew well the concept of the tall poppy syndrome. That was why he never showed his mature side because being able to live in peace was not a coincidence.

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