Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

Chapter 184.5

“Ah… afuu…”

A little body dropped on a table with her legs hanging.

I was trying to help the little body get rid of the turbulent respiration, but it wasn’t going well.

However, that didn’t matter to her who was feeling a supreme bliss right at this moment.

Rather, if this supreme bliss could continue, she had no problems with keeping her respiration this disordered.

While watching Nija who did not have any clothes in particular covering the upper part of her body yet still looked unusually amorous, I was grasping the little tail that was peeking out of her skirt.

That taciturn her was leaking out sweet voice every time I squeezed it, her petite body twitched and lightly convulsed.

Her tail is wonderful no matter how many times I touch it.

I feel that her tail has recently grown to the extent it wouldn’t lose out to Mira’s.

Truly wonderful.

However, no matter how wonderful it is, the magnificent sensation of the mofumofu couldn’t catch up with my thoughts.

Something like this wouldn’t normally happen, but it cannot be helped this time.

I have problems to fall asleep——there are no problems if I don’t sleep, though——it’s the excitement from the Kutipad’s increased processing power that Kuti is working hard on, keeping me awake.

But on top of that, my research of magical power ran into a difficult challenge.

No, I feel that it has always been difficult, but this time, everything I do just doesn’t work.

Up until now, I was able to come up with a solution overnight.

However, I have been lost for a week now. With this alone, you can tell just how difficult the problem I have encountered is.

“Aaaaah…! Aaau!”

I was rewarding Nija while searching for a solution.

I am able to squeeze in more pleasure through Tail-sama by applying strength to my magical power.

However, as I thought, the power of fluff doesn’t permeate into my heart.

There’s no point in being fierce or using techniques on Nija while not feeling it like this.


I continued squeezing Tail-sama and thinking about the difficult problem even after Nija lost consciousness.

Nija, who is feeling the pleasure reactively even after fainting might cause her dehydration if left untreated.

Even with my thoughts divided, nothing can get between me and seeking a solution to a difficult problem, so I quite can’t stop the mofumofu.

Nija was forced to recover from the intense pleasure, but she fainted once again before long.

I nearly started a dangerous infinite loop, so I somehow managed to separate from Tail-sama, but instead of cleaning up, I was keener to find a solution to my difficult problem.

I now had thoughts of needing to clean up and thoughts of finding a solution.

And finally, thoughts that were looking at the situation one step at a time.

My thought process was divided into three, but the thought process that sought the solution for the problem was most active, so the other two were apparently pushed back.

“… Geez… you guys are all the same. It can’t be helped that you are troubled, but you ought to do things you need to do properly, alright?”

(Sensei… ah, I am sorry…)

“I will clean this place for now.”

(Sorry for the trouble…)

I felt guilty towards Sani sensei who already finished cleaning Nija up, but my thoughts didn’t stop looking for the solution.

I fear that I will remain in this state until I find the solution to the problem.

It seems that my thoughts have already filled all possibilities in trying to solve this problem while having such thoughts.

“Geez… what a troubling fellow…”

While perceiving the flow of magical power of Sani sensei’s magic that cleared the fragrant, sweet scent that was filling the room, I was struck with the rejection of solutions that I came up with.

The number of solutions has begun to exceed three digits.

Kuti is also working hard desperately.

I have to do something about this…

I know that I am being too rushed.

I may be trying to force myself to come up with a solution. But, even so, my thinking isn’t stopping, it won’t stop, I can’t stop.

It might be stubbornness at this point.

Even so, it’s not like I can give up here.

The rejection that was knocked in my thoughts in the restroom was completely overthrown as my thoughts continued to dance like a storm.

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